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Nature Photography Discussion Group

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csurry 17 9.2k 92
3 Jan 2011 2:45PM
A number of people have mooted the idea of starting a group to discuss all aspects of nature photography, from image style to locations or ethics.

So I have started a group initially by invitation only to see how things pan out.

The basic idea is to create a thread and to discuss either the image, the subject, the style, the ethics in obtaining the shot or similar shots, how to's.

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csurry 17 9.2k 92
3 Jan 2011 5:41PM
To answer a couple of PMs.

Yes, critique of images is definitely one of the purposes.

I think I have sent about 12 invites at the moment. Some to people that I know and some to those that I don't. I can't see anywhere to view invites sent, so it is down to my memory.

I would like initially to keep the group to about 20 members to see how it works and if there appears to be a good amount of interaction, increasing numbers as we work out the dynamics. Then if it all appears to be working as envisioned then opening it up to all could be a way forward.

I've looked at the other groups around the nature area and there appears to be little activity, so by trying to keep this small at first hopefully we can get some activity going without it being a mad rush at the start and then falling away to nothing very quickly.
Pete Plus
18 18.8k 97 England
3 Jan 2011 6:04PM
As an upgrade - would it be good if when you invite you get an area that shows who you've invited? Hmm it let me post and I'm not a member...that may be beuase I'm a super mod. We need to keep an eye on this at first to make sure everything is working correctly as it will be the first invite only group and I'm not sure the beta test tested this well enough. If there are features/ways of working that you'd like to change let me know and I'll see what we can do.
Phil_Morgan 13 182 1 Wales
3 Jan 2011 6:07PM
Thanks for the invite Cheryl Grin

I have done enough moaning about lack of critique recently so time to put my money where my mouth is! Wink
I have noticed a few problems with the backround on this, but apart from that I was reasonably happy with it. Feel free to point out any improvements that can be made, or point out any obvious problems with it.
Large version and Exif date here

csurry 17 9.2k 92
3 Jan 2011 6:48PM
Thanks Pete.

I thought someone else mentioned an invite only group some time ago, but maybe that was changed.

Probably would have been better in its own thread Phil, but now it is here.
A couple of things straight off if it were mine. I'd be tempted to even out the tone of the top left hand corner, and believe me after the recent water drops with vignette I know a bit about this. Secondly I wonder what it looks like with the loop under the tail cloned out. Only suggest this because it draws the eye and you sort of miss viewing the tail.

I have lots of coal tit shots with a white/grey background and never convinced that this shows the bird off best, so maybe I should revisit some and post.
Phil_Morgan 13 182 1 Wales
3 Jan 2011 6:58PM
Thanks Cheryl.

Yes I realised that as I read 'The basic idea is to create a thread and to discuss either the image, the subject, the style, the ethics in obtaining the shot or similar shots, how to's, about 2 minutes after posting this! Doh!

Some good suggestions there. Off to the public house now! Will have a play and upload a variation when I get time Smile
csurry 17 9.2k 92
3 Jan 2011 7:22PM
No probs Phil. Don't want to be a dictator Wink

Just want to try to keep things neat to act as a reference for everyone on the site.
Terry L 16 609 5 England
3 Jan 2011 10:19PM
Thanks for the invite Cheryl, looks like it could be a very useful and informative group. Will try to have some input in a few days, once the new granddad syndrome settles and I have a bit more time.

Enmark 10 5 5 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2011 10:52PM
Ty for the invite and for the opportunity to be amongst such talented people .
Lets see how it goes ...
Enmark 10 5 5 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2011 10:56PM
Ps that Baker geezer needs watching ,, if he's in with that new camera of his .......

Bugger ...Grin
geoffrey baker 15 501 1 Wales
3 Jan 2011 10:58PM
Thank you for the invite Cheryl, I'm honoured.
I've gained a lot from this site over the years and it would be good to put something back in, I'll do my best with the limited time that I have spare.
I'm not exactly sure what's expected of me, I've never looked at Groups on here so it's all new to me.

I've recently upgraded from my Sony to a Nikon D3, 200-400, 14-24 and 70-200 f2.8 Nikor lenses and I'm still learning how to use them lol.

geoffrey baker 15 501 1 Wales
3 Jan 2011 11:00PM
Oi Mark, I heard that Wink
It's all your fault, you've cost me a small fortune mate Smile
csurry 17 9.2k 92
4 Jan 2011 8:19AM
Well at least you got the blame and not me Mark.

Yep let's see how it works out.

I will also be busy this week as I return to work Sad. But I hope it is something that we can kick in to life from time to time.
Karen_Summers 10 8 1 United Kingdom
4 Jan 2011 6:25PM
Thanks for the invite don t really know whats expected but will keep an eye on whats going on and join in when I can
csurry 17 9.2k 92
4 Jan 2011 6:27PM
Nothing expected as such, except to join in when interested.

Start threads if you want or upload an image in the group gallery.

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