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    NEC has released a new monitor in its flagship PA Series of professional desktop displays.


    BenQ launch their brand-new monitor for photographers, the SW270C, the latest addition to the SW PhotoVue family.


    The 'Highly Recommended' BenQ SW271 4K UDH 27" Monitor is priced at under £1000 on the Color Confidence website.


    Colour management solution experts Datacolor has expanded its range of colour calibration tools with the introduction of a new monitor calibration device.


    XP Distribution has introduced a new X-Rite Colour Starter Kit to aid colour calibration novices.


    X-Rite has released a new tool for colour management and they've called it the i1Studio.


    The HDR-enabled 27" SW271 monitor from BenQ is designed for photographers.


    Dell has added a new 31.5inch monitor to their range that has a 7680x4320 resolution.


    BenQ has announced a new flagship 4K 31.5 inch photography monitor.


    ViewSonic have announced a new 24 inch full HD 1080p monitor.


    BenQ has expanded its monitor range with a new 27inch monitor designed for photo and video editing.


    BenQ has expanded its monitor range with a new 4K UDH monitor with built-in colour calibration software.