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Junior Competition - Portraits

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Made By: MrsS
Start: 30/07/2010 - 12:01 AM
End: 02/08/2010 - 11:59 PM
Address: EPZ Towers

The place to sdd your name for our latest competition with fabulous prizes donated by Adam-H and EPZ

Prizes to announce so far:

1st Prize: Your image printed onto a Box canvas wrap @ 600mm x 400mm (24" x 16")

2nd place: Your image on a Box Canvas Wrap @ 300mm x 200mm (12" x 8")

3rd place: Your image on a 6mm depth Mouse Mat

4th & 5th place :1 months e2 membership.


KarenFB Junior Gallery Team 125028 forum postsKarenFB vcard England171 Constructive Critique Points
21 Jul 2010 - 6:59 PM

Don't forget, if you have any questions you can either ask here, in the forum thread or you can private message one of the Junior Gallery Team.

Don't be embarrassed, or think your question is stupid, if you are unsure about something, then I'm sure there's someone else who is too! Smile

Last Modified By KarenFB at 21 Jul 2010 - 7:00 PM
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3 Aug 2010 - 7:08 AM

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KarenFB Junior Gallery Team 125028 forum postsKarenFB vcard England171 Constructive Critique Points
3 Aug 2010 - 7:08 AM

108 entries - Wow!

Please be patient, it will take a while to judge these, we will let you all know the results as soon as we can!


MrsS  114527 forum posts England18 Constructive Critique Points
3 Aug 2010 - 8:13 AM

Results are expected about tea time today Smile

Fran x

MrsS  114527 forum posts England18 Constructive Critique Points
3 Aug 2010 - 5:36 PM

Here are the Results and the critiques :

Firstly - here are the winners!!!

As our prize donors, we are really pleased that Adam and Xander agreed to do the judging, as I think Karen and I would still be "discussing" it!

SO - drum roll - - -

1st place: - Portrait 3 by shayphotography
Wedding dress fitting
Something about this picture just stood out right away; itís simple but beautiful.

2nd Place: - Portrait 1 nishad1994.
Mums face with flowers
To us this is what portraits are all about families, obviously nishad1994 loves his mum very much

3rd Place: - Portrait 2 by Mphoto
Again a simple picture but the coloured balloons really bring it to life.

4th Place:- Portraits 2 by dewie
Lions face.
This was Xanders favorite among the animals; he loves lions and said that this one looks as if itís staring straight at you.

5th Place: - portrait 2 dray1002
Loved the different angle on this picture, lying on the ground works really well with kids

6th Place: - Portrait 3 kieranmccay
Sister with colour sunflowers.
Very colorful image, lovely picture.

7th Place: - Portrait 3 by 26TK
Baby face
Lovely simple shot of a baby like the way the focus of the image is to one side.


Karen has very kindly written all the critiques which follow
I will lbe adding your personal critique to your first upload later this evening

Thanks to everyone for working so hard on this Competition - hope you all had fun

Fran x

Personal Critiques:


1. We like the eye contact and the lovely smile. The lighting is unusual, being half light and half shadowed.
2. A good image, almost a candid - you've used a good point of view, it's made an interesting angle.
3. The colours and details captured on this caterpillar are amazing - well caught!
4. We love the eye contact with this one, and a lovely broad smile (love the hat too!).


A gorgeous dog, he has sat and posed so well for you! You've caught him brilliantly.


1. A gorgeous black and white portrait. We like the pose and the way she's looking off into the distance - it makes us wonder what she is thinking of.
2. A wonderful full frame portrait. What gorgeous coloured hair - very well caught and presented.
3. A fun image - she looks to be having great fun in the water.
4. What a wonderful expression! The sun shining through the pink hat makes a wonderfully warm image.


1. The pose of the squirrel and the expression are wonderful. A brilliantly timed shot.
2. Catching your Cousins like this is brilliant. We like the way they are head to head, lying on the grass. Well done.


1. Some brilliant street photography - you've captured 'Nature' brilliantly, we love her make up!
2. Such a handsome goat. We like the way you've filled the frame with its face and horns.
3. This is a brilliant black and white portrait - the lighting is wonderful. Very well caught.


1. We really liked this image. Almost two portraits in one - very well thought out and caught.
2. This portrait made us smile - just look at those gorgeous eyes. We really like the pose and expression.


1. A brilliant piece of manipulation, very cleverly done. It obviously took a lot of work and a lot of effort has gone into it. Well done James.
2. A lovely image. A gorgeous ocean view in portrait format - well seen, caught and presented.


1. This is a gorgeous image of your Grandad. Presented in black and white is perfect. We like the way we can see the countryside whizzing past in the background. Well seen and caught.
2. We like the fact this is a follow on from portrait 1 - we like the way he is looking back to have a last look at the train. Again, perfect in black and white.


1. This image made us smile. Damselflies look so strange head on - you've captured this one so well. Just those two eyes in green - well done!
2. A beautiful close up of a swan - well caught.


1. You've caught your brother brilliantly. Brilliant lighting and black & white the perfect tones.
2. This image is quite eye catching. Because he is wearing a dark tee shirt, seeing him reach out like this makes a very strong image. Well thought out and caught.


A simple, but effective image of your friend. He has a lovely smile and you've caught it well.


1. Quite a busy image, but you've managed to separate the girl from her surroundings. She has a lovely smile and you've caught her brilliantly sharp.
2. This is a wonderful image. We are sharing something special with her, a pretty young lady with a gorgeous smile, this makes a wonderful portrait.


Although a little small, this is a wonderful portrait of a Bumble Bee. The details are brilliant.


This is a gorgeous image. A little girl in pink, in the middle of mud!! Her expression is a picture of concentration - brilliantly caught!


1. An unusual 'portrait', almost an abstract.
2. A lovely image. The teddy does look so sad, sat by the drain. Well thought out and caught.
3. A really funny image, very eye catching!
4. Well done for capturing your eye so well - quite a startling image!


1. A wonderful image. The interaction between them is lovely and Karen especially likes the soft focus (except for the eyes which are beautifully sharp).
2. A brilliant study of a sitting girl - she has posed brilliantly. We liked the quirky angle too.
3. This is a gorgeous image - so simple, yet really eye catching. The whites have been caught brilliantly and the details on the dress are wonderful.
4. The couple's first dance has been caught really well. The eye contact between the bride and groom is brilliant.


1. The colours in the sunset and the silhouettes are gorgeous. Very well seen and caught.
2. This image is very eye catching. We like the way the child seems to be in the 'spotlight'. You've caught her brilliantly.
3. A wonderful portrait of an Orangutan - the body language says it all!
4. The eyes on this fly are stunning - you've caught the colours and details brilliantly.


1. A gorgeous image of a Tortoise - the details are beautifully sharp.
2. We really like the way the Lion's face totally fills the frame.
3. The angle of the Heron has been brilliantly caught, with a brilliant composition.


1. Well, this one is certainly different! Not everyone would paint themselves green for a portrait (glad to hear it all came off!). Very well caught, beautifully 'dark', well done!
2. We loved the expression - a gorgeous self portrait, using black and white is fantastic.
3. What a wonderful image! We really liked all the different colours - a real fashion statement! (Lovely cat too!)


1, 2 & 3. Three brilliantly panned pictures of cyclists. They have all been caught beautifully sharp (anyone who has tried panning knows how difficult this is!). Well done George.


1. This is a wonderful portrait of an elderly gentleman resting by his shed. The inclusion of his bicycle makes this image that little bit special (even though he's got a bad foot, he can still cycle down to his shed!). Brilliant in black and white.
2. A lovely image of your Sister and her ballet shoes. The movement in her hands/shoes makes this a special image - can't stop those shoes dancing!
3. A beautiful portrait - the flowers adding a little extra colour and filling the frame nicely.
4. This is a gorgeous portrait. The lighting is good and we love the hat!


1. A wonderful gecko. That eye is absolutely gorgeous - very well caught.
2. What a wonderful self portrait - beautifully back lit. It's nice to see not only yourself, but your wonderful surroundings.
3. This Lion looks very regal - sat there with his nose in the air! You've caught him well.
4. We really like the side profile of this Owl. Gorgeous feather details and the wonderful coloured eye.


1. A gorgeous portrait - the blue hair makes this really eye catching and different.
2. A lovely image, again the colour really catches the eye. Well manipulated.
3. The black and white is beautifully sharp and crisp with this image. The pose makes you wonder what she is thinking.
4. Another eye catching image (no pun intended) - beautifully manipulated.


1. You've captured the swan beautifully - a gorgeous youngster.
2, 3 & 4. What a brilliant variety of expressions your brother has provided - it looks like you had lots of fun taking these. They are all brilliantly caught, they'd make a good triptych.


1. An interesting interpretation of the theme. Well thought out and taken.
2. What a beautiful dog, and it's posing so well for you. You've caught it brilliantly.
3. You've caught the Ladybird brilliantly - the format you've chosen is perfect for the tall thin grass. Well done.


1. We like the way you've filled the frame with your Mum and the Roses. Beautifully caught.
2. What a wonderful character - well seen, caught and presented.
3. This makes a wonderful image, the depth of field and colours are brilliant.
4. Beautifully sharp, you've captured the details perfectly.


1. This is a gorgeous image. We like the lighting and the way your Sister is posing so naturally.
2. We like the way you've chosen to colour select the balloons. It makes a gorgeous eye catching image.
3. Isn't he a cutie. We like the eye contact and that slight little grin - he looks like he could get up to some mischief!
4. This image made us laugh! Usually the point of focus in on eyes, but using the nose and having this point of view really accentuates the nose - very funny!


1. We like the way we can see the joy in your friend's eyes. The point of view and depth of field make this a wonderful image.
2. Our only Butterfly entry - a gorgeous shot, full of wonderful colours and details.
3. A gorgeous black & white image. You've focussed on your friend brilliantly, her eyes are lovely and sharp.


1. You've captured Camilla beautifully! She has a lovely smile - well done!
2. What a gorgeous image - she is very pretty and obviously having a wonderful time judging by her radiant smile.
3. A gorgeous baby - you've caught her smile brilliantly too, just look at those sweet little teeth!
4. We are sure the Royals would love copies of these images. You've caught Prince Charles wonderfully - brilliant eye contact!


1. An interesting image. The backlighting around your Mum is brilliant, you've caught the effect brilliantly.
2. A brilliant depth of field - you've focussed on your Sister perfectly. This is such a fun image.
3. A lovely close up. The seal looks very content and we love the cheesy grin!
4. We like the way you've filled the frame. She looks totally relaxed and has a lovely smile.


1. You've captured your Brother brilliantly. He looks totally relaxed in front of the camera.
2. Another lovely image - just a little closer and brilliant in black & white.
3. This is a gorgeous image. The interaction between your Mum and Brother is wonderful - well caught.
4. A very pretty dog - she certainly has her eye on you! (A lovely story behind her life too!)


1. A lovely self portrait. It is so difficult to capture a self portrait, but you've done brilliantly, the eye is lovely and sharp.
2. This made us smile - it's really original and cleverly done. Couldn't have been easy taking it one handed!
3. A wonderful image. We like the way she filled the frame. She has a wonderful smile.


You've captured Daniella brilliantly. She looks totally relaxed and you've caught her well.


A wonderful portrait! The expression is wonderful, we just love those little dimples!


1. Considering it looks a little dimpsy, you've caught your Dad brilliantly! We love the surroundings too - it makes for a very interesting image.
2. An interesting effect. It makes a very unusual portrait.


1. We like the way you've manipulated these images - a beautiful horse, well presented.
2. You've captured William brilliantly. He has a brilliant expression - sorry, no extra points for the EPZ camera strap!


1. We like the way you've captured your Brother - brilliant in black & white. He has a brilliant pose against that wall and there is good eye contact.
2. You've captured your guitar brilliantly. Well in focus with a good background.
3. Karen thinks this image is particularly poignant. You've thought it out well (come on Dad, have your photo taken!) and captured the essence of him brilliantly! Well done.
4. A beautiful image. It's never easy catching these little creatures, they are always on the go.


1. You've captured the little girl brilliantly. We love the tilt of her head, brilliant eye contact.
2. With this image the eyes immediately capture your attention! They are gorgeous. Very well caught.
3. An interesting image. The colour is lovely and warm (even if it is snow), we really like the shadow too.

Well done to everyone Smile

Mphoto  8 United Kingdom
3 Aug 2010 - 5:58 PM

Thank you! Grin


Thank you guys so much!

dewie  8 United Kingdom
3 Aug 2010 - 10:18 PM

Thanks! Grin

4 Aug 2010 - 12:57 PM

Thank you sooo much !! Grin


Adam_H  1062 forum posts United Kingdom
4 Aug 2010 - 7:32 PM

Firstly i must say a massive well done to all the Juniors who have entered, WoW what a response Smile. The work was of the highest stanard and a nightmare to judge. Sorry for the lateness in this but i had to go and taxi some of my family around yesterday and today LOL.
And i must say well done to the seven winners, your work is amazing and you should all be as proud as punch with your work its brilliant, Well done.
I will contact Shannon (shadyphotography), Nishad (nishad1994) & Maddy (Mphoto) the top main 3 winners over the next hour to let them know how to arrange the prizes etc.
I know Dewie & Dray1002 (4th & 5th) will get there memberships from EPZ's team direct.
Then Kieran (kieranmccay) & Tom (26TK) (6th & 7th) will get their memberships from me. i will start them as has been requested on the dates provided (no worries) Smile.
Once again a huge well done to everyone who entered they all deserve to will but unfortunately the has to be placed entries. And a massive well done to the winners, i hope you enjoy your prizes.
Many thanks for now Adam & my lad Xander..WinkWink

Adam_H  1062 forum posts United Kingdom
16 Aug 2010 - 7:03 PM

Just doing an update to say Shannon and Nishad's Prizes the Canvas prints for 1st & 2nd place have now been posted today, and should be with them shortly. And i should be posting Maddy's prize 3rd place mouse mat out to her in the next couple of days (i should have it back from my mates print shop in the next couple of days).
Also Keiran's 6th place E2 membership will start on the requested date, As will Tom's 7th place E2 membership will start on his agreed start date.
Once again well done to the top seven Juniors again, and also a big thanks to all the juniors who entered their fine work.
Best of luck to you all in future comps .
Best wishes Adam & xander..

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