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ePHOTOzine brings you a daily round up of all the latest photography news including camera news, exhibitions, events, special offers, industry news, digital photography news, announcements and launches.

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New feature introduced by the UK's leading online photography magazine gives photographers the ability to create their own virtual photography exhibitions.


As well as bringing you news, reviews and techniques ePHOTOzine can now also keep you warm and looking good.


ePHOTOzine member's hot shots score her a two page spread in Digital Camera Magazine.


ePHOTOzine member is published in the Reader's Showcase section of a leading photography magazine.


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ePHOTOzine are pleased to announce the launch of - an exciting extension to the already familiar world of


Its almost Focus time again and we have a great line-up of seminar speakers and special offers for all ePHOTOzine readers. Read on to find out more.


ePHOTOzine member Glen Dettmer had been photographing wildlife for about two months when he achieved the Top Shot in National Geographic magazine.


The Pro Portfolio section of ePHOTOzine is being re-vamped with Debbie Legg and David Toyne taking on roles as joint section editors.