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Wrong ID

mossy 6 46 1 England
28 Jun 2013 9:30AM
Im into wildlife, and thats why i got into photography to record the sightings i come across. In some cases it has proved useful to ID some things over the years. I dont consider myself a photographer as such, a camera is just a tool i use on my wanderings.

Of late ive noticed a few photographs of birds that have been wrongly identified. My question is, would you be offended if someone pointed out your error, i did contact via a PM one member to point out a mistake, but a stoney silence ensued and the title was never changed.

So would you be offended,or glad to have such input. Ive asked for ID confimation myself a few times and been happy with the response, but if the poster has not asked for ID, is it wrong to offer it up, it is after all a photography site.

It all probably stems from my need to know what im seeing, appreciate any feedback.

regards brian.

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cats_123 Plus
15 4.9k 28 Northern Ireland
28 Jun 2013 9:39AM
I'm always happy to be put right.....my wife does it every day!!! WinkGrinGrinGrinBlush
mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
28 Jun 2013 9:43AM
I would be OK if someone corrected my identification. I would also thank the person who corrected me, but some people don't like it. Maybe the advice was appreciated but they could not be bothered to go back and change it or reply to you.
GarethRobinson 13 1.0k 2 United Kingdom
28 Jun 2013 9:45AM
Im am always glad when I get corrected as far as giving something the wrong ID, especially when it comes down to wildlife. I really don't see why anyone should be offended, really they should say thank you, learn and move on.

28 Jun 2013 10:11AM
I do try carefully to get the right ID for every post but we all make mistakes, I would be very pleased that someone took the time and trouble
to correct my error and would certainly learn from their comments and thank them.
tomcat 13 6.4k 15 United Kingdom
28 Jun 2013 10:26AM
I always thought that was why we were here - to accept and give advice where appropriate, whether of a photographic nature, or an ID issueGrin
Ade_Osman 16 4.5k 36 England
28 Jun 2013 10:49AM
Bring it on say, hell I'm always making mistakes.....
NaturesHaven 7 283 6 England
28 Jun 2013 11:12AM
I have no problem with anybody who corrects me if I've made a mistake with an ID of anything and not just birds.............if I see someone is asking for an ID of a specific critter ie: spiders and such like I will direct them to someone who I think will be able to ID the critter.......example of this is CarolG who is very knowledgeable in this little critter world.............GrinGrinGrin

Some folks do take the hump when corrected, but we have the internet which carries so much info that a little hunting goes a long way.............some peeps don't like advice either..........they cut you off..........GrinGrinGrinGrin So I don't bother any more......SadSad

I'm all for learning but we are all different.............I must say I have never received a PM from a member asking me to mind my own business.............there's always a first time for everything............TongueTongueTongueTongueTongue

Carry On Camping and above all else enjoy yourselves.............GrinGrinGrinGrin
bricurtis Plus
14 2.3k 50 England
28 Jun 2013 12:20PM

Quote:I must say I have never received a PM from a member asking me to mind my own business.

I have Grin - water off a ducks back. If I can help somebody - - - - - - vain.!!
davereet 14 422 United Kingdom
28 Jun 2013 1:26PM
I was corrected over the name of an Orchid I posted, I just change the title and thanked the contributor and walked away a little wiser.
We all make mistakes and can learn from them, being corrected on the name of an obscure flower is the least of my problems. Smile

brian1208 Plus
16 11.5k 12 United Kingdom
28 Jun 2013 2:05PM
As someone who regularly "gets it wrong" - please keep on correcting as its the only way we can learn Grin
wizardsmagic 14 49 England
28 Jun 2013 3:12PM
Happened to me twice in two uploads. One bird, one butterfly. I think the first comment on both was to advise of the error. I would much rather people point this out than have incorrect information in my portfolio. And it made me look up the difference on various wildlife sites, so I learnt even more.
craggwildlifephotography Junior Member 10 137 1 United Kingdom
28 Jun 2013 3:28PM

Quote:Im am always glad when I get corrected as far as giving something the wrong ID, especially when it comes down to wildlife. I really don't see why anyone should be offended, really they should say thank you, learn and move on.

Couldn't agree more..


mdpontin 15 6.0k Scotland
28 Jun 2013 3:49PM

Quote:...a stoney silence ensued and the title was never changed

Of course sometimes that can be because the person in question hasn't been around, or doesn't often check their PMs. Smile

I agree with the other replies. Be polite and friendly in pointing out the mistake. In most cases, it will be well received. In the remaining cases...don't worry about it.
Jestertheclown 10 8.0k 252 England
28 Jun 2013 5:32PM
It's happened to me a few times, although I've never been PMed; the errors were pointed out below the image in question.
Each time I responded with a thank you and a light-hearted dig at my own lack of knowledge.
I can understand though that many people might get the hump at having their errors pointed out.
Look at the childish way in which some people on here turn into prima-donnas if you point out, however politely and correctly, that their image is in some way less than perfect.
By correcting the ID, you're in danger of touching that same nerve.


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