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As we edge closer to Christmas and with Black Friday around the corner, you might be thinking of camera-related items you can purchase for friends, family or even yourself. You can, of course, buy the latest and greatest cameras, smartphones and lenses but if you want to save a bit of cash, why not go vintage or second-hand?

Legacy Lenses are hugely popular and we have a great sales section in our forum where you can pick up some decent bargains. Plus, ePz member John Duder has plenty of advice on the subject, of which, we share more on below. 

Plus, don't forget that we'll be bringing you all of the Black Friday 2018 photography deals as they're announced (which includes Amazon's early deals which have been going live since Friday). 

Whatever's on your shopping list, we hope we can help you find it or, indeed, persuade you that, sometimes, secondhand gear will do

Enjoy your Sunday and we'll see you next week when we'll be counting down to one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year! 

Do You Need The Latest Kit Or Will Secondhand Gear Do?

Do You Need The Latest Kit Or Will Secondhand Gear Do?

John Duder is finding out just how good kit needs to be when you're on a tight budget and if 'good enough' secondhand kit can really cut it.
Adapting Vintage Legacy Lenses For Use On New Digital Cameras

Adapting Vintage Legacy Lenses For Use On New Cameras

A whole world of old lenses are out there waiting to be explored, you just have to know what you're looking for and that's what John Duder is going to help you out with.
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How To Modify A Cheap Russian Lens To Capture Dreamy Portraits

Modify A Cheap Russian Lens To Capture Dreamy Portraits

Check out this tutorial on modifying an inexpensive Russian lens so it can be used on MFT cameras to capture dreamy portraits with blurred edges.
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Classified Ads

See What's For Sale In Our Classified Ads Section 

Find yourself a bargain or if you have equipment for sale, why not create a post yourself and earn yourself some extra spending money?
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Best Photography Deals

Best Photography Deals

Find the best price drops and the best deals on photography equipment here with our Price Tracking system. 
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Best Photography Black Friday Deals 2018

Best Photography Black Friday Deals 2018

Black Friday is happening on 23 November 2018, but the build-up has already begun with early deals popping up all over the place. Photographers haven't been left out, either, with some great deals on cameras and accessories coming to light. Here, we'll round up the best photography deals for this year's Black Friday event as we get them, so you don't have to scour the web to find them. 
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