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ePHOTOzine brings you a daily round up of all the latest photography news including camera news, exhibitions, events, special offers, industry news, digital photography news, announcements and launches.

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A Leica 0-Series No.105 camera will be going up for sale at the Leitz Photographica Auction and you'll need very deep pockets if you want to purchase it!


Watch free Q+A sessions, masterclasses and tutorials all themed around the Nikon Z series system.


Learn to master the hybrid shoot with the pioneer of 6K photography and podcaster Ross Grieve who will be leading a free workshop in October.


Find out what's been happening at The Photography Show 2021 where Stuart Fawcett has been walking around the stands, capturing images of all of the latest photography products and chatting with industry experts.


The Real Photography Company are putting on a series of five unique photography workshops at the darkrooms in St Pauls, Bristol.


Nikon has announced that you'll be able to visit them on stand B600 at this year's The Photography Show where you'll also be able to listen to speakers on the Nikon School Stage.


You can take part in a free outdoor photography workshop where you can experiment with alternative photography processes.


If you live in Bristol, you can try some experimental photography processes using plants and kitchen ingredients in a free outdoor photography workshop.


A captivating puffin in flight photo has won this weeks Photo Of The Week (POTW), winning a Samsung memory card. Find out how you can enter, and what you win here.


You can learn more about DxO PhotoLab 4 and the Nik Collection 3 in a series of free webinars DxO is hosting this month.


Find out why we chose this Eagle Photo as the Photo Of The Week winner. Winners of POTW also win a Samsung memory card, and you can enter as well.


Roman Konigshofer will be hosting a free webinar this week all about the unique challenges outdoor photography presents photographers.