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Today, we're showing you how Photography Can Improve Your Life to, hopefully, fill you with inspiration and really make you want to get out there with your camera (yes, we know it's cold but stick a few layers on and you'll be ready to face the elements). 

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Ways Photography Can Improve Your Life

1. It's Good For Your Health 

We all know exercise is good for us so why not combine a walk, be it a stroll around your town or a mountain hike, with your favourite hobby! 

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2. It's Good For Your Confidence 

Getting praise for something you've created is always a great confidence boost and can spur you on to create even more photos for your portfolio. Plus, photographing models (who you have to direct) or having a go at street photography where you're photographing complete strangers can also give you a bit more confidence and cross over into your other areas of life where you need to talk to new people. 
It's A Great Way To Make Friends

3. It's A Great Way To Make Friends 

Having a hobby is a good way to connect with like-minded people who share the same passion as you do. By joining a site such as ePHOTOzine you can comment/like other people's photos, ask for advice in a forum or organise a meet-up with other photographers who want to photograph the same subjects as you. 
It Can Make You Happy

4. It Can Make You Happy 

Finding, and doing, something you really enjoy is important as when you're happy, everything just seems that bit better and easier to deal with. 
It Keeps Those Grey Cells Working

5. It Keeps Those Grey Cells Working 

When searching for a location, setting up your shot, looking for the best angle, deciding what settings to use etc. your brain is firing on all cylinders which is a good thing as well all want to keep it sharp and active. 
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6. It Can Make You Money 

A hobby can turn into a business which means money (and who doesn't like money?). Be it selling a few prints at a local art fair or going full steam into a full-time business, money can be made (but it's not easy, so be prepared to work hard for it). 
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7. It's A Hobby For Everyone 

It doesn't matter if you're young, a retiree, just starting out in photography, or prefer shooting with a smartphone over a DSLR, photography is something everyone can enjoy! 

8. It's A Great Way To Practise Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a term that's getting thrown around a lot and basically, it's about being in the moment and sensing what's happening right now rather than what we're having for tea or if you need to send any emails. Photography is a great way to practise mindfulness as you're focused what's in front of your lens so your mind doesn't wander and you can just enjoy taking a photo. 
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9. It Can Help You To Strive To Be Better 

This statement isn't just for those who are new to photography either as we can all improve how we capture or edit a photo. Plus, by striving to be better you have a goal to aim for which gives you a little more purpose. Having something to aim for is a great way to focus the mind, too, as well as keep us active. Why not get some feedback on your photos to help you improve them by asking for advice in our critique gallery
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10. It's Fun - Simple! 

Life's a bit boring without fun and photography can be really fun and bring a smile to your face. Enjoy getting inspiration from others, get outdoors and enjoy the scenery around you or simply photograph your kids enjoying themselves at home. There are loads of subjects, hundreds of places to explore and a million ways you can capture a photo so just go out there and enjoy it! 


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