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    As well as repairing and cleaning cameras, Fixation are now offering repair tips & tricks over on their blog.


    The Lenspen has had an upgrade and now features new invisible carbon.


    Dust Off appoint Fotospeed as UK distributor for photo market.


    New ultrasonic vibration cleaning system for your camera's sensor.


    Visible Dust launch Zeeion, a new anti-static non-contact dust removal device for DSLR cameras.


    Just Ltd introduce new range of sensor cleaning tools from Dust-Aid including Dust-Aid Platinum and Dust-Aid Wand Kit.


    Green Clean launch Clip & Flip, their new sensor cleaning aid for digital cameras.


    Flaghead Photographic announce the launch of a new safe and efficient way to clean your digital back.


    Kenro have announced the new Kenair Dust Vac for cleaning cameras and digital equipment.