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worried about my!

amber 16 10
19 Oct 2004 6:52PM
Hi there
i've had my D60 for about year and a half.
it was my first ever digital camera - so i had nothing to compare it to.
i've never been able to use the auto focus function on any lens with it, in anything other than bright daylight - and even then it struggles..
today i was on a shoot with a friend who had the 300D. no problem focusing for her in the ambient light we were faced with.

so now i'm wondering whether there is a problem with my camera - and if so i haven't a clue what it could be??
plus my images seemed very under-exposed compared to hers - i've just gotten use to having to tweak levels - but her images looked so much better.
we had the settings on both cameras absolutely identical.

does anyone know what kind of fault this could be - and more to the point where should i go from here??

any help much appreciated.

many thanks

LAF 18 1.7k
19 Oct 2004 8:35PM
The AF on my D60 is pants. I DOES work but even using bright F2.8 glass the AF is best described as 'eventual'. The D30's AF was famously pants and the D60 was supposed to be better. But I didn't notice any improvement. The 300D/10D are regarded as significantly better but they're still not quick by any stretch of the imagination. If the camera struggles to lock on in bright daylight you probably do have a problem. To get anything like useable AF from my D60 I leave it set on the centre AF point only. Not an ideal answer, I know, but it helps a LOT.

Regards, Lee.
amber 16 10
19 Oct 2004 8:48PM
hmm, didn't realise it was notorious for being bad.
however having used my lenses on the 300D - in identical conditions - the response was amazing!
So i'm fairly certain that i have some kind of problem - i'm just worried that its going to be costly and troublesome...

thanks for the reply tho!
timalban 17 1 United Kingdom
19 Oct 2004 9:35PM
I had a D60 for a couple of months and couldn't believe how poor the autofocus was. I shoot mainly live music stuff so light is often very low. I was originally using a dynax 7 which was extremly good and never had any problems. Then I got D60 which I thought must have had a problem but read tons of user reviews that confirmed there was a serious problem on all d30 and d60s. I bought the D60 to save on film costs but coz it was so bad i had to carry on using the dynax. luckily the D60s processor packed up so i was able to exchange it. I now have a nikon D70 which is very responsive and performs well in low light. The only downside of the D70 is the build - its a bit plasticy. I would bin the D60 and get any other digi SLR.


lizzyboo 16 4
20 Oct 2004 1:39PM

Sorry, I'm hijacking this post to ask a different question that Amanda's problem has raised for me!!

I've been considering buying a 300D, D30 or D60 secondhand, amongst others. Until I read this post, I was feeling pretty confident about parting with my money and going for either the D30 or D60. Now, I'm all in a quandry!!

I'm a total amateur, and have just sold my Minolta 505si to get more camera fund money. This camera was great for my purposes, except for the sketchy AF speed. I managed most of the time to bite my tongue and take a deep breath when it let me down! ;o ) So, that said, considering all "you lot" on the forums are bound to be more experienced than me, and therefore more demanding of your equipment, when you say the D30 & 60s' AF speed is "pants," is that down to expecting more from your gear, or is it really a case of them not being worth spending your money on?

To aid in your replies... :o)
I mainly take action shots, but I do want to learn how to be generally a good photographer; and I have a budget currently of up to 750 (to include 2 lenses - one wide, and one zoom!!)


strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2004 2:23PM
A new 300D must be close to your budget. I think buy it with the kit lens and buy a second hand lens, say a 70 to 200. Or buy the camera with sigma 18 to 50 and 55 to 200 for 800. Have a look at warehouse express.
lizzyboo 16 4
20 Oct 2004 2:36PM
are you saying that the 300d is a better camera than the others, despite a much lower first release price than the likes of the d30, etc?
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2004 2:43PM
The write ups indicated the the 300D was better than the D30 / D60 (and had some improvements over the 10D)

Focus speed / accuracy was specifically mentioned

strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2004 3:11PM
Why not Lizzy. D60 has same resolution. D30 has lower resolution. 300D has improved focusing and improved electronics. The thing that gets everyone excited is its lower price and the use of plastic for the housing. Please note all have a metal Chassis. And oh yes the colour.

There are a few things about what is enabled or dissabled by the firmware, but to be honest most of that is focusing related and the 300D is alegdly better. None of them are pro cameras.

The difference, 300d is designed for mass manufacture.
lizzyboo 16 4
20 Oct 2004 3:55PM
thanks for the advice. It's very difficult when you're not a tech-head to know what's good and what's not. All I've really got to go on are reviews and manufacturer's blurb from when a particular camera is first released. But of course, technology changes, and no one reviews an old product in comparison to its modern counterparts!

Cheers Strawman & Brian!

strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2004 4:16PM
Remember we are only users and tend to be biased by what we use. If you can, have a play in the shop side by side. Interestingly the shop may be a good place to try the focusing out as, depending on the shop, it may not offer too much light. Try focusing on something in the shade.
ZenTog 19 7.9k 1 England
20 Oct 2004 4:21PM
people moan about the focus on the d60 but I think theres good uns and bad uns most of my sports shots are taken using a d60 and if you want to try difficult lighting try surf shots in winter, I shoot with two other guys for business who have 10ds and they are no better than the d60 despite the claims
look at my portfolio for the results, although I am now changing to a 1d for the spped of focus and the frames per sec
ahollowa 17 1.1k England
20 Oct 2004 5:21PM
I shot several thousand images with my D30 without noticable AF problems. It may not be as lightning quick as a pro spec body but I never noticed any major problems in comparison with a EOS 100. In fact with the AF assist beam I always thought the low light focusing was quite good. The 300D would be a better camera as it is newer I have upgraded to a 10D and that is a much better camera. However if money is tight then a D30 or D60 can be picked up cheeper. However I would always get the best I can aford. However a D30 or D60 with a good lens will take better pictures than a 1Ds MK2 with a milk bottle on the front. Therefore spread the budget between lens and body. I would say a cheeper body and expensive lens is the better combination as the lens will still be worth good money in several years time whereas even 20D's will be old hat by then.


shooter 19 105 Canada
21 Oct 2004 5:01AM
I'd have your D60 checked by Canon, Amber. I used a D60 extensively, shooting ski competitions and bicycle racing, among other things (see my portfolio) and while the AF wasn't as fast as the very high end $$$ bodies, it certainly was quite usable!
amber 16 10
21 Oct 2004 7:28AM
thanks for all your replies!
despite the fac that the AF has had bad reviews, it wasn't as bad when i first got it - it seems to have deteriated, and having had the opportunity to try a 300d side by side, frankly i was shocked at how much better it was, considering it was half the price!

i think i'm going to have to get it checked out.

does anyone know what the procedure is when you are out of guarrantee??

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