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Vanguard's new line-up of camera bags can function as standalone bags or they can be used to protect your camera kit inside another bag or case.


Vanguard expands its popular Alta Sky backpack collection with the introduction of the Alta Sky 66 which improves on space for kit inside and out.


The new Tenba DNA 16 DSLR Backpack is a camera bag designed for all types of photographers with space for a camera and 4-6 lenses.


The new Vanguard VEO Active Series is designed for landscape and wildlife photographers who have to trek long distances with large kits.


Tenba’s popular backpack collection has had a refresh to bring new features and a new larger size.


Two popular Tenba collections have received an update, including the popular DNA Messenger Collection with its classic design and improved sizing.


Manfrotto has renewed three collections of camera bags to offer better gear protection in a customisable format and there's also a new system for switching between supports quickly as well as new EzyFrame Backgrounds.


Lowepro completes their innovative Photosport III Series with the addition of the PhotoSport Pro backpack.


Introducing the new 'Morally Toxic' camera bag brand that's edgy yet practical and offers bags with room for camera, lenses, accessories and more.


Vanguard launch new VEO Adaptor Backpacks, available November 2021 at £99.99. No need to run out of power when you are out and about, as these modern and slim backpacks introduce a USB interface port that allows any photographer to charge and use their kit on the go.


The popular Slide, Slide Lite, Leash and Cuff straps from Peak Design are now available in two new colour options.


A camera bag series from Shimoda billed as 'the ultimate camera bag for today’s travel and landscape photographers' has launched over on Kickstarter.