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Your best SLR

franken Plus
18 5.2k 4 United Kingdom
27 Dec 2007 12:07AM
I started with a Zenith E, I traded it in for a Pentax ME Super some time later. I've used film cameras from Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Chinon and ricoh over the years but non of them have ever compared to the Pentax ME Super. (including several Pentax Auto slr's) Amazing camera and I still use one from time to time.

f8 17 9.2k 22 England
27 Dec 2007 5:13AM
I had two Minolta cameras, an SRT 101 and a XM,they both gave up on me through lack of useage. I still have the lenses, 17,24,50 macro,100,macro,80-200 zoom,any ideas what to do with them,(no painful suggestions please) I now have Canons,20D and 1D MK11n and I like them.
mikesavage 18 299 2 England
27 Dec 2007 11:26PM
I still use a Sigma SA-7 35mm SLR with a 28-80mm 1:2 macro zoom and an IR remote controller that cost £10 second hand. A surprisingly versatile little package.
ronss 14 1.2k Canada
29 Dec 2007 6:10AM
First SLR was a Pentax KM -- great machine for learning. Wish I had never sold it. Then, picked up an MX which I still have but haven't touched for a couple of years. Picked up a 28mm and 80-200, both Pentaxes. And the Metz 45 CT-1 flash with it, a formidable combination. But, haven't shot film for about three years. Canon EOS 30D. Quite happy, want more glass. Maybe after I win the lottery, a 1Ds MarkXIII or whatever is current at that time.
shroti 13 4 India
29 Dec 2007 8:12PM
to me, my first satisfaction came with PENTAX SP1000, a thread mount SLR with good metering system. that was a gem. ---shroti
StuCollings 16 96
31 Dec 2007 11:44AM
Canon A1 - saved for ever to buy it when I was in my teens and it was worth every penny! It taught me the basics and then led me into more 'advanced' stuff when I was ready.

Boy I wish I had kept it but swapped it for an EOS 650 to get in on the autofocus revolution!
Franticsmurf 18 838 Wales
31 Dec 2007 2:34PM
Pentax K1000 - my first SLR and the one that taught me the basics. It had a lovely 50mm f/1.8 lens and made a satisfying 'clunk' when the shutter fired. It saw me through college and but was stolen just at the end of my final year.

whipspeed 16 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2007 3:17PM
My first SLR, which I still have is my old Pentax P30, taught myself with that camera and really enjoyed learning how to use it. Now I've got my lovely Canon EOS 40D.
31 Dec 2007 6:26PM
My first SLR was a 6 x 6cm Agiflex III. This was made in the UK in the nineteen fifties. It had interchangeable lenses and produced some superb photos. I still have some 30 x 24 inch black and white prints which are pin sharp.
In the autumn of 1959 I went to work in the USA for two years and that Thanksgiving I went to New York and hunted for a new 35mm SLR. The only one I could afford was a Carl Zeiss Pentacon FM. This was the same as the prewar Contax D, but CZ which was now in East Germany were not allowed to use the name Contax. It came with a CZ Biotar f1.8. 58mm lens. On the back is inscribed "Germany USSR Occupied". This was my introduction to 35mm SLR photography. With several additional lenses it lasted for twenty years, and indeed still works. However, in the nineteen seventies I became a Canon man, starting off with a FTb, followed by an A1. When my eye sight no longer allowed me to focus manually, I bought an EOS 600 which lasted well into the digital age until the Canon 350D. I now have a Canon 40D. Certainly much more sophisticated than the old Pentacon FM. As everyone knows, it is only recently that digital sensors can outperform not only film, but the resolution of the early good prime lenses.
The best D-SLR I have owned is my current D300, however I did enjoy using the Nikon D50 which I know inside out now and and of course was my first D-SLR.

Hobo 14 66 England
31 Dec 2007 7:04PM
My best SLR is my present D50. Started with one of the 1st Prakticas, had Cosina, Minolta and Canon between times. The Praktica, with split prism focusing, 50mm 2.8 Tessar lens fully marked with focusing, aperture setting and depth of field scale and body with manual shutter taught me the basics. The Tessar, I thought, was very sharp even by to-days standards.

keith selmes 17 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2007 7:17PM
Eos 5D
ripleysalien 14 1.2k 11 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2007 8:40PM
Praktica BMS i think it was, my first 35mm, got it in Skegness on olidee, got a couple of rolls of B/W film too.
Went outside the shop and looked for a victim (ahem, subject) took a picture of a VW beetle in the rain.
Had to wait til I got home to dev it, then taught myself how to print in a 3x3 cupboard under my mums stairs, ahhh the joy comes flooding back.


My 5D comes close though, LOL
Vesa_K 13 2 Finland
1 Jan 2008 6:08PM
Started out with my grandfather's Pentax ME Super. Made me an enthusiast enough to buy a 30D last summer. Now i'm learning alot faster.

So it'll have to be another vote for the Pentax ME Super.

shroti 13 4 India
1 Jan 2008 9:30PM
i loved one my first SLR i.e. PENTAX SP1000 with thread mount and good metering system. this was with a prime lens of f1.4. second lens i bought was pentax's 35mm wide angle, which i used enormously to my super satisfaction. then came yashica FX7 & FR, PENTAX MX, MG, NIKON F from a friend, PENTAX K1000 which also worked thunderously near to NIKON FM2. a range of RICOHs also. now to d-prosu. & SLR both nice guys.

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