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    The new pricing and the new packaging, which now includes a pouch and a CD, have made this essential white balance solution even more attractive to digital photographers!


    From September 2006, all Lee Filters’ resin filter sets will be supplied in new Filter Wraps.


    B+W filters has launched a new, handy sized cleansing spray called Opticlean - which works to keep filters free from dust and hard particles – making it a must for all photographers.


    Sigma have announced the launch of the new Sigma EX DG range of filters which is optimized for digital SLRs.


    New from LEE Filters, these calibrated metal face blades simply replace the existing front blades on the LEE filter holder.


    The Hoya infrared filter is now available in sizes from 49mm up to 77mm


    After many years of R&D and following the success of their X-PRO Series System, Cokin are introducing a new Z-PRO Filter Holder (100mm width).


    First showing at Focus on Imaging


    A new starter kit can be seen at the Lee filter stand at the NEC


    Aimed at the professional and enthusiast photographer, the Z-PRO series total over 80 different filters including coloured, centre spots, pastel/ diffusers to graduated and neutral density filters.


    Designed for digital cameras these special effect filters come in three different kits. They range in price from 24.00 to 39.99. We will be testing the Filterfast G350 shortly.


    The first filters available are the secondary colours which are most commonly used: Cyan, Magnenta and Yellow. Each filter is available in 6 different strengths from 5 to 50cc and filters can be used singularly or in any combination.