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    Venus Optics adds Fuji X, Sony E & Canon M options to the Laowa 4mm f/2.8 Circular Fisheyelens line-up.


    Tokina has a new telephoto prime lens for Full-Frame E-Mount Sony Mirrorless camera owners.


    Designed to further the capabilities of all X System cameras, the XCD 4/45P is a new lightweight and compact lens from Hasselblad.


    Techart unveils the Canon EF - Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter so EF-mount lenses can be used on Nikon Z6/Z7 cameras with AF and lens stabilisation.


    Nikon has announced the new Nikon AF-S 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR lens for DSLRs, and officially announced the Z 70-200mm f/2.8 S for Nikon's Z series.


    Tamron 20mm f/2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 UK price revealed. The full-frame lens for Sony E-mount cameras is due to be available in early January.


    Venus Optics adds new Nikon Z & Canon RF mount options to 3 of their existing lenses, expanding the lens range available for Nikon and Canon full-frame mirrorless cameras.


    Zhongyi Optics has released a new super macro lens for full-frame cameras with a wide magnification range and a very long working distance.


    Olympus has released an updated lens roadmap showing three new lenses, including two new PRO lenses, as well as an affordable telephoto zoom lens.


    Meike has announced a 35mm T2.2 lens with an all-metal construction for MFT-mount cameras.


    Irix have announced an 11mm T4.3 Cine lens, the second full-frame Cine lens in its range, and one which will create super panoramic film shots.


    ZEISS have announced a set of cinematography lenses designed to beautiful, consistent and controlled flare in shots - they're called the Supreme Radiance lenses.