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General Imaging have created a new projector that's designed to be used with the iPhone and iPod touch.



Epson have announced the launch of the EMP-6110 projector for business users operating in difficult environments.


Epson have announced the launch of the EMP-400W compact projector, providing a lightweight versatile projection unit ideally suited for photographers and camera clubs.



The powerful EMP-X5 and EMP-S5 projectors boast premium quality images and high brightness. Combining increased security, high performance and low-cost usability, they brighten all business and education environments.


Epson have introduced the EMP-83 and EMP-822 high performance, high quality projectors for business. With a high resolution for sharp presentations, network functionality for easy maintenance and anti-theft features, the EMP-83 and EMP-822 are ideal for any boardroom.


Epson introduces the EMP-S4, a versatile 3LCD video projector that provides office and classroom users with improved brightness and greater performance at an affordable price.


Rising from the ashes of Konica-Minolta's withdrawal from the photographic industry, the Dynax mount will be renamed and rebranded by Sony in their new range of digital SLRs.


The two entry-level digital compact cameras both feature a large, easy-to-view LCD monitor, making composition simple. Each offers all-round functionality that will appeal to any user, regardless of their experience or budget.


Olympus are set to redefine low-light photography with the launch of their latest model, the [mju:] DIGITAL 800. Olympus new Bright Capture technology will enable photographers to achieve excellent results in dark situations, and provide trouble free night time and indoor photography in conditions that were previously unheard of.


Canon's new LV-S4 weighs just 2.3 kg and has a footprint smaller than an A4 notepad, the micro-portable LV-S4 is smaller and lighter than most laptop computers.


Canon's LV-7230 multimedia projector features a wide angle Canon projection lens and has an extremely short throwing distance, while the powerful 1.6x zoom allows for flexible placement of the projector.


Three additions to Canon's projector range