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Aspen in color

By makeupmagic    
Taken in 2015 with Nikon D3 in Silverton CO.

Tags: Colorado Landscape and travel Silverton

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I now use a Nikon D850 but I am sure any comments will help me with the D850 too.

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By the way, this was seriously the color of the trees! It was my first time seeing vivid colors since I live in the desert.
dark_lord Plus
15 2.3k 582 England
5 Aug 2019 10:03PM
Good to see you back in the Critique Gallery.
Camera type isn't so relevant unless there's a specific feature involved all critique and feedback should, I hope, be helpful.

I see nothing wrong with the colour here, it's lovely, and only a couple of months before this year's colours start.

All the settings look good and i like the rock as foreground interest. there are some darker areas under the trees which may have influenced the exposure so your EV of -1/3 was helpful. It's a small value so I wonder if tjhat was deliberate . accidental or left over from a previous shot. As it's small it hasn't caused an issue. In that situation I'd likely have gone for -2/3 just for extra richness.
However, and certainly with a D850, the scene is evenly lit so even with no alteration top the suggested exposure you shopuld be able tpo retain detail in both shadow and highlight areas. And that means you can make any adjustments if you fell like doing so late without worrying about adversely affecting the image.

Being picky I'd remove the rock intruding into the bottom corner and the red mark below it (is it a waymarker on the path. These things do have a tendency to creep in at the edge of a picture and the first you notice it is when you get home.
Always scan the extremities of the viewfinder at the time.
Easiy sorted by cropping or cloning.
I'll do a mod, see what you think.
Wow, I did not notice the red, weird but I like the modification. Iím slow on terminology so what is meant by 1/3 or 2/3 EV?
If the ev is set in the menu, my options are 1/3, 1/2 or 1
If on the camera, the options are +_ .3, .7, etc. so how do I set it?
6 Aug 2019 7:48AM
This might explain things if you read it...
mrswoolybill Plus
12 1.5k 2066 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2019 8:43AM
The colours look convincing to me. But I have a problem with this, and it centres round that big foreground rock. For one thing the rock is in shadow, with bright light beyond, and that's a tricky combination compositionally. And secondly it's right in the middle of the foreground, it's a barrier that is blocking my path, preventing me from exploring. Like a closed gate, it sends out a 'No entry' message.

I've uploaded three crops. I did a bit of dodging on that rock to give it a bit more light, then tried crops that place it off-center - ie as a lead-in, a path-marker, rather than a barrier. See what you think.
mrswoolybill Plus
12 1.5k 2066 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2019 8:47AM

Quote:Iím slow on terminology so what is meant by 1/3 or 2/3 EV?

Quote:If the ev is set in the menu, my options are 1/3, 1/2 or 1
If on the camera, the options are +_ .3, .7, etc. so how do I set it?

This is basic arithmetic, there are two alternative ways of expressing adjustments, decimal or fractions. If you have difficulty in relating one to the other, brush up on maths!
dudler Plus
16 895 1504 England
6 Aug 2019 9:25AM
There wil lbe a button on the camera that is marked +/-. By pressing that and using a control wheel, you adjust the exposure up or down. The menus setting adjusts the steps that yo ucan adjust in. 1/3 is best.

The EXIF isn't showing the time of day, but I suspect that yo ushot during the middle of the day, from the light angles - colours are even better in the hours jsut after dawn and just before sunset - low, raking light that is warmer than midday.

It's fascinating how our preconceptions differ: autumn colours are everyday in England (not literally, of course - but they are a universal, annual experience), and you'd never seen them. Equally, I've rarely seen desert, and probably never the sort you live in.

Similarly, we all make assumptions about location: I might refer to Birmingham (meaning the city that was the 'Workshop of the World' 200 years ago, 7 miles from where I live, and the second biggest city in England - you might think of somewhere else. I'm guessing that Silverton is somewhere in Colorado?

Anyway, a lovely shot - if you can catch a view like this with either dark mountains behind, or a stormy grey sky, you have landscape perfection calling you!
paulbroad Plus
12 131 1285 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2019 9:26AM
there's nothing really wrong here other than I tend to agree that the rock is not the ideal focal point. My problem is general content. You have, indeed, shown the glorious colour but there is nothing there to give a firm composition to the image. too much of the same colour and no strong focal point for me.

mrswoolybill Plus
12 1.5k 2066 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2019 9:36AM
Further thoughts on composition. It's not an arty-farty pretension, it's about ways of inviting a viewer to take an interest in an image, to want to explore it. So look for ways of leading the eye into the frame, routes for the viewers to follow, give them an interesting journey. And avoid anything that blocks access.

There's an excellent book that I recommend quite often, The Photographer's Eye by Michael Freeman. He analyses how the eye will navigate through different compositions, why one image will work whereas another may be less involving. He looks at the many different compositional opportunities that one scene can give, in terms of framing, format etc. It's very well worth investing in.
banehawi Plus
15 2.1k 4020 Canada
6 Aug 2019 11:49AM
Theres so little detail in this you can try a softer, more painting like rendition that can work.

Ive shown this in mod 5.


So funny, beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder. Moira states that the boulder is blocking the path. That is the intent and the point of the photo because it was manually placed there to keep vehicles from tearing up the land. I purposely took the photo like that and happen to love it. Smile
I do this as a hobby so I learn as I go, especially from experienced photographers all of you like on this site. I have a full time business so I do photography to relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors but always looking to improve.
I also continue taking classes from KelbyOne and joining teaching seminars with Kelby when they are here in Phoenix.
Thank you for all the advice and a special thanks to those that pointed me in the right direction re: EV
dudler Plus
16 895 1504 England
7 Aug 2019 7:12AM
Sometimes, the context makes such a difference!

Thank you for hte information about why the boulder is there - it makes perfect sense, and is clearly a good thing in terms of preventing off-road drivers tearing up the woodlands. Knowing that casts a different light on the visual structure of the image: for you, as the photographer, the 'no entry' was both deliberate and a good thing.

In therms of the structure of the image, the rock also blocks the eye - a viewpoint to the right (and possibly from lower down, as I think the land falls off to the right) might have invited the eye to travel into the frame - and the viewer's feet to follow. One of the marks of a really successful picture is the sense of really being there - and another is that the viewer wants to be there, wants to walk along the paths in the image and explore the photographer's world.

Another altrernative would be a viewpoint to the left, allowing the walker to see a clear way along a path that is too narrow for vehicles, enticing them to enter a world that is available only to those who are prepared to work for their beauty...

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