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Daisymaye Plus
13 23 23 Canada
26 Jun 2011 5:02PM
Excellent work. Really well produced..........Sandy
cassiecat 13 39 46 England
26 Jun 2011 5:05PM
the lighting and the dof really adds to the poignant feel. agree with sandy's comment.lesley
This conveys dark and desolate emotions very well.
well conveyed and nicely lit
James_C 12 38 57 United Kingdom
26 Jun 2011 6:15PM
Beautifully composed and photographed. Very high quality. I shall be looking out for more.

sut68 18 2.0k 77 England
26 Jun 2011 6:29PM
I personally would like to see one of the pill bottles with the lid off myself, just to help make it feel a little more desperate. That said, I do like the shot as a whole and the thought behind it. Lit and processed well too, I would say.

Richsr 15 91 223 England
26 Jun 2011 6:32PM
Like it Nick, the concept and lighting works well. Good work.
Regards Richard.
Nick_w Plus
15 4.4k 99 England
26 Jun 2011 6:33PM
Thanks everyone. Great point Paul, I wish I'd thought of it silly really. I've marked as constructive and hope it gets approved.
LesF 15 182 9
26 Jun 2011 7:16PM
Very different direction for you Nick, well thought out (see Janet's tutorial worked), only niggle I have on an otherwise excellent thought process and image, it's continuing on from Paul's comment, I think the bottle of Jack Daniels should have the top off also.

Interested to see this continue as a series Nick

Nick_w Plus
15 4.4k 99 England
26 Jun 2011 7:23PM
Fair comment Les, and doing it again I would take inboard both your and Pauls comments.
DaveU 16 1.4k 127 England
26 Jun 2011 10:29PM
Very finely crafted Nick .... the lighting is gorgeous. Definitely one for viewing in a darkened room as it's so subtle. The sidelight and subtle details on the guy's face would be lost if viewed on a sunlit laptop I daresay. Paul's point is a valid one and defo an improvement to have the cap off the right-most container. Not sure how relevent the writing is to the unfolding story as I can't read it at this low resolution. Anyways it's an intriguing start and looking forward to more.
27 Jun 2011 4:50AM
Very good lighting and exposure.
Nick_w Plus
15 4.4k 99 England
27 Jun 2011 6:20AM
Thanks for all the comments.

A big thanks Pete I certainly wasn't expecting that Smile
bfgstew 15 668 105 England
27 Jun 2011 8:27AM
Well deserved EC, I can only agree with all the above comments.

Only thing I found is it is a bit too 'staged' a bit more 'mess' would give a more desperate feel to it I feel, maybe some screwed up pieces of paper, a few splashes of drink on the table, even his tie discarded as well. Just a thought and wish not to distract from a great image.
Nick_w Plus
15 4.4k 99 England
27 Jun 2011 9:30AM
Thanks to everyone for such wonderful feedback.

I've let this run for a while deliberatly, without any real words of explanation.

I produced this image late last year, with the intention of running a series - however the creative juices whilst not drying up, the ideas I've tried since - for one reason or other didn't quite work.

So I uploaded hoping for feedback to get the ball rolling again, and I much prefer the constructive comments - Whilst I don't always agree with them - they always get me thinking about what I produce.

First off this image may not (probably wont) be chronologically in the right order in the finished series. I haven't finalised where the narrative is going - one of the reasons for uploading now was to try and stimulate discussion to help. Also it allows me the latitude of trying ideas that may not end up in the final series.

One thing I would say is you are all assuming the obvious meaning of the title, that is certainly not the outcome in one of the scenarios I have running through my head.

Just to pick up on a couple of the points (Paul / Les / Dave) - the bottle / pill caps.

I marked these as constructive - however I would just like to put a caveat - I was trying to portray - the character as being in control - in each scenario - even in the event of suicide (which is not necessarily the outcome of the series as explained above) - putting everything in order before he does what he intends. The calm before the storm etc

Dave - The writing, again an excellent point, and may be changed in the final edit when I know where the story is going.

Stewart, I would say the same really as my point on the bottles, your assuming everyone who takes their own life is out of control - I'm not sure this is always the case, and wouldn't having screwed up paper etc also be seen as contrived? I don't know.

Please feel free to through some more ideas / suggestions into the melting pot.

Finally don't expect the series to be completed soon - I can see it taking some while before it comes to completion.
woodrow 15 153 Scotland
27 Jun 2011 9:38AM
liking it...
Nick_w Plus
15 4.4k 99 England
27 Jun 2011 9:43AM
Thank you Kenmyr the UA is really appreciated
dathersmith 15 565 12 United Kingdom
27 Jun 2011 1:55PM
Liking the concept Nick and a well executed image that deserves the awards. Looking forward to the rest of the series and theres plenty here to get us thinking where it might be going.

TrevBatWCC Plus
13 13 19 England
27 Jun 2011 3:42PM
Yes, quite different for you, Nick, but an excellent set up and capture Wink
Trev Smile
chase Plus
16 2.4k 620 England
27 Jun 2011 9:37PM
I suspect this is going to be a difficult set Nick in order to include all the emotion & a story,usually one takes over the other & you end up with mush...been there as you know. The emotion will prevail providing you take your time & get across in an image what you see in your head.
This could go many,many ways,be careful it doesn't take over & you lose the meaning.
I think you needed something else in this image to help him to be 'in control'..a torn up Valentine's card or an airline ticket perhaps.
I await the next installment with bated breath.
Love the inference in this image,it is well lit & constucted,maybe a hand around the glass ?...just a thought.
Nice to see this with an extra sticker,well done Nick !
Nick_w Plus
15 4.4k 99 England
27 Jun 2011 9:51PM
Thanks Janet, some great words of advice. I tried holding the glass, I had two problems themain one was aesthetics it just didn't quite work probably down to the second problem, that was triggering the camera.
chase Plus
16 2.4k 620 England
27 Jun 2011 10:35PM

Quote:triggering the camera

Lol Nick...use yer feet Wink
Eviscera 15 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
28 Jun 2011 9:15PM
And I have let this run a while without word of interpretation , I just knew you would analyse the clinical approach. Smile

You dont need the JD bottle to know its a bourbon in the glass. You dont need the pill bottles to know where they came from.

The bottle and containers are two competing and unnecessary distractions, look how the lighting and scale is enhanced if you remove them.

Less is more Nick , And emotion is a dish best served cold...

Conveying that , well , words like aesthetics , and technicalities really aint gonna feature in your strongest work to come. They will be implicit , its the explicit you will need.

Nick_w Plus
15 4.4k 99 England
29 Jun 2011 8:03AM
Dave a lot to think about and take in there.

I really do wish I had of thought about that a bit more before hand, or rather listened to my own doubts - I did think long and hard about leaving out the bottles - as it would have made better use of triangulation of the three main elements. To emphasise this I also thought about using an odd number of pills for better harmony - but wanted a degree of dis-harmony if that makes sense.

Thanks for the thoughts about better work to come, well only time will tell, I've got a long way to go..

As for technicalities & aesthetics, a very valid point, but as you know this is one of my first ventures into more "arty" work, so the learning curve is steep. When I mentioned aethetics it was more the composition I was referring to - the rudementaries of which are the same in all photography/art... arn't they?.

'though one thought, why the explicit? - isn't some of the best art derived more from the implicit?
Eviscera 15 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2011 7:26PM

Quote:When I mentioned aethetics it was more the composition I was referring to - the rudementaries of which are the same in all photography/art... arn't they?.

Not really Nick.

With photography there is a general expectation that a successful image will conform to one or more of the rudementaries of accepted composition.

The "Bridge" artist , will use those conventions but have far more latitude over their control of tonal relationships. Often using light itself rather than subject matter alone to draw emphasis around the image.

The artist , is of free will , using different juxtapositions to engage. (Colour vs harmony , sharpness vs softness , exploring the relationship between detail and depth. Without the constraints of a chosen aperture.

Have a look at the works of Fontana (for the simple palette) , Fragonard ( the swing , for striking use of shadows vs vibrancy)

Or (to develop this series) Claesz (Venetian still life)

Inspiring stuff.

The implicit vs explicit reference , was my initial take on where you might take the series , I rather like bold obvious hard statements with the sort of elements you decided to use , but quite right , an implicit image would be far more suggestive than overt , both have their place.

Tough ole road is trying to make a style , mind it dont make you mad mate !

blibble blibble Wink
Nick_w Plus
15 4.4k 99 England
29 Jun 2011 9:04PM
Thanks Dave it's always great getting your feedback. I would always argue that the use of shade/ light, sharp/soft etc is part of composition, you are using it to lead the eye around an image. It can and is used in good photography. Even crudely a vignette is a form of light/ shade to draw the eye - not the best example I know - but I'm a simple luddite Wink

I know it was a trick that many of the old masters used, together with symbolism. The extinguished candle was a sign of mortality for example. More implicit than say a skull which was explicit I guess.

Well enough waffle I've got a beer waiting!
3 Jul 2011 4:21PM
Brilliant piece of work
RobboB Plus
15 133 1 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2011 6:26PM
Intriguing Nick. I am a fan of the work of Gregory Crewdson who uses a cinematic style: each picture is a story in it's own right. You have something of that here. Look forward to seeing how the project develops.
Nick_w Plus
15 4.4k 99 England
5 Jul 2011 11:22PM
Thanks Robert , Thants a great compliment Im aware of Cresdens work and it was a big part of my thinking on this image. He's a very under rated artist I love the "American beauty" style he portrays.
HowardA 15 231
26 Jul 2011 11:26PM
...and I was just thinking - that's nicely lit and composed! Good job Nick.
luceombra 10 27 5 Italy
19 Mar 2012 10:44AM
Excellent work for sure!
efactsphoto 10 8 3 Germany
30 May 2012 5:03PM

Quote:I personally would like to see one of the pill bottles with the lid off myself, just to help make it feel a little more desperate. That said, I do like the shot as a whole and the thought behind it. Lit and processed well too, I would say.


Agree with Paul. Plus I'd recommend to improve the lighting in that the person's head is not too dark. Maybe less vignetting would do already.
Nice concept in general!
Recommended read for this kind of "staged" photography : "Beneath the Roses", by Gregory Crewdson.


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