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Weekly Macro Challenge - ending 8pm Sunday 13 October 2019 - Knots

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7 Oct 2019 7:36PM
Your challenge this week is to impress me with your very best shots of knots. String, wool, ribbon, ties - accidental or intentional, large or small, functional or decorative - whatever tickles your fancy. Or, if you prefer, you could go with the wood variety instead. The choice is yours. As long as it could be described as a knot, it's fair game.

The rules:
1. The challenge is just for fun.
2. All images must be taken after the theme is announced.
3. The challenge runs from 8pm on the Sunday and runs until 8pm the following Sunday.
4. Only one upload per member.
5. Please feel free to comment on the entries whenever you like.
6. The person who hosts is the judge for that week challenge and the judge’s decision is final.
7. The winner gets to create, run and judge the challenge for the following week.
8. Have fun
9. Get knotted, in the nicest possible manner, you understand.
10. Be vary careful not to tie them too tight in the wrong places, if you get my drift! Blush

Good luck!

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DaveRyder Plus
5 3.4k 1 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2019 7:57PM
I've had a vasectomy........
7 Oct 2019 8:22PM
TMI!!! Blush

Sure you'll find something else suitable to tie in a knot!!! 😄
SlowSong Plus
11 8.3k 30 England
7 Oct 2019 8:32PM
I'm quite good at tying myself up in knots. Maybe I'll unravel in time for the challenge.
EddieAC 14 2.5k 2 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2019 8:37PM

Quote:I've had a vasectomy........

Before then how fast in knots could your swimmers go at? Grin
saltireblue Plus
9 9.7k 36 Norway
7 Oct 2019 9:31PM
I still have the white knotted handkerchief I used when Monty Python based a sketch on me and called the character Gumby...
DaveRyder Plus
5 3.4k 1 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2019 10:03PM

Quote:I've had a vasectomy........

Before then how fast in knots could your swimmers go at? Grin

Too fast. Three children - I only had to sneeze and I was going to be a Dad Smile
13 Oct 2019 8:40AM
We're into the final 12 hours now. So a gentle nudge (for anyone who still wants to get roped in this week). 😆 There's still time.
EddieAC 14 2.5k 2 United Kingdom
13 Oct 2019 7:28PM
I think a few members may be tied up. Smile
13 Oct 2019 8:03PM
Ok. Time for everyone to straighten themselves (or their subject matter) out while I go and peruse your offerings.
Back soon...
13 Oct 2019 9:00PM
Well that’s a lovely set of knots there. I had half expected one of these…


… but I’m a-frayed-knot (boom boom!!!)
(Cough, cough – clears throat)
Well enough frivolity. Back to the serious business. In order of entry as tradition dictates…

Gypsyman – lovely set of knots you’ve got pictured there. I wonder if you had a go at tying any of them yourself? Enough to keep you busy for hours there, I suspect!

Dave – You old romantic you! A very important knot indeed. Liking the unusual interpretation of the theme – it made me smile when I saw it. Brownie points for you this week!

Phil – Some nice light on that there bit of wood. The grain seems to shine – almost metallic in nature. Nice! Just glad I didn’t have to saw through the knot – the machine probably made much lighter work of it than I would have done.

Malc – Another shot with some lovely light. I’m interested in the two tones (white/beige) and just wondering if the white bits are where it has aged and, perhaps, weakened. I feel like there’s an experiment in there waiting to be done… Hope you get plenty more fun out of those new extension tubes – looking good to me! Personally, I’ve never had a dedicated macro lens. And I’ve never used extension tubes either. I opted for the (even cheaper) close-up filters instead and screw them onto any lens that will fit (a 50mm prime at present). But maybe one day...

Pete – A very pristine white piece of braided rope there – clearly never been used in anger! But very well tied nevertheless. And some nice details of the wiry/fluffy bits sticking out too. I think I can just make out the rings in the wood near the knot too. Nice shot.

Eddie – I wonder if you’ve been buying gifts or receiving them? Hope there was something much more exciting inside the bag than the knots on the outside that I got you to focus on! But a lovely, colourful shot that has just reminded me I need to get something for my sister’s birthday….

Alison – You been hitting the bits and bobs in the potting shed this week? Lovely bit of twine there with some lovely light illuminating it. Lovely image detailing not only the knot, but the texture of the twine – I can almost feel it in my hands…

Karin – I had to do mine earlier this year – they are awkward and fiddly aren’t they! Unconventional approach, perhaps. But with that many knots the good news is I think your camera’s safe!!! Another one that made me smile when I saw it.

So, for a winner…

You haven’t made it easy again – but then I did expect that. There were 2 or 3 that I was to-ing and fro-ing between. However, I think this week I’m going to give the dubious honour to Malc for inspiring me to look more closely at the mundane stationery in the office – a great way to while away the hours when I have nothing else to do (like, never!)! Liking the detail of the texture on the rubber as well as the colours.

So, having tied everyone up this week, now I’m stitching-up Malc – over to you!
DaveRyder Plus
5 3.4k 1 United Kingdom
13 Oct 2019 9:12PM
Well done Malc and thanks for getting us all knotted up Linda.
saltireblue Plus
9 9.7k 36 Norway
13 Oct 2019 9:29PM
You are, of course, perfectly correct regarding the colour of the rubber band - the lighter bits are the dried out, soon to deteriorate and fail...
I thank you for the dubious honour you have reaped upon my shoulders, and am far too polite to request that you get knotted.TongueGrin

Well done to all who entered and got knotted.Smile
Now...just have to find my thinking head and come up with a new challenge...
13 Oct 2019 9:38PM

Now...just have to find my thinking head and come up with a new challenge...

People often tie knots to help them remember important information... Just saying ..! 😄
petebfrance 7 2.8k France
13 Oct 2019 9:44PM
Congrats Malc and thanks for the challenge LindaSmile

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