New PortraitPro v21 is out now. Launch special: 50% off + extra 10% off any new edition or upgrade with your code NM2367. Software gift for upgraders. Limited time!

New features include:

  • Lighting Brushes From glowing light streams to realistic relighting elements, these new tools will speed up your workflow with ease.
  • Sky Replacement tool Control the weather and add depth with the all-new Sky Replacement Tool.
  • Clone tool Use it for precise control for removing items or imperfections. Great for retouching projects that require precision.
  • De-Noiser & Sharpening Resolve noise caused by low light scenarios, slow shutter speeds or high sensitivity modes. Say goodbye to grainy photographs.
  • Master slider for Skin Lighting & Coloring Customers' most common request, gives improved control
  • History tool Switch between recent state of image, track changes and restore a portion of image to an earlier state.
  • Hair Highlights - add streaks to hair Customize undertones, add highlights, adjust the strength, and increase vibrance for salon-level colouring results
  • Colour Styles. Rather than switch tools and fill layers, use a one-click Color Style tool to customize the appearance and improve the overall tone of a portrait or introduce drastic image effects.


Before - After Portrait Pro V21


  • Presets now include Layers
  • Colour Copying
  • Optimized Color Space handling
  • Move catchlights
  • SVG backgrounds
  • New Layers, Backgrounds and Overlays
  • Free Stock Photos.- hundreds of high-resolution photographs, backgrounds, and graphics
  • New Tutorials from the creators.
  • And more!


Before - After Portrait Pro V21

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