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Weekly Black and White Challenge ending Wed 24th April at 8pm - People

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davetac 11 69 2 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2019 6:30PM

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saltireblue Plus
10 10.7k 62 Norway
24 Apr 2019 6:40PM
Hi Dave...thanks for the entry, I'll include it in the judging later, but for future entries can you please upload them to the group gallery, not in the thread?
Click on Browse above the first post in the thread, select Photos from the drop-down and that's the place for them.
saltireblue Plus
10 10.7k 62 Norway
24 Apr 2019 7:51PM
Okay then, people peepers.
Ten minutes to down tools time, so get prepared for the grand announcement, and the calling of Minstrel of the Week.
I have a dilemma...no, that's not some nasty rash, google it if you don't know what it means...sorry, almost managed to sidetrack myself there, and we don't want me to start waffling or even worse, rambling, now do we? No, we don't want that at all. So, where was I? Oh, yes, starting to ramble...or was it merely waffling? Hard to decide and differentiate, actually.
My dilemma...do I announce my comments in the time-honoured way, in order of uploading, or is it all names in a hat?
Anyway, I shall cogitate during the remaining minutes and be back as soon after 8 as possible. I have recorded Line of Duty and Attenborough's latest offering, no baby to bath first and I have eaten so so delay due to partaking of food.
saltireblue Plus
10 10.7k 62 Norway
24 Apr 2019 8:10PM
Alright. I debated with myself - not a mass debate, you understand, just meWink - and decided that traditions are important points of solidity (I read that somewhere) in our communities, so have decided to keep this particular one going.

May I, therefore present for you our first contestant;

Gypsy Eric: I was thinking of two people emerging from the forest version of a tunnel of love, hence the lack of water and boat...
Reg: Good winter scene, but taken in February, so hardly after the theme was announced, unfortunately. Please try again next time.Smile
Dave, call me Lowry: Matchstick men and women. The great man himself would have liked this...can't remember the last time I used Swan Vestas...
Linda: What can I say? On yer bike, lass! Nowt beats a quick fiddle with your rear tyre, I fínd...
Phil: Yet another clear message to the occupants of the Palace of Westminster...the woman as fed up as most of us at their incompetence...
Jack: Was he reparing the roof or nicking the tiles?
Simon: Two of your subjects should be told that bridges have been invented just so you avoid having to get your feet wet...duh!
Eddie: They look amused...not! Did you just tell them one of your jokes?Wink
IL (all hail!!): Reg Varney you are not, even though you were on a bus. Were you trying to read over his shoulder?

Final scores on the doors to be announced as soon as I have made up my mind...don't go too far away, you might forget where you came from...
saltireblue Plus
10 10.7k 62 Norway
24 Apr 2019 8:24PM
Well, I don't know...why is this so bloomin' difficult? Think I'll take up nuclear physics at the Open University - bound to be a lot easier than judging these challenges. Ah, that's where the word 'Challenge' in the group title comes from! Of course, naturellement!

Ok, desperate times need desperate measures, so IL's (all hail) desperate bus capture takes the biscuit this week. At least it's a good biscuit - a chocolate HobNob.

Many thanks to my fellow Minstrels for all the entries, and over to IL (all hail) for a new exciting round of this is your black and white life...
DaveRyder Plus
6 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2019 8:28PM
Well done IL, all hail...

And a very personable challenge Malc.
It got me a few coffees and two breakfasts while walking the prom to get a shot in. SmileSmile
cattyal Plus
15 9.1k 6 England
24 Apr 2019 8:39PM
Blimey - that was definitely unexpected - thank you Malc - I think!

I was actually debating whether it would be acceptable to ask a total stranger for a crisp - I opted not to in the end.

If inspiration strikes this evening I'll start a new challenge - if not then I will do a bit of thinking on the bus to work tomorrow morning.......
24 Apr 2019 8:44PM
Great choice for a winner! My knees would definitely have been knocking if I'd even considered taking a shot at such close proximity! Great capture. I feel a packet of celebratory crisps is very much in order. Wink

Thanks to Malc for the challenge - it was good to try some street photography. Smile Note to self... must do more of this now!!!
JawDborn 8 1.3k 1 England
24 Apr 2019 9:02PM
She who dares wins! Well done, Alison. Many thanks for hosting the challenge, Malc.
24 Apr 2019 9:20PM
Nice one IL Alison and thanks for the challenge Malc.
EddieAC 15 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2019 9:53PM
Well Done IL and thanks for this week Malc!! Smile
Merlin_k Plus
11 39 13 United States
25 Apr 2019 1:40AM
This evening I got a pic I could have submitted. Just too late! Well done those who managed.
saltireblue Plus
10 10.7k 62 Norway
25 Apr 2019 7:29AM
Oops! Just realised that I forgot to mention Dave's umbrella people posted in the thread in my summary. I can assure him and all others that it was considered even though posted in the wrong place.
cattyal Plus
15 9.1k 6 England
25 Apr 2019 10:07AM
I hope to get a new challenge printed before the day is out - I'm back to work today having just had 8 days off - so am playing catch up for the moment.........

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