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Paul Morgan 18 19.4k 6 England
30 Nov 2015 12:57AM
Yeh I just keep the settings some what dull and flat, there are a few basic settings like cine but all I do is reduce the contrast and reduce the saturation etc.

The software's still a bit of a minefield, for instance this bit is a little beyond me at the mo, maybe in a few weeks.

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Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
30 Nov 2015 3:31AM
If you've masked video before using After Effects etc the tracking masks in Resolve aren't too tricky to understand. If you haven't then you are in at the deep end.

The main thing you have in your favour is your powerful PC. Lesser machines would really struggle with some of the advanced stuff and the learning curve would be sloowww.

Personally, I prefer Speed Grade or just Premiere's Lumetri Panel. I do all my grading in those now. I may need to go to Davinci later to do something complicated in a commercial piece but I'm not at that stage yet, am just having fun.

The first time you take some raw video and output something that looks cinematic, that looks like a moving high quality photograph, like something you might see at the cinema - rather than like every day video - is the day you are hooked Smile
Paul Morgan 18 19.4k 6 England
30 Nov 2015 11:12PM
YEh its a steep learning curve but it will be worth it.

Pc`s ok as well, though I might upgrade the graphics card at some point next year.

At the mo I`m trying to avoid trying out the juicy Adobe software, I`d just be putting another noose around my neck Smile
Paul Morgan 18 19.4k 6 England
19 Dec 2015 12:47AM
Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
19 Dec 2015 2:37PM
It's really good and you can get those sort of results with modest gear. It is worth noting that costs are pure speculation, nobody actually knows what they used. The guess about the drone is probably wrong, friend has one and it carries a GoPro on a stabilized gimbal, but not much more. I think it's been a bigger drone with a BMPC or the like, may be much bigger drone with a 5D II.

Maybe we'll find out one day, but it's inspirational. I know I can get odd shots like that when I try hard.
Paul Morgan 18 19.4k 6 England
19 Dec 2015 3:02PM
Yeh I don`t a lot about drones, I`ve seen one or two smallish drones that can handle a small M4/3, GF, GM + small lens etc and perhaps a black magic pocket but I bet there still reasonably pricey.

If Johny walker are using that then they probably got a bit back.
Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
19 Dec 2015 4:22PM
Be interesting to see if Johnny Walker are going to use it; they might think 'Why Pay?' when people like us are sharing it organically anyway
Paul Morgan 18 19.4k 6 England
19 Dec 2015 9:17PM
Yeh very true Chris.

Now why am I looking at drone stuff Smile

He was using some new camera that uses M4/3 lenses some of the time ( I`m a bit behind)
Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
19 Dec 2015 11:50PM
I've been toying with getting a Sony full-frame, but I look at my test videos done with GH4 and, apart from YouTube compression artefacts in things like mist, I think some of the footage looks as good as what you see elsewhere. I dunno if you've seen this one Paul. I'm amazed that I nailed the red, yellow and green colours in the trees.

MFT will keep getting better and I'm not going to buy the Sony stuff I'm extremely tempted by. Can't afford it for starters!

Late Autumn Colour

Paul Morgan 18 19.4k 6 England
20 Dec 2015 1:20AM
That`s pretty good Chris.

Have you tried it on vimeo, maybe its just me but stuff just seems to look better on there.
Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
22 Dec 2015 11:47AM
The Vimeo size limits stop uploading high quality, high res with a basic account. I can't afford to run a paid Vimeo account for my stuff as I'm still learning and it's still hobbyist.
Paul Morgan 18 19.4k 6 England
22 Dec 2015 10:31PM
I just thought there there was a weekly/monthly upload limit with Vimeo Smile
Chris_L 5 5.3k United Kingdom
22 Dec 2015 11:30PM
Yes there is, it's in megabytes and a ten minute hd video is more megabytes than the limit!
Paul Morgan 18 19.4k 6 England
22 Dec 2015 11:34PM
I see now
Paul Morgan 18 19.4k 6 England
16 Jan 2016 9:27PM
Did you notice Chris that lensbabys were used in both of Bowie`s recent video`s Black Star and Lazarus, I`m seeing them being used a lot these days.

There`s an interesting article here about the film "Much Ado about Nothing"

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