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Alice in Wonderland

By park my ferret  
I did this photo yesterday for a nightclub client. it was supposed to be for a flyer, and the theme I was given was Alice in wonderland.
When I got to the club they had a girl and a very 'unsexy' costume, and no concept or idea of what to do. So after looking around the club and finding an empty room upstairs I came up with this idea. Unfortunatly after seeing this the club promoter said it was not sexy enough for a flyer, and so it may not get used. To me the photo has a depth and narrative that I think fulfils the brief considering how little I was given to work with in such a small space of time, and no budget .... I would be interested to hear what do all you guys think?

Tags: Digitally manipulated

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Origami_Owl 16 786
31 Mar 2005 12:50AM
I think it works perfectly, very well realised idea and the composition/exposure/everything is just spot on. The club are missing a trick not using it - but congrats on your EC - well deserved.


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Potto 15 19 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 12:50AM
I would say that it fits the Alice in Wonderland brief perfectly.
31 Mar 2005 12:51AM
I'd say it does the job! I find the purple light reflection at the bottom of the mirror slightly distracting but not enough to do anything about. K.
31 Mar 2005 12:53AM
i love the concept..
phowtow 15 46
31 Mar 2005 12:54AM
Excellent concept, brilliant in its execution.

what more did he want?

Well done on the EC, and dont let it get you down.

Davina 14 108
31 Mar 2005 12:55AM
As an ex nightclub manageress, I can say if he was a she they would have used it. The guy must have been "thick". Very tasteful and clever, take it the nightclub was a bit of a dive!!
I love it!1 click click click.

Deez 15 7
31 Mar 2005 12:55AM
Great idea as has been stated but it did make me think more of cinderella before taking in the title.

Good creativity though.
conrad 15 10.9k 116
31 Mar 2005 12:56AM
Great idea, and top marks for the execution! Very, very well done, and therefore a well deserved EC!

ljesmith 15 1.1k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 1:00AM
Well technically it's perfect, but I can't help feeling that it's tacky to the extreme, sorry.
Boyd 16 11.2k 11 Wales
31 Mar 2005 1:05AM
Great idea and very well executed.
Origami_Owl 16 786
31 Mar 2005 1:05AM
A nightclub flyer tacky? no way!

They have to be to have the 'pick it up off the floor/table and read it' element.
bytorphoto 15 37 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 1:07AM
Personally, I think its excellent. I totally disagree with ljesmith. Its not tacky at all. It is very cleverly put together and I think it fulfills the brief you were given. Obviously Pete thinks its pretty good too - so congrats on the EC, not many of them around. Clicked. Well done.
ian_w 14 22 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 1:08AM
Excellent picture manipulation. Well done, and congrats on the EC!
ljesmith 15 1.1k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 1:13AM
Hey, it's only an opinion, not an attack. And I suspect that Paul is right in that nightclubs tend to lean that way anyway.
sze4j 15 56 Singapore
31 Mar 2005 1:14AM
cool idea!!! and congrats on the EC!

(p/s: just slightly unsure about the watch/bangle on "Alice's" right it part of the narrative?).
Origami_Owl 16 786
31 Mar 2005 1:17AM
Oh yes - agreed, it was a fair comment Luke. Anyhow - It sounds like it's not tacky enough anyway if the club didn't go with it - it must be hard to find a balance between creativity and showing as much flesh as poss flyers.

teena40 15 66
31 Mar 2005 1:19AM
Excellent manipulation,I may have been tempted to lose the mirror and have the full atmosphere of the night club behind,just another idea to an already great shot.
park my ferret 15 1.0k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 1:27AM
Cheers everyone / Pete .... thats really cheered me up and restored my faith a bit too.
Sze - well noticed ... the alice pic didn't have the watch on, but the hand didin't line up perfectly so I thought it looked better this way. I suppose I could have painted it out, but I only had half an hour to composite the three pics together so din't have enough time.
thanks everyone.
gorf 15 16
31 Mar 2005 1:36AM
How can they have discarded an idea like this?

annaliese 15 421 1 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 1:39AM
superb! congrats on the EC! wonderful idea.

annaliese Smile
kaybee 15 6.8k 26 Scotland
31 Mar 2005 2:21AM
Take the guy out and shoot him - he has no brain and does not deserve to live
ddunn 14
31 Mar 2005 2:39AM
great idea, perfectly shot... love it.
G3 17 13 2 United States
31 Mar 2005 2:47AM
Well done..
tigerminx 15 237 South Africa
31 Mar 2005 2:49AM
Cracking shot. What happened to the EC?
paulstefan 15 509 1 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 2:49AM
Excellent concept and very well executed...but where did the EC go?!
cheers, Paul
Hazard 16 1.2k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 2:51AM
I think it's BRILLIANT. What an Idea.
I'd be disapointed If I was you. infact I AM disapointed and I'm NOT you.
ewanrayment 15 718 1 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 2:53AM
Im dead impressed, and would be wasted on the flyer - as there is too much too it. Would you want to see your work lying in the gutter anyway?!

lol, fantastic work. Very creative.

ajhollingbery 16 106 England
31 Mar 2005 2:56AM
Well executed and, in my opinion, an excellent interpretation of your brief. I think the club owner is the looser, not you. Congrats on a well deserved (disappearing) EC.

park my ferret 15 1.0k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 3:00AM
not sure what happened to the EC, maybe pete doesn't like it now!! Sad
31 Mar 2005 3:04AM
I think there's been a glitch in the system. Report's been sent to Pete.
Pete Plus
18 18.8k 97 England
31 Mar 2005 3:08AM
Oh I think you found a bug...thanks Smile
keithh 16 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
31 Mar 2005 3:10AM
It's back...and thank the lord.
User_Removed 16 268
31 Mar 2005 3:12AM
Have an RC. I'm not really into a lot of the shots of women this site produces but I think you've shown real style, taste and class. Excellent shot. Click. Ali.
park my ferret 15 1.0k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 3:13AM
Thank god (pete) , I thought it had dropped on the floor somewhere! Wink
Mixpix 15 1.1k England
31 Mar 2005 3:20AM
Very clever idea, superman comes to mind when I see this, just pop the girl into the box and she jumps out looking hot. Nice one.

KathyW 16 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
31 Mar 2005 3:28AM
Pure class. Excellent work.
steveh11 17 7
31 Mar 2005 3:30AM
Superb idea, especially given the circumstances - you think well on your feet! Grin

31 Mar 2005 3:32AM
Very clever, I like this a lot, my only quibble is the model is a bit stick-like to be sexy. Congrats on the well deserved EC.
MDR_Photo 15 872 England
31 Mar 2005 3:33AM
Excellent job. Reminds me of the mirror in Harry Potter, see your wish!

VinceP 15 1 Canada
31 Mar 2005 3:37AM
Just a WILD SHOT. Love this composition.

Vince P
Badger 17 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 3:39AM
It's a stunner! Excellent work.

trahern 16 863 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 3:44AM
Well deserved EC concept works very well.
fossilized 15 79 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 4:01AM
I find quite a few 'girlie' shots on here pretty tacky but this definitely isn't one of them... it's absolutely brilliant!

A great idea, well executed. Love it. And congrats on a very well deserved EC.
Gary_Macleod 15 166 Scotland
31 Mar 2005 4:47AM
ditto all above comments.....superb idea

elikag 15 749
31 Mar 2005 6:24AM
I'm no nightclub promoter but I like it. Well thought of photo. click.

Ilia Kagan.
Hazard 16 1.2k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 6:31AM
all my EC's have vanished too Pete Smile
mwatkins9801 15 190
31 Mar 2005 7:17AM
very good concept. congrats
paulcr 15 1.5k 9 Ireland
31 Mar 2005 7:23AM
A fantastic idea and extremely well worked. Jumped out at me immediatley. Congrats. Paul.
A_Harrison 15 261 Canada
31 Mar 2005 7:35AM
OOOhhh yaaah.Always had a thing for Alice.

mellyleth 15 212 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 7:46AM
Fantastic idea, well put together and well deserved EC.
mr g 15 403 3 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 8:18AM
Great creativity - the promoter is an 'ass'!!!
I guess you'll just have to be satisfied with the knowledge that you've created a superb shot
PatrickSmith 14 1.2k 2 United States
31 Mar 2005 8:24AM
They are totally lame if they don't like the idea. Very creative! You could even do a G rated version for a kids storybook where she just turns into a beautiful fully dressed woman.
park my ferret 15 1.0k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 8:28AM
cheers everone, your comments and moral support is much appreciated.
foot_loose 15 113
31 Mar 2005 9:01AM
Looks great in concept and execution to me. Amazing how ungrateful/shortsighted, some people can be!
Denise 18 279
31 Mar 2005 9:03AM
I think it's a great image and very well put together considering the time you had.
noseprints 16 576
31 Mar 2005 9:14AM
impressive work. like it!
MartinWait 15 94 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 9:15AM

Ian-Jones Plus
16 133 2 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 9:27AM
Great idea, well executed.

User_Removed 16 39 6 Scotland
31 Mar 2005 10:17AM
Its all been said, Fantastic image and very well done. Congrats on the awards.

Take care Victor
funkeldink 16 1.6k 1 Australia
31 Mar 2005 10:31AM
ferret parking at its finest
woodlark 15 545 1 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2005 10:44AM
brian13 16 218
31 Mar 2005 11:51AM
Works for me. I couldn't have done that.
Well done.
speysider 15 10
31 Mar 2005 11:54AM
Very imaginative and creative!
I think you filled the brief extremely well.
Congrats on the well deserved EC & RC
31 Mar 2005 1:06PM
very well realised idea !
great great job

rc 16 50
31 Mar 2005 1:29PM
is well creative and well put together, perhaps a bit too crepy / left of field for the club's flyer - perhaps that is what he thought anyway - i think it is cool - maybe the watch could go........
dalowsons 15 89 Australia
31 Mar 2005 1:41PM
I think this is fantastic, excellent idea and very well shot.
vfr400 18 886
31 Mar 2005 2:42PM
Very cleverly conceived congrats on the deserved EC.

31 Mar 2005 4:17PM
A great shot, imaginative and quality work, click
sugarbird 15 223 South Africa
31 Mar 2005 5:47PM
Superb and brilliant vision, my congrats
TTT 18 586 United Kingdom
1 Apr 2005 12:17AM
Exellent Job, well done
Consulo 15 840 10 Scotland
1 Apr 2005 1:56AM
More fool them if they don't use it.
bentspace 15 31
1 Apr 2005 3:30AM
Awesome. I have seen this type of shot before on a campaign for Annerexia, big girl in the mirror and skinny skeleton where alice is...(much darker of course). It was very effective. I think your shot is great also.
Toppix 15 56 1 England
1 Apr 2005 3:53AM
Excellent idea and very well executed.
synaesthesia 16 389 England
1 Apr 2005 4:28AM
Best photo I've seen in an age. Well done mate, an absolute cracker. What sort of uncreative idiots would not use this for a club flyer? I've seen some right crap used for flyers in the past. If I saw this in a bar I'd go just cos the flyer is so good! (and with hope of seeing that sexy piece in the mirror)
claret 15 49 England
1 Apr 2005 6:33AM
Outstanding work. Great idea.
starstriders 15 1.6k United Kingdom
1 Apr 2005 10:06AM
It's all been said. Great idea well executed.
pennyspike 16 2.1k 29 United Kingdom
1 Apr 2005 11:46AM
Shows what can be done with a few resources and a creative mind.
banehawi Plus
15 2.2k 4052 Canada
1 Apr 2005 1:24PM
Superb shot, - well done

hecmac 15 60 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2005 1:00AM
JUst superb! " CLick "
synaesthesia 16 389 England
2 Apr 2005 5:50AM
Keep coming back to this.

Top, top work.
3 Apr 2005 1:01AM
May not work for a nightclub flyer, but the sho t itself works very well. An interesting idea. Great shot

Rob_p 15 80
3 Apr 2005 3:57AM
Brilliant, works really really well!
Good idea!
IRaddict 16 34
3 Apr 2005 4:09AM
lol "ferret parking at its finest" says it all.
great work indeed
stevenb Plus
16 268 7 England
3 Apr 2005 10:40AM
A great example from a thinking photographer. Everything has been said, a well desereved EC.

panda 15 5 1 England
5 Apr 2005 3:09AM
I think its just brilliant, an inspired picture, just awesome.

jasonewell 15 34 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2005 5:08AM
Made me laugh....great work.
thorn 15 124 2 Scotland
5 Apr 2005 6:25AM
Hi Greg,He has no imagination,must be working in a nightclub.Great detail,doi(depth of imagination),lighting,colour and an imaginative photographer.Brilliant work.Take care.AnnSmile
No feathers?
thebigyin 14 84 6 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2005 4:29PM
Great Concept, fits the brief well.
6 Apr 2005 12:35AM
In my opinion, the concept of this capture is really good. Just the idea of it is great!

As for little time and no budget to capture this, I think it's amazing.
6 Apr 2005 4:26AM
Brilliant Paul....absolutely brilliant.

pcwillows 16 36 United Kingdom
7 Apr 2005 9:01AM
Absolutely tremendous!
carriebugg 15 65 England
7 Apr 2005 11:46AM
I read all the comments on this photo a few days ago (took a while!)and was enchanted by the picture. I've just come back and cannot believe I didn't click! So here is a delayed one from me.

I agree with what a lot of people have said - the night club owner didn't know a good photo when he saw one! Definitely best he didn't use it if it was going to end up in the gutter.
park my ferret 15 1.0k United Kingdom
8 Apr 2005 2:14AM
cheers again everyone
I'll find out this weekend if they used it or not cos the new flyer will be out!!
SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
9 Apr 2005 2:37AM
Well this is realy well done. It's obvious why it wasn't used though - too clever for the owner!! LOL He probably just wanted T&A and a provocative pose as usual going by the usual flyer hype.

From a personal view looking at it with a critical eye, for my taste perhaps lose some more of the wall - you can still have it there but wonder if it's possible to home in a little more otherwise it feels 'staged' (which it is of course) but homing in might bring the viewer in more. And more light coming out of the mirror - seeping out perhaps or curling round the edges .. or shafts of light .. and perhaps have the girl in the mirror smiling or laughing so that it looks like an invitation rather than a challenge although I see totally why this version works too .. Just thoughts.
oisteinth 15 26 Norway
12 Apr 2005 8:39AM
fantastic shot and a brilliant idea!!

14 Apr 2005 3:51AM
Dreamlike & Surreal
IainHamer Plus
14 13 4 England
16 Apr 2005 12:56AM
Just wish I had as much imagination to get great shot's like this one I think the client want's his ideas examined as it conveys Alice superbly
30 Apr 2005 9:32AM
I love it. I love every piece you have on here! I can only dream of the day im as good as you!

ajm 15 232
10 May 2005 12:35PM
Hit all teh right notes with me, cracking image, and show's a lot of thought on your part.

OK, it may not be flyer materia, but hell, what an image you have here
UserRemoved 14 481
12 May 2005 7:59AM
Superb and very inventive shot. Well done on winning the competition!

All your work is most impressive in fact.

UserRemoved 14 481
21 Jun 2005 9:10AM
Still, as good as it is - how on Earth did you get 128 clicks for this? I know I gave you one. Do you really have that many fans just on EPZ? You say you're a musician in your pf - what do you play? I'm an ex-Professional Drummer with 30 years experience behind me. Retired now, due to illness. Anyway, I'm just curious, that's all. Perhaps you could offer some advice?

iain. Smile)
UserRemoved 14 481
21 Jun 2005 6:13PM
Thanks for replying Paul. I left a message for you in my pf. In retrospect, it was a stupid question anyway. Who can possibly say why people suddenly "mass vote" for a particular member. I'd rather get an EC or HC than "clicks". Maybe someday! LOL!

iain. Smile)
Orrill 14 28
17 Aug 2005 12:38PM
Excellent shot, the manager must have been a fool. "click"
C_Daniels 14 399 10 England
18 Aug 2005 10:27AM
Amazing shot - excellent imagination!
Its one hell of a portfolio you have here...
Sweetpea 14 6 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2005 1:47AM
Not sexy enough??? what more did he want? I think it's a great shot - very clever and all credit to you for coming up with such a great idea in a short space of time. They are daft if they don't use it.
barral 15 2 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2005 12:42PM
Well done. Great portfolio

kilo watt 15 5 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2005 4:21AM
fab shot.
mikesavage 17 299 2 England
14 Dec 2005 5:37PM
Great concept, fabulously executed!
madgirl 14 14
21 Dec 2005 5:30AM
Very Clever, Great portfolio
andmolliethedog 14 120 11 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2006 3:46AM
Still do not know how ive missed this for so long..Stunning work..perfection..sorry I missed it earlier as you are probaly passed checking comments on it now.
11 May 2006 5:18AM
Superb idea. Great picture!
VintageRed 14 15 1 United Kingdom
14 Nov 2006 4:46PM
The promoter had no imagination. This is a class shot and very good interpretation of the theme. Nick.
1 Mar 2007 2:17PM
It doesn't matter how many times I see this shot, I still think its brilliant, well thought out, and a first class effort, keep it up.!! If I'd created this shot, I'd be very happy !!!
11 Mar 2007 12:47PM
that's it!
lizzyC 12
9 Apr 2007 4:13PM
That's an amazing image, i can't believe the club owner may not use it. What a waste of a superb picture. Alice in the 'unsexy' dress looks like she's standing unnaturally/uncomfortably, but that is probably deliberate.

I like the way the mirror contains both the bright club lights and the hard wooden flooring of the room, it's very effective.

Well done on the EC - it's definately dserved!

29 Aug 2007 8:04PM
Sexy enough for me!
Superb phot.
Diana 13 2.0k 19 Netherlands
3 Feb 2008 8:29PM
wow, just found this stunning shot/piece of work. was it ever used?

a reall Mirror Mirror on the wall story


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