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'Reddish Egret' by jacques st-jean

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Here's our round-up of the must-see content ePHOTOzine has published over the last seven days! Below, you'll find our must-read reviews, top lists, features, techniques and news. Plus, some messages from leaders in the industry who have offers or new products to share with you.
Best camera phones

Best Camera Phones For Photography 2019

Cameras in smartphones have come a long way over the last few years, with a number of features that have greatly improved the quality of images produced by smartphones, including optical image stabilisation (OIS), larger sensors, bright lenses, and even optical zoom making them even better for photography. Here's our latest roundup of the very best phones for photography.
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Irix light pollution filter

Irix Edge Light Pollution Filters Now Available

Irix has launched a new filter designed to improve contrast and overall sharpness in images when shooting in areas prone to light pollution.
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Irix EDGE filters
single object photo challenge

Take On A Single Object Photo Challenge 

Why not set yourself a challenge and see how many different ways you can shoot a single object. Here, COOPH have a go at photographing an avocado but you can have a go at anything.
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tree lines

Photograph Tree Lines With These Simple Steps

Tree lines are a simple, yet effective way to create stunning abstract images, and with a few simple tips you can be capturing them like a pro in no time. 
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John Duder Chats With ePz Member Mistere

Mistere is a long-standing ePz member who used to shoot landscapes, travel and architecture shots. Recently, he's shifted his focus to model photography and here, John Duder catches up with him to see what the drive in this change of direction is. 
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Huawei P smart

Huawei P Smart 2019 Budget Smartphone Sample Photos

We are in the process of putting the Huawei P Smart through its paces for a full review but in the meantime, here are some sample photos from the device. 
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pet photography

11 Top Pet Photography Tips For Beginners 

Want to have a go at photographing your pet? Here are some top tips that should help to make the experience a little easier. 
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