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would you buy a pentax camera

Chrism8 14 977 28 England
15 Jan 2017 9:39AM

Quote:I like the low light ability of my 6d, does pentax beat that!

I think the K5iis would certainly and IMO at lower ISO's, not tried the K1 yet in low light, there's some good examples in my PF, with the in camera stabilisation handholding down to around 1/6th of a second.

The example below ISO 3200 Handheld - 1/6th Sec - F4.5 Manchester Quays - shot 18:44 on a late Jan evening in 2016


thewilliam 12 6.1k
15 Jan 2017 12:01PM
White-haired readers will have learned to cope with lesser high ISO performance because, in our formative years, a 400 ISO film was "fast" and pushing into 4 figures was considered exotic.

Won't it depend on the type of photography that we do? I've heard some wedding photographers maintain that maximum ISO needs to be up in the millions for them to be able to cope.
PRC 6 299 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2017 12:28PM

Quote:Used a Pentax film camera for many years, very well made.
So are the Pentax digital cameras. I dropped my K-r from about 4 feet onto a stone floor. I picked it up (without looking at it) and it was about half an hour before I had the courage to examine it. The camera was fine, no damage at all and still worked perfectly.
thewilliam 12 6.1k
15 Jan 2017 1:05PM
When I dropped a Spotmatic onto a hard floor from about 4 feet, the prism broke and the release-button bent.

On the other hand, some idiot dropped my new D3X from a similar height onto a similar floor when it first arrived in the studio and before I'd had a chance to try it out. It was given a thorough test and found to be fine.

I'd suggest that it's a matter of luck.
MikeA 16 1.3k England
15 Jan 2017 2:08PM
cfreeman 16 831 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2017 8:42PM
I still have my K1000 film camera - a good camera and unlike many other cameras I owned and stopped using, I never wanted to sell it.
No issue with brand and would happily use a Pentax if they made lightweight compact mirrorless camera bodies that were compatible to my Olympus & Panasonic lenses. Its the cost of swapping systems and buying new lenses that puts me off.
CaroleS Plus
10 442 3 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2017 3:46PM
I have a Pentax K-r and a Pentax K5. Love them to bits. You might however, find your choice of lenses a little restricted as not so many are now made Pentax fit and those that are, are very expensive. I have several Pentax Prime lenses that I bought several years ago - they are stunning. I do believe though it is a matter of personal choice - my husband says my K-r is a Monday one as you can attach anything to it and it performs well. His, however,using the same lenses, does not produce such good results (I have tried it too).
thewilliam 12 6.1k
17 Jan 2017 3:51PM
Genuine Pentax lenses have always had a good reputation. I wouldn't expect them to be cheap.
kodachrome 9 730
20 Jan 2017 11:27AM
I think since Ricoh bought Pentax off Hoya, its been a mixed blessing, sure Ricoh introduced some new bodies with high end specs in an attempt to compete with the big 2, Canikon, and also a couple of entry level bodies but sales have been at best average, Ricoh also hiked their lens prices which did not help sales. I had a KR for a short while but sold it for a Canon 550D, which in my opinion gave better IQ and noise levels and the large used Canon lens market was a tempting factor. Apparently, Sony are out selling Pentax in the interchangeable lens sector. With the DSLR market on the decline so I read, has Pentax got a long term future, It all, depends on how Ricoh deals with the current trends and future markets, which brings me to ask, has Ricoh been good for Pentax? not sure.
ttiger8 Plus
5 159 United Kingdom
22 Jan 2017 9:48PM
This thread got me intrigued Smile Never thought about getting a Pentax. Had a look at some Pentax forums and there seems to be a lot of loyalty to the brand and a lot of affection for the older models with the CCD sensor. So I bought one. Its an older model, K100D Super, and all I can say is if the current models are as good as this one, my next new camera will be a Pentax Smile . I seem to enjoy using it more than my Canon, it feels more comfortable to hold. The IQ, colour and sharpness is just amazing from a kit lens (SMC DA 18-55mm AL f3.5 to 5.6).

An additional reason why I got it is that I have a lot of legacy 42mm lenses which I struggle to use with my Canon. Got an adaptor on order for the Pentax so will see how it goes.

Sample picture I took today:

kodachrome 9 730
23 Jan 2017 7:48AM
ttiger, lovely picture, where was it, my last post was just a personal view of Pentax, Canon also have a massive legacy auto lens base for their cameras so no need for an adaptor unless of course you wish to use the earlier FD manual focus lenses. I could build a complete Canon system just from the second hand market, check out London Camera Exchange LCE. and Ffordes photographic.

In my 35-mm SLR days I had a Pentax ME Super with a load of Takumar lenses and they really were very good optics.

Amateur Photographer thought highly of the more recent Pentaxes, the KR (read review) being a particular favourite, interestingly, early Pentax DSLR's used Samsung sensors, but more recent models are now equipped with a Sony sensor.
PRC 6 299 United Kingdom
23 Jan 2017 12:28PM

Quote:Never thought about getting a Pentax
I think it's a chicken & egg thing. Ricoh need to get Pentax cameras into camera shops (including stores such as John Lewis) and more online retailers to raise their profile, but I guess the retailers don't want to stock them until they see more Pentax cameras selling. Often when I'm in the Southampton branch of John Lewis I have a look in their photography department. Occasionally they'll have one Pentax DSLR amongst the rows of Canon, Nikon, etc cameras, but often none. You can guarantee the sales people are showing prospective first-time DSLR buyers anything other than Pentax and probably advising them against buying Pentax because of the limited availability of third party items, rather than showing them the advantages of Pentax. At the moment the only Pentax DSLR on the John Lewis website is the K-3 Prestige Edition (body only but with battery grip) reduced from 1100 to 935.
altitude50 16 21.4k United Kingdom
23 Jan 2017 2:34PM
About a year ago I bought a white! new Pentax KS-1 before they completely ran out of stock because I have a number of Pentax fit lenses and because I was getting a 600 class camera for 235. In use it is excellent except for a few issues with the controls, especially the AF/MF switch which is easily changed accidentally.
kodachrome 9 730
23 Jan 2017 4:21PM
Trouble is PRC, Canon and Nikon control the retail out lets with tempting offers to the retailer and other deals sponsored by them for the prospective buyer,
Its a neat marketing strategy that Pentax will struggle to compete with, I just don't think Ricoh has the muscle. Sony on the other hand are now doing rather well in this area, but then look at the size of that corporation. I hope Pentax continue to survive but I suspect they need to do some consolidation of their product line.

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