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Your favourite film camera

lemmy 15 2.9k United Kingdom
6 Sep 2013 10:58AM
This might interest you, Pentaxpete. This was back in the 60s when I was on the Reading Evening Post. Pentax were standard issue on the Post. Then I moved to to the London Evening News where Nikon was standard issue and the next Pentax I owned was a K5 - rather more recently!

The lens is a Super-Takumar 35mm f2.

polis_928tadw59 12 7.1k United Kingdom
6 Sep 2013 1:02PM
lemmy, By that's a clever camera if it has taken that picture of yourself.Grin
At the moment i am getting the Rangefinder bug - acquired a Yashica Electro 35; followed by a Minolta Hi-Matic 9; and then a Yashica MG1.
lemmy 15 2.9k United Kingdom
6 Sep 2013 2:05PM

Quote:At the moment i am getting the Rangefinder bug

Here's a couple, a Canon 5 with Canon 35mm f2 and fast wind - the wind on lever under the camera. The other is a couple of Pentaxes and my Leica M2 ( I think). I had an M3 as well for longer lenses but I think that is a 35mm f2 Summicron on there. All the pix of me were shot to be used in publicity stuff for the paper.


pablophotographer 11 2.1k 432
6 Sep 2013 4:06PM

Quote:a Canon 5 with Canon 35mm f2 and fast wind - the wind on lever under the camera.

Fujica had a 35mm rangefinder like that; it didn't feel odd at all, my uncle who had bought it from Japan was praising it for this feature. Good workhorse.
yashicaboy 11 26 United Kingdom
6 Sep 2013 9:36PM
A yashica Electro 35! Polis a cracking little camera I picked one up at a car boot last year with the flash & ER case for a fiver! the light seals needed replacing which took about 2 hours and it now works well and has joined the other Yashicas at home (FXD x 2 FR1 x 1 & a Yashicamat

Best regards

Richard G
robalb 17 23 1 Wales
6 Sep 2013 11:39PM
favourite film camera must be a Pentax Z1P, it's name is not far off the sound it makes. The camera and it's ergonomics fit me to a t ! it is also reliable as day and night. robalb
7 Sep 2013 8:42AM
With no Doubts pen tax have super and fab i also have a film camera from Pen-tax , a classic camera's all metal.
polis_928tadw59 12 7.1k United Kingdom
9 Sep 2013 1:41PM
yashicaboy, Agree with you re the Electro 35. Apart from that and the 2 others I have mentioned above, I have gone and bought a Yashica Minister D, and am waiting for its arrival. I gather that the Minister D was the last of the Ministers. There was a Yashica Lynx 14 on the bay last week (with the 1.4 lens). I hid my wallet so that I could not bid or buy it.Grin
j37r 16 11 United Kingdom
12 Nov 2013 10:29PM
For me it has to be the Canon T90, superb piece of engineering, I also own the F1n and the A1, but the T90 takes pride of place. Smile
13 Nov 2013 12:19PM
Canon EOS-1v is my favourite film camera.It's awesome....
nickthompson 15 158 England
13 Nov 2013 7:56PM
I've got two favs, F100 and the FE2. I don't know why, but they feel just right in my hands.

altitude50 18 23.1k United Kingdom
17 Nov 2013 3:16PM
I started off with a Zeiss Ikonta 16 exposures on 127, then bought a Voigtlander Vito B which has the best memories for me (1950's). I recently bought a mint one off eBay with documents for £6 so I am keeping that, lovely compact, solid reliable camera.

After that first Vito B I had several others including a strange Aires Reflex with an add-on 90mm? telephoto attachment, not much good.
I then used a Canon AE-1 with a standard lens and a Vivitar 200mm telephoto and a Hoya 70-150 zoom, nice lens. In the autofocus era I had a Minolta 9000 with a good selection of lenses, used that a lot and sold it recently for a pittance, wish I had kept it.

Then I recently started collecting classic manual focus SLR cameras, including a mint Olympus OM-1 which I like a lot, then bought a Sun Actinon 24mm lens with a Konica fitting and thought that I had better find a body to go with it, so I bought a Konica FS-1 and loved the feel of it, so I now have a Konica FT-1, 2 x FC-1 and a T 3 with a mint T4 Autoreflex as back-up!
At one point I had a Bronica ETRS 645, but it didn't suit the sort of picture I was taking, nice camera and best slides/negatives of all the cameras I have owned.
So it is difficult to choose a favourite, but it must be the AE-1 which I will never sell. (The Canon breech-lock bayonet must be the best system of lens mounting devised.)
RPVG 8 8
6 Feb 2014 9:04PM
My favorite film camera? That would be the one I shoot with. For 35mm, Minolta SR-Ts. For 4x5, a Burke and James Grover.
ajed 17 60 England
7 Feb 2014 11:41PM
I used a Pentax S1a to begin with and 20 years or so later an Olympus OM1 both packed up for one reason or another. As a backup I bought a Zenith EM (Olympics) Every now and then I take it out and run a film through it, it still works perfectly,
Coast 14 1.6k 292 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2014 9:55AM
Anyone remember Chinon? Sold exclusively in Dixons I believe. My first "proper" camera aged 11 was a Chinon CE4s. Saved up for it. Only ever had the standard 50mm lens with it. It had a double exposure facility on it and a max shutter speed of 1/2000s. Shared the Pentax K mount.

I loved it.

I then went to Pentax with the ME Super before moving to Canon with the amazing A1. I added a T90 to that when I started working full-time then sold both the T90 and A1 for an EOS 3 with eye controlled autofocus.

Had a a bronica ETRs and the Bronica SQA before selling all my gear and taking about 4 years off anything photographic aside from family snaps. This was at the start of the digital age and I bought a Casio digital camera for that purpose. Then swapped it for a Sony P5 before getting serious again with a Canon 5D. I now use the MkIII alongside a GF1.

May swap the GF1 for the new Olympus OMD 10 and waiting to see one in the flesh.

Thirty five years and 7 SLR's and two MF cameras plus two compacts and one CSC. Seems rather a lot now I see it written down and I forgot the 54 Sinar I dabbled with for a couple of years in my early twenties!

I really love the full frame Canon and the m4/3 format which is so portable.

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