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By Brian_Scott    
First thanks for the invite Cheryl and hello to everyone

Uploaded this shot to read any advice on whether i should boost the colours in the fox or maybe sharpen more/less and anything else you may see that i havent.

Thanks in advance

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LeeFisher 10 59 8 England
3 Jan 2011 9:04PM
Hi Brian,
Great shot, really like the eye contact here,
Might be tempted to boost the colours a bit on the fox and maybe slide the exposure on the raw file to lighten it a little as the snow looks a little under exposed. Also a selective boost of saturation-levels on the eyes may be of benifit and will help make them pop a bit. Like the comp mate but might want to experiment with an extra strip of canvas on the bottom of the frame, though not sure on that.
A top shot though mate, really like it Grin

Cheers Lee

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Brian_Scott 10 42 27 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2011 9:37PM
Yeah mate i see where your coming from, will have a play with it and see what i can come up with Smile
Enmark 10 5 5 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2011 10:24PM
Hi bud I remember it well... The comp is fine other than a slice as mentioned added to the base , although I dont condone tinkering to much with nature images .Perhaps a slice from the top would drop that face on the lateral third. The eyes need bringing out and perhaps a layer mask here would help .
Brian_Scott 10 42 27 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2011 10:31PM
Alright Mark mate, never done a layer mask before so wouldnt have a clue what to do there, still waiting for Lee to show me how to do them Tongue, Maybe one day but i will have a go at whats been mentioned and see what happens Smile
Enmark 10 5 5 United Kingdom
4 Jan 2011 7:47PM
There are two ways.. the easy way and the not so easy way way .The not so easy is the best though as it allows you to go back and adjust stuff .

Ok easy way first , which isn't strictly a layer mask but does the same thing .
image open from the raw in photoshop .
Press control J to copy and paste a new layer , do it again ,
now you have BG and layer 1 and layer 1 copy
select layer 1 (goes blue) and turn layer1 copy off ( with eye ) in your layers pallet
Now adjust the shadow levels with the shadow high light under image >adjustments lifting the darks a little .
now add some USM at 100/3/1 for a full frame image .
adjust you curves to suit the face only , forget the rest of the image as long as the face looks good .
Now turn back on layer 1 copy .
Turn off background and select layer1 copy
Select the rubber tool
Go for a largish soft brush at about 100 pixels , hardness 0 and an opacity of about 40 to 50 % ( you can alter this later)
Now paint over the face area of the fox and watch magically as the foxes mush/face appears sharp and brighter .You can always disable ( eye ) the layer 1 to see how good your '' painting'' is .

The harder version is the same process but you add a layer mask at layer1 stage
So open image and do your normal adjustments to get the overall scene looking right dont worry about the face we'll adjust this later , dont sharpen at this stage ,,, or in the raw stage either ...

now press >Crl J

Make sure your colour boxes in the tools menu are a black and white press D on the key board and followed by X to make sure black is on top.

Now go to layers > layer mask > hide all
You will get the image thumbnail and now a black box by the side of it . This is your mask .
Right Click on the thumbnail black box by the side of image thumbnail in layer one and disable it . You'll get a red cross in there . Now left click on your thumbnail in layer 1( you'll get a white bounding box round it to say its active .

Now adjust shadow / curves / levels to suit the face only and Sharpen at 100/30/1 in USM

Right click the black box and enable it ( the red cross will go )Left click the black box to make it active ( white bounding box around it .)

Now select a soft brush at say 100-200 pixels ( adjust to suit ) and hardness of 0 and paint white onto the face of the fox ,
Voila you is a doing layer masks...

This way you can paint black and white when you want to reveal or hide aspects of the image ..

This way also you can leave the background as it is unsharpened and not introduce nasty noise and artifacts in it ..

There are many ways of achieving the same output ,, but thats basically it ..

Have a play about with masks they are fun ...
Alternatively buy a book !

Brian_Scott 10 42 27 United Kingdom
5 Jan 2011 2:28PM
Bloody hell Mark its me your talking too now lol

Cheers mate Smile

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