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Anthony 20 5.7k 17 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2009 11:22PM
Hi Phil

Follow on from the forum thread.

I like this, the sky looks nice, the lighting seems good. Perhaps a wee boost of the saturation. There's a lot of sand in the foreground, not sure if I like that, might have preferred a bit of a crop. Need to have a think about that one.

p.s. For comparison, pop over to my portfolio. I;ve been here for years, got good feedback and comments. I still get the odd shot with no comments. I have shot of an Austin Healey engine, not a comment at all. There are others.

Dont be dis heartened because you dont get a comment, they are not that important really.

Hope you stick around.

keith selmes 18 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2009 11:32PM
I quite like it.
However the romantic stroll is a personal memory - its not in this photo.
I see architecture, perhaps history, interesting squares and lines and a cute little flag. The foreground gives a sense of where it might be.
Its interesting, and nice light, but not attention grabbing.

Unfortunately perhaps, ephotozine does tend to go for photos that give an eye catching thumbnail.
NEWMANP 14 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2009 11:36PM
sorry if i missed you, you know i love your work, but i dont see every one that comes up.
i have to admit though that this fits into the sort that dosnt leap off the thumb pages at you. you should know that well enough especially being a scaper (and a good one too).
the landscapes that do well are the obvious ones with fancy cloud formations and dawn/dusk magic glow.
its true that the side lighting is nice and causing texture on the beach but for me the picture is a litle split between the top and bottom half and although it may have some romantic connotations for you, i dont think its one of your best.

i often slip one on and get no votes at all, if i dont after an hour i take them off. sometimes i really like them - just goes to show.
if you and your wife like it, thats good enough for me.
Sezz 17 619 15 England
13 Aug 2009 11:59PM
Hi Phil, well Castles are definately my thing so I will always open the thumbnail! I was at Bamburgh in May but never managed to come away with anything I was happy with, so dissapointed! Anyway I like your image but to me the composition just doesn't sit quite right. A step to the side for a different angle and less sand would make it more appealing to me. There's some good lighting on the stonework and on the grasses and a boost in contrast would certainly give it a lift. As Phil has mentioned, if you like it, post it and don't worry too much about others opinions. If you really want constructive critisism you can always post in the critique gallery - look forward to seeing more of your work - got any more castles Smile

Sarah *
Phil_Nunez 13 21 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2009 12:11AM
Thank you very much, I mean it.
I'm sure we've all felt like this before, it's nice to know if an image works or it doesn't.
I think I really got swallowed up in the moment with the sidelighting and forgot to carefully consider the other ingredients that make a good picture, ie the foreground and overall composition.
I really appreciate all your comments, I feel better already!
Sleep well all
TelStar 17 116 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2009 8:20AM
Great light, lovely grasses and sand textures with a good angle on a strong fortress of a castle. Know it well; love the shot.

John_Frid 16 514 57 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2009 5:12PM
My initial view is that the composition is a bit too much left conentrated. I'm also not conviced that the portrait style works best. My inclination would be to go to a landscape style losing some of the foreground sand and shifting the main castle more to the right.

I think i may also have moved forward a bit to create a more dramatic angle where the camera is pointing up accentuating the height (let the verticals converge and go for drama).

Unfortunately the sun is a bit harsh and makes it difficult to get an even exposure, but you have detail throughout, so a bit of careful work in PS could even things up a bit and bring the detail out a bit more.

Generally speaking I think you have better images in your portfolio than this, but the main thing is whether you like it as it really isn't my opinion that counts.
stix 17 924 87 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2009 6:23PM
Firstly the title.
As a viewer I'm only interested in the picture and what it suggests.
I cant see much romance in this picture, or strolling.Smile
The fact that you had your wife with you when you took the picture is irrelevant as an image, although nice for you.
I don't know this castle, so I don't know how much further to left or right it goes as you have cut it both sides . So for me as a record shot it fails, it lacks context and detail.
If I view it as a pictorial shot, half of the picture is taken up with some rather scruffy looking sand ie no nice patterns or textures to admire. To me this picture is crying out to be taken in Landscape mode, then we can lose most of the sand and see more of the castle.
Although there are some nice light coming from the right, it all looks a bit cold and dull.
lawbert 15 1.8k 15 England
14 Aug 2009 8:21PM
Hello Phil
I shall critique from viewing your gripe on the forums.
I am not a landscape photographer but to my eye this image is very poor.
There is to much foreground (sand)
Your focus point ( which is probably the centre AF point is the grass, midground which is super sharp)
And the background..the point of the picture is away in the distance and unsharp.
A tripod would have helped and given you time to compose the scene back..have another look and recompose until you achieved the correct focus, exposure etc.
Phil_Nunez 13 21 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2009 11:04PM
Thanks again folks for your comments.
Lawbert, I agree with the sand taking up too much of the scene, and the 5x4 crop was a first for me but maybe not best suited to this particular scene.
Regarding the rest of your comments I'm afraid I have to disagree. I never shoot in autofocus, always manual as it allows more precise focusing. I shot at f11, focusing on the castle wall with the light on it, to my mind it was the main subject and where my eyes were drawn to. Regards the tripod, my camera was attached to it, the scene is level and composed how I felt it showed the light at its best. Focus and exposure according to what I was seeing and aided by my histogram, were correct.
I do appreciate your opinion all the same and thank you for your time
fatherpie 13 18 12 England
16 Aug 2009 3:43PM
I don't read the forums but from reading all the comments here it's clear that you do.

Personally I have often been disheartened by the lack of truly constructive comments here but what you have on this image are superb ... plenty for you to think about and learn from.

The one thing that I have benefited most from though is the modification option (without which I would not renew my e2 membership) and it is apparent that many people are happy to show what they think rather than commit their words to public scrutiny.

Keep going ... some great stuff on your gallery (and a square crop would help this one no end too Wink )

Phil_Nunez 13 21 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2009 7:07PM
Thanks for your comments Dave.
I'm going to use the modification option as I do genuinely want to take criticism onboard and learn from it.
Ps I'm off to try a square crop!
Chant57 16 395 3 United Kingdom
20 Aug 2009 12:07PM
I too arrived here through the forum thread Phil.
Firstly, youve caught the castle in some lovely light, theres also some lovely light falling on those mid ground grasses, and a very nice sense of movement in them too. I feel there is too much foreground that doesnt add a great deal to the image, those grasses are so lovely that I would have been tempted to have those as foreground with a little sand, rather than mid ground, I dont think the portrait style does it any justice in all honesty, a landscape crop is better, yet I still feel the composition is too left handed heavy ( if that makes sense).


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