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Do photos of men generally do less well?

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Pete Plus
18 18.8k 97 England
2 Nov 2012 10:44AM
Please note: this is a groups forum post for the unappreciated photo group
The idea is you spot a photo that's not done well and put a link to it explaining why it should do better.
It's a chance to highlight great "missed" photos.

I am a little biased with this one as I had some involvement. Well not with the photography. I encouraged this person who's a part of the photography industry to join and upload photos. She doesn't have lots of time spare and doubts ePHOTOzine's value to her. But she humoured me and uploaded.
In the space of a year I've seen her photography (via facebook) grow from average snap shots to pure magic. The photo I'm linking to was uploaded a couple of weeks ago and has 8 votes: Boot Camp . It's a good portrait and I'm really surprised it didn't do a little better. She's recently posted up some fabulous horse shots from the Camargue in France on Facebook. They are stunning and we're missing out because she no doubt still feels uploading here is a waste of time.

And back to the forum title - did this photo not do well because the subject is male or is it because she's unknown on ePHOTOzine, or is it not really a good photo and I'm biased? Feel free to add other reasons.

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GarethRobinson 13 1.0k 2 United Kingdom
2 Nov 2012 11:10AM
I think male images do less well in general no matter what site they get posted on, the image is good but not brilliant. Now if she posted a naked woman the votes would go wild. As for fb not something I use but do have some professional wedding photographer friends who swear by fb for free advertising and reaching out to more people. They have posted images on other sites similar to epz and they said yes people click and say how nice the images are but that is not selling their images and they have no time for it, so to them it is a waste of time. I think in this case your friend is right in her decision.

mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
2 Nov 2012 11:29AM
Views on sites like this are similar to judging a photo competion: so many to get through that if it does not smack you between the eyes it will get overlooked. So as a thumbanil, the colours are not particularly striking, the main image of the fist is abstract enough so it may not really register so people may pass it by; and the smaller images underneath are largely record shots. I am not sure in this particular case that it had a lot going for it in terms of making people stop and view it when the next photo may be a striking sunset, or action-filled wildlife shot. I am not sure being male had much to do with it in this case - if it had been a female boxer the torso in the main image is so OOF it would not have changed anything though the smaller images may have been significantly intriguing for a view (but too small to grab the attention?).

As a documentary set it is really well done and there is a lot that I like about it, but I think she may be a bit hasty on judging the qualities of EPZ based on reaction to such an unusual picture.
Jestertheclown 11 8.0k 252 England
2 Nov 2012 11:32AM
I wouldn't expect that particular shot to fare well in the main gallery; it's not sufficiently mainstream.
The vote-for-anything brigade probably wouldn't look at it because they wouldn't notice it and the more discerning voters might simply not be very impressed.
Also, montages never look good as thumbnails and if I'm honest, I wouldn't have looked at it, if not for this thread.
I think that three out of four of the images (not the middle one) would have done better if they'd been uploaded individually.
For me, although I realise that it's intentional, it (they?) are too blue, I'd be itching to address that.
I don't think that it's suffered because it's a photograph of a man; McFade for example, uploads quite a few images of his mates and they seem to get a fairly reasonable response.
My feeling is that while it's got quite a lot going for it, it's suffered because it's not catchy enough.
She might have more success on here using one of the horse shots that you recommend as they're more likely to get the popular vote, whether they're really any good or not but of course, that does make it all a bit pointless.
I'd be much more interested in this if it had appeared in the critique gallery.
ade_mcfade 15 15.2k 216 England
2 Nov 2012 11:46AM
tiz a good shot Pete - different with the montage too, something I never get round to doing... hmm... maybe something to think about now I've got my head around InDesign Wink

I get a lot of stick for putting logos on my shots - I bet that's turned people off it a bit Wink

It's cross processed - which I like - but may put others off?

It's an interesting dilemma - I shoot more blokes than lasses, mainly because I know more blokes (from my bands and pool of friends) but also it's a lot easier to organise in many ways - they tend to just turn up, rather than you having to meet them at the station or pick them up, they're usually ready to shoot, rather than needing a place to get changed and do their make up, they don't get cold as quick, because they wear clothes that cover most of them....

All practical reasons... I love shooting female models, but often the hassle outweighs the enjoyment if you're doing a TF shoot...

So why do blokes fair worse...

Make up - many female shots are made by the make up and accessories, you can see a pretty blandly lit shot of a model with amazing makeup and it looks great. More down to the make up artists skill than the photographers
Outfits - far more variety for lasses, and showing a lot of flesh can certainly grab the attention. You can get guys in dinner suits or something odd, like Cole's doing at the moment (his every day clothes are odd Wink ) - but most are the usual mix of jeans/tee shirts etc.
Readership - not sure of the male/female split, but assume from the forums it's more men than women? Men would probably vote on women....

A few ideas anyway
JackAllTog Plus
10 5.8k 58 United Kingdom
2 Nov 2012 1:33PM
Agree with all the comments above, especially the montage one made by jester - I wonder if montage's are used where the individual sharpness of anyone photo is poor so its quality is disguised with a smaller image in a montage.

Its a good set of individual images, but nothing brings them together if you don't know the person. I'd have voted for it on the first main one but the other 3 perhaps less so as the steps behind the model distract.

Yes Women get more votes, partially because they are generally more varied in their presentation and makeup etc. But also as there are more quality photo's taken of women than men, and the good regular shooters develop a following with email reminders pointing them to us.

In terms of uploading here being a waste of time - depends what she wants from here?
Votes - well those may have to be worked at - uploading times, building a following, becoming a click clique etc.
Improvement - asking for critique and giving critique to others
Building a brand here with a popular site viewed by other for content sourcing - well stopping at 2 uploads is not helping.
Maybe she is just too busy elsewhere?
One thing about facebook is that you won't often get people you don't know voting on your photos who themselves are alreay established photographers - that's a good measure of quality in my book.
Carabosse 16 41.4k 270 England
2 Nov 2012 1:42PM
I'd like to see more montages on here. Smile
As regards the pic linked to by Pete, I'm not sure the subject matter is of the sort that would appeal to many EPZers.
AnneWorner 12 620 43 United States
2 Nov 2012 1:52PM
Just saw this, and have to say I really, really like the photos in the montage. My particular favorite is the top image showing the wrapped fist. Love the selective focus. I do like the cross-processing.

When I opened the image, I had an immediate gut reaction to it - hit me hard - sometimes all you can say about something is that it just grabs your attention and holds it - that's how I feel about this one.

As for the question of whether or not photos of men fare worse than those of women, it shouldn't make any difference, but personally, I'd rather look at this than a lot of the nudes posted to this site.

I remember another photo of a female boxer that also grabbed my attention and held it.

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