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Analogue Aqua is the latest camera to be released by Lomography and it comes with an underwater case so you can capture watery-themed images on film.


Compatible with interchangeable M42 lenses and Fujifilm instax mini film, the NONS SL42 combines old lenses with the fun of instant modern film cameras.


The Jollylook Auto is an instant film camera with bellows and other vintage-inspired features that's looking for your support on Kickstarter.


The 110 film format is officially joining the LomoChrome Purple family after the demand for this ultra trippy film began to grow again.


Check out this lens you can fill with liquid coming with a shutter and aperture unit, and a DIY medium-format camera made from sustainable cardboard.


For the first time in 5 years, a new colour film has seen the light of day - introducing LomoChrome Metropolis - an original colour negative emulsion from the Lomography film manufactory.


Instax has announced the expansion of its mini 9 range with two new colour options that come with a translucent lens ring, on/off button and film ejection slot.


Kodak Alaris Ektachrome film came back to life in 2017 and the film range is now getting expanded even further.


Kodak has introduced 2 new cameras, an instant printer and a collection of small projectors at CES 2019.


No batteries required for this instant camera that has a distinctive retro feel.


Leica has announced the black version of the Leica SOFORT Instax instant camera.


The Diana Instant Square from Lomography is an Instax that features interchangeable lenses.