The saying goes that 'the best camera is the one that's always with you' and for most of us now, this means it's the one built into our smartphones. At one point, this would have given some photographers heart palpitations but the camera technology built into smartphones has come so far that now, you can head out of the door just armed with your smartphone and still capture awesome photos. 

How well the camera performs is a question most people ask before purchasing a new smartphone and this is where our quick guide comes in as we have links to all of our smartphone buying guides, reviews and a few techniques/features to arm you with all of the information you need to not only buy a smartphone but to take awesome images with it, too. 

What To Look Out For In A Smartphone Camera

What To Look Out For In A Smartphone Camera
The photographic capabilities of smartphones have, actually, become a massive selling point and how well the camera performs is a question most people ask before purchasing a new smartphone.

You probably already have a smartphone but in case you're soon due for an upgrade or just fancy a change, here's what you should look for if taking photos is at the top of your 'to-do' list. 


The Best Smartphones For Photography You Can Buy Right Now 

Top 12 Best Camera Phones For Photography 2018

If you're looking for a camera phone to capture better quality images with, we have just the list for you. In our 'best cameras for photography' top list, we highlight some of the best camera phones we've reviewed, up until now, and what makes them unique so you can make a more informed purchase next time you upgrade/buy a new smartphone.


Best Budget Camera Phones For Photography Under 300 2018
You don't need to spend a fortune to get a good camera on your smartphone, here we look at the best camera phones available for under £300 sim-free. Plus, you'll find more in-depth comments on each of the smartphones featured in our list over in reviews.


Best Compact Smartphones For Photography
If you're looking for a phone that's small enough to fit into your pocket but that also takes good images, this is the list for you. Not everyone wants a huge phablet, so here we've rounded up the best handsets that offer fantastic imaging opportunities without being cumbersome to carry around.  


The Latest Smartphones Reviewed 

Huawei P20 Leica Smartphone Review

"The Huawei P20 is a powerhouse of a phone with excellent camera capabilities and plenty of camera options, including RAW and manual controls, all in a stunningly sleek body."


Honor 10 Dual Camera Smartphone Review

"The Honor 10 is a reasonably priced smartphone with cameras and performance capability to rival today's premium smartphones. If lack of waterproofing and the ability to insert a MicroSD card don't put you off, it's an excellent phone at an excellent price point."


Smartphone Reviews

As well as the latest handsets, we've also reviewed plenty of other smartphones - from budget to premium - so do go take a look at our review section for even more opinion, verdicts and sample photos. 


Perfect Your Smartphone Photography Today

How To Shoot Portraits With A Smartphone

Instead of going for general picture taking tips, here, we go portrait specific with the help of our friends COOPH who have put a quick tutorial together that features 8 simple tips and tricks on how to shoot great portraits with smartphones. 



6 Essential Tips For Low Light Smartphone Photography

Become the master of low light smartphone photography with these top tips. From stunning cityscapes to side-lit and back-lit portraits, we have plenty to offer in terms of advice and creative ideas.


How To Take Better Photos With Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Smartphones are becoming ever more powerful in the photography department, and the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus offer us even more power for great photography.

As a photographer, you may want to be able to snap images on the go in situations where carrying a separate camera may not be practical so here, we run through some top tips that will help you to use your Galaxy Smartphone to its full potential.


How To Use The iPhone Camera For Better Photos

Apple has put together some straight-to-the-point tutorials that, in not much time at all, explain how specific iPhone camera features work as well as composition advice and tips on working in mono.  


Still Looking For More?

Check out our smartphone photographer's holiday checklist as well as our guide to buying an Apple smartphone for photography and our top accessory suggestions for Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus shooters.

We hope you found our quick guide to smartphone photography useful and if there's anything you would like us to cover specifically, please do get in touch


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