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Manfrotto has released new light stands for indoor and outdoor use and one is so lightweight, you can take it up a mountain. Plus, there's a new Cold Shot Tilt-Head available.


There's a new Reflector/Diffuser combo tool available from Lastolite by Manfrotto that's portable and perfect for everyday use.


Two need additions have been added to the Lastolite By Manfrotto Skylite Rapid range.


Panasonic photographers can now benefit from PocketWizard's wireless transceiver radio technology for remote TTL flash and camera triggering.


Elinchrom has expanded its EL-Skyport Plus HS transmitter family to include a Sony compatible version.


Canon's expanded its range of accessories for EOS camera owners.


Phottix has announced the Odin II TTL Flash Trigger.


Kauser International has introduced a power support system for the VOELOON V760 flashgun.


The FlashBender 2 light modifier is now available for mirrorless camera flash.


Phottix has launched a new Laso TTL flash trigger system that works with Canon's RT Wireless Radio Flash.


Custom Brackets have announced a new improved version of the Mini RC.


The Honl Photo Light Paddle 3 In 1 Reflector is now available form Flaghead Photographic.