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By pmorgan  
Not my usual sort of upload, but I wanted to share it with you. I couldn’t get on the site last night due to a power cut caused by the pylon outside my house exploding in a green flash!

Having scrambled around using the light from my mobile I eventually found some candles and got the fire lit. (see photo)

My wife was at work and the kids were at various friends doing the sleepover thing so I cracked open a bottle of vintage cider, got out my guitar and strummed away for nearly 2 hours before my wife got back from work around 11pm with Chinese!

I am now going to make it my mission to have similar “back to basics” night’s at least once every couple of months – no telly, no computer – like the old days - give it a go, you may just like it! Smile


Tags: Photo journalism

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Suehh 14 39 6 England
14 Nov 2009 12:26PM
It sounds the perfect evening - you will have to tell my husband that life is worth living without being able to zap channells all night long. Lovely warm, cosy image. I hope some of us take your advice!

andy210966 13 4 119 Wales
14 Nov 2009 12:33PM
Sensory shutdown is good for the soul! Especially if you have the comfort of home added in the mix - a really charming shot that comes together with the story behind it!

iansnowdon 11 7 2 United Kingdom
14 Nov 2009 12:37PM
Couldn't agree more Paul. Especially through the winter months we quiet often do this. I find it clears your mind and sends you into a different world.

It also could be the wine and the roasting your nuts by the fire!!! affecting it?
Have a great weekend.
jonathanbp 12 99 Thailand
14 Nov 2009 12:39PM
What a wonderful cosy home! Superb photos - Jonathan
MikefromEbbw 13 69 2 Wales
14 Nov 2009 12:43PM
On my own yes but with everyone here no chance.
My son bouncing off the walls having X Box withdrawels.My daughter pulling her hair out without Facebook,Bebo and believe it or not EPZ.And the wife biting her nails wondering what Peggy Mitchell et al are up to.Sounds like hell to me but a nice,warm homely shot you have here.
pmorgan 14 217 13 England
14 Nov 2009 12:52PM
Lol @ Mike!!!!Smile

Ian you're sitting too close! Wink

Cheers all, nice of you to take the time with this one!

davey_griffo 12 213 165 England
14 Nov 2009 12:57PM
A wonderful, warm & inviting image. In both picture & words. What a great idea.

The only part I couldn't replicate is the fire, as I don't have one. Central heating only in my house.

What was the exposure, a fortnight at f8? Smile
pmorgan 14 217 13 England
14 Nov 2009 1:02PM
0.3secs at f/4 ISO800 handheld Dave!

IanFlindt 16 740 21 United Kingdom
14 Nov 2009 1:34PM
I've just enjoyed examining every little detail of your sitting room, Paul, which makes me feel a bit of a voyeur! A really cosy image that welcomes the viewer in. I'm sure I recognise that image above the fireplace but can't think where.
pmorgan 14 217 13 England
14 Nov 2009 1:35PM
Cheers Ian, wondered if anyone would comment on the photo of my girls!

All the best
colmar 13 42 35 Scotland
14 Nov 2009 1:44PM
Simply wonderful warming image and such a great way to spend an evening .... thanks for sharing Colin
IanFlindt 16 740 21 United Kingdom
14 Nov 2009 1:46PM
Wasn't that photo one of your first ECs, Paul?
cassiecat 12 39 46 England
14 Nov 2009 1:50PM
looks a very cosey scene with the glow from the fire and candles.did you get a pic of the exploding pylon? lesley
pmorgan 14 217 13 England
14 Nov 2009 1:53PM

Quote:Wasn't that photo one of your first ECs, Paul?

Certainly was, and I'm proud to say still number one in the "Best of Gallery" under "Portraits / People" !

Quote:Looks a very cosey scene with the glow from the fire and candles.did you get a pic of the exploding pylon? lesley

Unfortunately not Lesley - all happened in a flash! Wink

DaveU 15 1.4k 127 England
14 Nov 2009 2:01PM
Not as posh as my lounge Paul Tongue

Bit too much of an orange cast for my liking so I've uploaded a mod. Nice looking pic above the fireplace too.
pmorgan 14 217 13 England
14 Nov 2009 2:06PM
Thanks for the mod Dave, I did have two versions, but plumped for the more orangey cosier feel - yours does look more natural though, thanks for taking the time! Smile

IanFlindt 16 740 21 United Kingdom
14 Nov 2009 2:08PM
Just found it! One of the best images ever posted on EPZ - and not just in the "portraits" category.
pmorgan 14 217 13 England
14 Nov 2009 2:14PM
You're too kind Ian!

Thanks very much

All the best, enjoy your weekend!
elkiebrooks 18 83 5 United Kingdom
14 Nov 2009 2:28PM
Glad to see you did the housework before the lights went out Wink...only joking. A very homely and warming photograph for the long cold nights. Agree with the mod posted. Without the orange cast it looks a lot better. Just needs a cat curled up in ffront of the fire to make it complete.
dathersmith 14 565 12 United Kingdom
14 Nov 2009 2:47PM
Sounds like a good evening Paul, as has been said its good to see that image above the fire, one of my favourites.

Wooly 15 112 4 England
14 Nov 2009 3:30PM
Nice idea Paul. I often go all week without the TV... but no PC is taking it a bit far! Wink

Ian-Munro 13 200 15 Wales
14 Nov 2009 3:44PM
I love time out like that Paul, just don't get it enough. I recognised that photo straight away.

Looks cosy.

Buffalo_Tom Plus
14 2.3k 16 Wales
14 Nov 2009 4:00PM
Sounds great Paul...dont get enough of that here.
14 Nov 2009 4:17PM
Looks so warm, cosy and inviting even without the cider. Must try it myself one of these evenings. Why would anybody want to take the warmth out of this image?
Spotted the image of the girls with the flip flops, pride of place and deserves it still.

All the best Paul,

daviewat 17 4.1k Scotland
14 Nov 2009 4:39PM
We have one of those nights once a fortnight now Smile just sit about and play games or do that ancient craft we seem to have forgotton along the way , Talk, as a family Smile

Love the warmth of your room in candlelight, and i would kill to have a coal fire again

Paintman Plus
14 1.5k 180 United Kingdom
14 Nov 2009 4:41PM
I have to admit to not realising this was one of your photos Paul until I started up-loading this mod. I did notice the picture on the wall looked suspiciously like the one of your two daughters, the one you got the EC award forSmile

The mod is just a change in colour balance, lightening and changing the perspective.

Regards, Alan.
wyatturp 15 2 England
14 Nov 2009 4:45PM
The simple things are the bestSmile
pmorgan 14 217 13 England
14 Nov 2009 4:59PM
Two more great mods, and many more kind words, thanks for the input everyone - much appreciated!

Phil_Restan 15 280 9 England
14 Nov 2009 5:21PM
No telly, No computer, wash your mouth out!!!

banehawi Plus
16 2.5k 4241 Canada
14 Nov 2009 6:42PM
A good idea, - people actually talking to each other!

banehawi Plus
16 2.5k 4241 Canada
14 Nov 2009 9:02PM
Had to come back with a mod, - just didnt look right (-;

Alan_Coles 15 178 11 Wales
14 Nov 2009 11:42PM
Cracking evening that was I reckon and as mentioned...cosy looking place...... I have got out of the habit of reading these days and need to address that - thanks for the heads up.
dmhuynh72 13 44 3 United Kingdom
15 Nov 2009 7:19AM
Romantic setting and who needs a TV anyway. Hope you enjoyed evening with your wife Paul.

Morgs 12 20 62 Wales
15 Nov 2009 9:00PM
I just wish that I could have an evening like that!!! Cracking write up which gives an ordinary shot a real story. I recognised your picture above the fire. Now, that was a good shot!!


PS, stuck in study as X factor on followed by E class celebs and Katie Price (AAAARGH) on I'm a celeb......Please, please, GET ME OUT OF THERE!!!
JohnParminter 14 1.3k 14 England
16 Nov 2009 10:27AM
We have back to basics evenings fairly often Paul, a factor living in rural Cumbria with an overhead power supply. If its pouring or windy we can expect to get the candles out at least half a dozen times a year, 4 days it was off one Xmas.
I usually end up telling the kids scarey stories sat on the living room floor surrounded by candles, very homely but usually have to deal with nightmares for a week after.....

BillyGoatGruff 14 191 199 England
16 Nov 2009 10:56AM
What an exciting life you lead, Paul - falling down stone steps, breaking your leg, exploding electricity pylons, beautiful seascapes to photograph a stones throw away, a beautiful home with a warm fire (mine's still a building site until we find the energy to finish decorating it)!!

A lovely warm and inviting shot.

I find that dropped-D tuning (base e tuned down to d) and noodling around a D-mixolydian scale (d,e,f#,g,a,b,c,d) is particularly complimentary to firelit evenings without technology to get in the way, and a nice drink to warm the cockles!

martin.w Plus
19 607 28 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2009 7:51PM
I know that feeling! We lost the power for 16 hours on the 1st November, some underground fault knocked out just 3 houses. I only found out that my photo uploaded just minutes before got an HC....Martin Levers let me know by text.

I just read a book by torchlight while listening to my I-Pod Wink
redstag 15 100 15 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2010 8:46AM
It does sound idyllic, maybe I will give it a try, if only I had the talent to strum a guitar!

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