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X-Rite or Spectraview?

russellsnr 15 232 England
21 Mar 2017 6:46AM
Hi, I have a NEC monitor and NEC use Spectraview II for monitor calibration so I have used my X-Rite i1 Pro with that software, however I have now purchased an X-Rite Colormunki Photo so I can profile monitor and printer/s, the question is should I continue to use Spectraview II with the Colormunki Photo for the monitor or as I am also profiling printers should I use the X-Rite software for both? Other concern is with conflict, would the two sets of differant software (Spectraview and X-Rite) confuse/conflict if used together? Thank you. Russ

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Philh04 Plus
14 2.1k United Kingdom
21 Mar 2017 8:46AM
Personally I would use just the one piece of software, i.e. the X-Rite if you are calibrating and profiling for screen and print...
sausage Plus
15 647 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2017 10:16AM
I use the X-Rite but I would only stick with one.
MGJ 11 372 6
21 Mar 2017 8:05PM
The Colormunki works very well on screens - I have had mine for a while and the latest update goes through a much broader range of colours. before it only did various values of white, black and RGB. Now its Joseph's tecnicolor dream coat on screen.

On prints its very good, but Epsons at least always print dark - hence the slider in LR to lighten for print. In PS it is worth setting up an action - a levels adjustment layer command to apply a .1 lightening before printing.

According to Schewe's book which is the bible on printing and sharpening, most printers will print a touch dark, but I only know Epsons.
russellsnr 15 232 England
22 Mar 2017 6:36AM
Thank you for the replies. I did send the question to X-Rite (TWICE) but got no reply so this advice does help.
Need to look at the Schewe book if it is any good. Thanks again. Russ
MGJ 11 372 6
22 Mar 2017 10:18PM
Schewe The Digital Print. One of a series - the Digital Negative, and one other. A must have once one has bought it.

Going back to "Which shall I buy". The top end Xrite is the professional solution for printers. You will probably stand a better chance of being 100% right first time. It uses about 2000 I think colour patches. How many is not important - very many. Far more than the Munki.

The Colour munki uses many fewer. It produces a very decent result first time, but if you do notice a cast in a colour - I noticed that I wasn't getting clean whites in snow - there is a facility for sampling from an affected photo and tweaking the profile. I have had to do it once, twice possibly in several years. The profile would now seem to be spot on, at the cost of 2 additional prints that were not dead on.

So depending on usage, is the high priced version worth buying? Depends on usage. In a production environment certainly yes. For the amateur who wants perfect prints, probably not. (2 failed prints, which were not wrong, but were if one was being critical, not quite perfect is hardly a great tragedy)

All I can say is that at the club, my prints have been commented on as to how good and clean the colour is, so patently the Munki will do the job.

For comparative purposes, my info is possibly out of date. I upgraded some 4 years ago from a Spyder (screen only) to the Munki (screen and printer). I found the Munki calibrating screens, much faster, and the interface much easier to use, so my preference would be for the Munki. But that information would not necessarily be bang up to date now.
realspeed 14 53 United Kingdom
18 Jun 2017 9:35PM
I had a Color munki and the biggest load of rubbish I have ever owned, managed to sell it on. The amount of times one has to scan a printout is unbelieveable. To just run the scanner over the printout colour chart two or three times at a certain speed and pressure I ask you. Crazy

. Not only that having to do it each time under daylight or under a room light is plain stupid which is recommended as the ambient light is different

. As for then matching a printer to the screen ? a joke. A computer screen is backlighted and a hard copy is not and that is the difference.

On top of that having to profile the computer to Color Munki settings it nearly took out the already installed profiles.

I can do a far better match by plain judgement far quicker and cheaper the that "object" can ever achieve

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