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As the size of cameras, long telephoto and zoom lenses decreases, Benro has designed a Carbon Fibre Mini Gimbal Head that also follows this trend.


Benro recognises that it must offer a broader range of support and stabilisation solutions to meet demand and so, they've now created two small but flexible supports.


Vanguard is pleased to announce the introduction of two VEO Clamps - VEO CP-46 and VEO CP-65.


Transcontinenta has introduced an affordable and lightweight Zhiyun CRANE-M2S Gimbal to its range of photography accessories.


The award-winning British tripod maker announces the successor to their popular QR11 L-bracket.


Photography accessory specialist FOTOBETTER has launched a range of accessories in the UK, starting with the MBP-19 Mini Tripod Ball Head.


Benro has introduced a range of new photography accessories which includes a folding Gimbal Head and tripods.


Gracy is an innovative dedicated L-bracket for two of Fujifilm's GFX range of medium format cameras introduced by 3 Legged Thing.


British tripod-maker 3 Legged Thing announces brand new versions of its ultra-tall Punks monopod Trent.


The award-winning British tripod manufacturer has added a rugged new Levelling Base and 75mm Half Bowl accessories to their line-up to complement their tripods and add functionality to existing tripod systems.


Building on the launches of the VEO 3 Series of tripods, Vanguard has introduced the first products in the new VEO Tripod Support EcoSystem which includes support arms, tablet connectors and cold shot mounts.


The award-winning British tripod maker announces a revitalised line-up for its highly-acclaimed Punks tripod range.