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Your favourite film camera

THUNDYBUM 13 29 England
9 Jul 2013 10:06PM
oh she took some getting used to an angle mirror with serious light fall off in the view finder.a crap ev meter with an unbelieveable inaccurate meter biased to the sky and no idea of what different lenses were filters aghh
but it was looking back all the full ,the challenge
focusing thje crap helios lenses but 101 per cent fun.
heavy as hell never gave me camera shake but you had to hold it like a scottsmans grip on a twenty pound note
but tough as hell itself,and every now and then your lens would start to unscrew the m42 thread
lol good old days
everyone should try one...
coelacanth 21 53 1 Wales
20 Jul 2013 8:01PM
I am another one who started with a Zenit EM, then onto a Pentax ME Super, which I agree was small light and easy to use. I tried autofocus with a Canon (but cannot remember which one), and after the crappy 50mm plastic lens broke, and the autofocus had been fooled too many times, I finally decided to get what I had always dreamed of: Contax 167MT with a Zeiss 50mm f1.7. I still have it and still use it, and it is now backed up with a Yashica FXD Quartz (cheap version of the Contax 139 or 137, can't remember which) with a few lenses, but not Zeiss.
marlin50 11 3 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2013 2:45PM
My Favourite film camera is the Nikon F mine is bashed battered and bruised, is missing it film counter but still after nearly 50 years it still works perfectly. Long live film...
Andysnapper 14 109 25 England
5 Aug 2013 3:37PM
I've swapped and changed film cameras a lot over the past few years as most of them are so cheap. But my fave was probably a Voigtlander Bessa R3A rangefinder. A superbly made piece of kit and a joy to use...and for some reason I sold it, it's the only camera I've sold that I miss.

My current favourite is my Yashica 124g, I think I'll keep this one I just love 6x6.

Mauryar 10 1 United States
14 Aug 2013 3:05AM
Mamiya c330 tlr in junior high school
jrfoto 15 8 2 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2013 4:06PM
Canon F-1, great mechanical precision camera, all you need and no fripperies.
Canon T90, fantastic handling and metering.
Canon EOS-1N, as T90 but autofocus as well.
Pentax MX, marvellous little camera, well engineered, precision device, and small as well.
Pentax 67, another great camera, excellent lenses, good handling for a big one.

The last one I keep was the F-1. While not having the gadgets etc. of some of the others it just sat in the hand very nicely, and the 'thunk' of the shutter just said 'engineering'. Also, when you came down to it the lack of 'modes' was no loss, might even be a gain.. keeps it simple.

But, sadly, the F-1 has now gone. I looked at it from time to time but never shot any film as its expensive. £10 for a roll of processed tranny film. Naaah! Plus the F-1 was worth a fair bit of cash. Oh well, time moves on....
Realistically I'd never really want to go back to chemical-based photography, except maybe for an occasional diversion just for fun.
Andysnapper 14 109 25 England
15 Aug 2013 1:16PM

Quote:Mamiya c330 tlr in junior high school

I've got one of these as well, superb quality and the lenses are pin sharp.

Ploughman 10 28 3 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2013 2:34PM
Ha ha Christmas is early this year and I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.
I have just received a black XD7. I`ve looked at it carefully and all seems to be OK except for shot light seals. Have taken these shots of it before posting it to Camera Repair Workshop for David Boyle to give it a full CLA.


daveDmax 9 2
22 Aug 2013 2:02AM
Why just one. Because "favorite" is used. The nikon Ftn circa 1970. I still have it nestled away in a cozy spot
daveDmax 9 2
22 Aug 2013 2:05AM
Does favoUrite mean the same as favorite in california? My spell checker is not happy.
Let me sneak in the nikon f3A.
randomrubble 18 3.1k 12 United Kingdom
22 Aug 2013 10:01PM
Currently I'm enjoying a Konica EYE half frame compact, picked up at a recent car boot. Fast f/1.9 Hexanon lens, handles nicely, viewfinder is good and overall it's a thing of beauty. Takes forever to shoot a 72 exposure roll though!

satyr 9 1 United States
26 Aug 2013 7:33AM
LF, would be Deardroff v5. MF, Hassy 500 Classic. 35mm Canon F1n for long lens work and Leica M6 for everything else.
pablophotographer 11 2.1k 432
5 Sep 2013 3:51AM

Quote:Currently I'm enjoying a Konica EYE half frame compact. Takes forever to shoot a 72 exposure roll though!

I was given to use an Olympus Pen (Trip 35) on my travel to Asia. If you don't want the hassle of many lenses, additional equipment, etc. these cameras are just the right tool for the job; you'll have more time enjoying your trip.

Warning: I returned with 3kg of photos back, lol.
lemmy 15 2.9k United Kingdom
5 Sep 2013 4:29PM
Hasselblad 500c
pentaxpete 17 738 1 United Kingdom
6 Sep 2013 10:15AM
Asahi PENTAX Spotmatic 'F' outfit I was GIVEN they other day !! Also there was a Weston Master III, Vivitar x2, tow sets extension tubes ( not Pentax),several small Vivitar flashes, filters etc -- outfit shown is: Spotmatic F Serial No.: 4647355,28mm f3.5 SMC Takumar, 50mm f1.4 SMC Takumar ( YES! -- the RADIO-ACTIVE one !! ), 150mm f4 SMC Takumar, Asahi Pentax Bellows... I have left the 'yellowed' radio-active 50mm on a window in sunlight all day and it has cleared a bit. The bellows foul the mirror of the camera body so I think it is not compatible with the 'F' model as it works OK on my older Spotmatic. The Old Gent had forgotten a FILM in side !! It was a 'Jessops 200' ( actually AGFA) so I cut it and processed and it was all very faint images, so Ioaded the rest into my older Spotmatic and downrated it to 100 ASA and on processing it was the SAME -- very faint images so the film had deteriorated so much -- but a 2005 outdated Kodak 'Ultra 400' rated at 200 ASA I tried all came out well and the 1/1000th second shutter speed seems accurate ! The other lenses were all fungus free and sharp !

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