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The popular Slide, Slide Lite, Leash and Cuff straps from Peak Design are now available in two new colour options.


A camera bag series from Shimoda billed as 'the ultimate camera bag for today’s travel and landscape photographers' has launched over on Kickstarter.


New Field Pouch V2 carry case announced by Peak Design, available in three different colours, and priced at £43 including VAT.


The Gitzo Legende Tripod and Camera Backpack have been created with the smallest environmental footprint possible and are backed by an unlimited warranty.


The Peak Design Tech Pouch designed to be used with the Peak Design Travel bag line-up now comes in 3 more colour options.


Is the Vanguard VEO Range 21M the smallest shoulder bag to carry a tripod? At just 27cm long, it just might be.


Lowepro has expanded their Photo Active collection to include 2 new Toploader style camera bags.


The Lowepro ProTactic camera bag range combines practicality, modularity and versatility for the travelling photographer.


Irix has launched a new travel case to protect your Irix square glass filters when out on the road.


Blackrapid has got a line-up of new accessories which includes a strap to keep your smartphone safe and a unique camera sling strap as well as a customisable Delta strap.


Vanguard have introduced a range of VEO Tactical backpacks which are available in 3 sizes and colours. They're inconspicuous and versatile.


The Runner-50 roller bag is the latest roller case to join the Manfrotto Manhattan camera bag collection which is designed to have enough kit space for a 2 to 3-day trip.