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15 Mar 2004 10:47AM
Great idea, well executed, nice sharp images
15 Mar 2004 10:52AM
Fantastic, very clever image
jonnie 17 5
15 Mar 2004 11:03AM
Cool image, click
pmalcolm 17 47 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2004 11:05AM
very good, deserves the editors prize
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2004 11:05AM
Clever idea - would have been even better in my opinion if the area between thumb and fingers had been edited - did you forget it?
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
15 Mar 2004 11:10AM
Barrie, I never forgot it, I was just a bit of a loss as to what to do with it as she is holding a Kiwi fruit in her hand, so I could not make it transparant as it would have lost part of her hand.
do agree with you, its just a shame thats all.
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
15 Mar 2004 11:21AM
Thank you Pete, wasnt expecting an EC, wicked. big smile now. Smile
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2004 11:26AM
I hadn't realised the hand was holding something (a Kiwi fruit as you say). I thought it was part of another background.

No real problem - it's a great idea in any event and very well executed

magda_indigo 17 418 England
15 Mar 2004 11:28AM
congratulations on your ec, and with a very creative shot,click (*:*)
geo 17 46 France
15 Mar 2004 11:33AM
Definitly worth an EC! Very nice idea.
vince 17 48 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2004 11:35AM
Good shot congrat's on the EC award well worth it.


Vince Smile
ccmole 17 14
15 Mar 2004 11:40AM
stands out - indeed, outstanding
amps 17 225 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2004 11:42AM
I Like,Great,Congrats.

ukuwi 17 476 1 England
15 Mar 2004 11:43AM
bless you all for saying such nice things, never thought it was that good myself, as usual just enjoy playing with photo's.
opticalverve 17 28 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2004 11:47AM
hello, a fab pic..but....might have cut out the area inside the thumb to show the end of the diamond shape..?? but apart from that..its very effective..well done on the EC too
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
15 Mar 2004 12:05PM
Jacqui, do you mean that I should have cut out the Kiwi in her hand, I did toy with idea but I did not look right with part of her hand missing, I did try all manner of thigs to resolve this point, but I was not happy with the results.

I would love to see how you would do this, you can email me at with your example if you wish. many thanks for al your comments
mattmatic 17 598
15 Mar 2004 12:27PM
Excellent image Smile
(Sorry to niggle on, but I'd agree with the hand comment. Maybe clone the end of one of the other fingers so you perceive just the end of that finger that's hidden. Then make the rest transparent so the diamond shows through. Just a thought. Maybe I'll have a go Wink )
richardv 17 32
15 Mar 2004 12:28PM
Great idea, nicely composed. gets a click from me.

lovelylindax 17 16
15 Mar 2004 1:12PM
So clever - I love it!
paul_indigo 17 259 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2004 1:20PM
Well done and an excellent idea.
mule 17 68
15 Mar 2004 1:27PM
Fantastic shot Tony. Congrats on award.

By the way, been meaning to ask you, what do you think to the deal on Digital Depot for the E20 + three lenses? Good value?
billma 17 119 United States
15 Mar 2004 1:42PM
Very imaginative. Congrats.
flossie 18 1.6k
15 Mar 2004 1:50PM
Gosh Tony, that is so different. Well done on the award, fantastic image.
I see what they're saying about that area but it is tricky - would it be better to make it 'flesh' coloured?? just a thought, but I wouldn't worry about it - it's great.
Daisy_intheMill 17 145 1 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2004 2:41PM
Very clever!
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2004 3:22PM
I would have thought that removing the area in question would be quite straight forward as not only is it a fairly uniform colour but it is a very different colour to the flesh around it.

The Magic Wand tool in PS would select this a treat (with 'contiguous' checked)

Worth trying

Barrie Smile
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
15 Mar 2004 4:04PM
Hi Barrie, its not hard to remove, its just a bit tricky to put back the part of the hand that would be missing, Phantom did mail me with a version of this image that he had done, and done a very good job of it, and even put back all the shading, and even though it does have a part of the hand missing, I dont think it would have been noticed.

Did you ever post an image that you had spent ten minutes on knowing that it was not right, and then got an EC for it and wished you had spent a bit of extra time on it putting it right.

The response I got from this image has certainly surprised me, it has made me think that I shall try to be a bit more creative.

big thanks to all those who commented and those who clicked. Smile
davidbailie 18 457 7 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2004 4:59PM
Clever shot - beautifully handled

Dave - congrats on the EC
JohnRShort 17 25 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2004 7:29PM
Excellent shot, great idea well implemented and a pleasure to the eye. Well done on the EC
telep 18 11 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2004 8:26PM
Excellent idea well deserved EC.
nanpantanman 17 24 1 England
15 Mar 2004 8:26PM
Wonderful composition. Well deserved EC.
theorderingone 17 2.4k
15 Mar 2004 9:21PM
An excellent idea! A great improvement on recent effoerts on the same theme!
You should give yourself a pat on the back!
tartanlady 17 58 Scotland
16 Mar 2004 1:21PM
This is so well done, excellent image, well deserved EC. You have some cracking ideas for a composition.
tigertot 18 36 England
16 Mar 2004 4:04PM
Very clever idea. I do agree about the hand, but it works well for me as it is.
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
16 Mar 2004 4:08PM
many thanks for all the comments, this was only a ten minute job, if I had any idea that it would be so well received, then I would have taken more time over it, there is a Kiwi fruit in her hand, its just not that obvious and shouldnt really be there, I does look better with it removed, but too late now.
starman1 18 61 United States
17 Mar 2004 4:21AM
Hi Tony!

Don't beat yourself up over a small point, 21 clicks and an EC says it's fine as is.

ukuwi 17 476 1 England
17 Mar 2004 6:56AM
Thats a fair point Dewey
17 Mar 2004 8:57PM
i think this is brilliant..i hope one day i will have the skill to achive this.
18 Mar 2004 8:54PM
Excellent, very skillful, congrats on the EC, click
Mavis 19 143 2 England
20 Mar 2004 1:51AM
I think this is a cracking shot and so well put together .Sort of thing that would look well on a poster for Granny Smith's Apples . Congratulations on your EC.Well deserved. BTW if as you say it ONLY took 10 minutes why don't you do another version LOL . A big click.xx
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
20 Mar 2004 7:08AM
Many thanks Nick, Lydia and Mavis for your kind words.

Mavis if you mean do another version because of the Kiwi, I have, and I made it much better than this, but whats the point of putting it up?.

most of my pictures that are on here are decided just minutes before I upload.

keeps me on my toes.
urban-hero 17 23 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2004 12:28AM

Leo 19 48 9 England
1 Apr 2004 1:12PM
Can't add anything to the praise you already have on this pic Tony, it's the "Holy Grail" of "idea" pics, in my book, just brilliant. Watch your email, I was unable to resist correcting that space mentioned, hope you like the result. I have explained what I did BTW. Keep this up and you'll put us all to shameSmile Pleased Pete saw it and it's a well deserved EC and no mistake!
Atlas 18 621 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2004 2:34AM
Brilliantly done image...very clever.

2 Apr 2004 1:43PM
Love the your creativity! It really shows in this picture. a late and last but not least CLICK Wink
soozi5 17 34
5 Apr 2004 1:39PM
Wow this is great....Just Love It! an award well earnt!
etc_ssa 17
5 Apr 2004 10:53PM
Montagem fantastica. Parabens!!! CliCKS
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
6 Apr 2004 8:46AM
obrigado para seus comentrios etc_ssa
davidbailie 18 457 7 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2004 9:54AM
Didn't see this - Very clever.

Excellent work

gooses 17 45 United Kingdom
18 Apr 2004 7:16PM
funkeldink 17 1.6k 1 Australia
24 Apr 2004 11:29AM
BIG fan of this.....just never got round to clicking me how you do this stuff
funkeldink 17 1.6k 1 Australia
30 Apr 2004 10:49AM
no sorry i meant it was crap
funkeldink 17 1.6k 1 Australia
2 May 2004 8:20AM
BIG fan of this.....just never got round to clicking me how you do this stuff
3 May 2004 1:31AM
Tony this is just amazing work! **click**
ginz04 17 281 20 United Kingdom
3 May 2004 1:47PM

doczoc 18 773
6 May 2004 7:26PM
Great image, wonderfully original idea..CLICK
mucharska 17 23 United Kingdom
13 May 2004 10:33AM

I am very love you ideas.

funkeldink 17 1.6k 1 Australia
13 May 2004 10:22PM
I am very love you ideas
deeken 17 4
20 May 2004 8:17PM
Love this idea you have composed a perfect image. I know why Pete gave you an EC. Brilliant.

eslwinshot 17 4 United States
28 May 2004 1:01AM
nice concept...
8 Jun 2004 3:42PM
Very very nice. I like it a lot! *click*
deviant 17 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
9 Jun 2004 8:47PM
Hi Tony,

Top bit of PS again. Love this picture. Think the apple might be nice rosey though (for some reason I can't put finger on)

Posted my own attempt at PS tonight took your advice sort of... (Though had no model until weekend) so I have improvised...
corin45 17
12 Jun 2004 8:10AM
Super image Tony! Regards Steve.
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
12 Jun 2004 8:13AM
Thank you Steve.
belerophon 19 156
26 Jun 2004 1:36PM
great portfolio--for me this is the best shot--great work
9 Jul 2004 6:30AM
It's an interesting idea with good digitally editing ...
rf 17 United Kingdom
14 Jul 2004 7:36PM
Great manipulation unusual well done
piero 17
3 Aug 2004 1:33PM
disturbing composition .... I LOVE IT. Kind regards.
Ade_Osman 18 4.5k 36 England
7 Aug 2004 3:14PM
Excellent manipulation, well worth the
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
7 Aug 2004 5:54PM
Many thanks Ade, you gave me my first 50 click, cheersSmile
28 Sep 2004 9:49AM
Excellent composition Great work
steve5452 17 15 United Kingdom
5 Dec 2004 11:36AM
excellent, very clever Click [:o)
26 Feb 2005 12:55PM
hey wonderful image it really made me look.
Well done.

JimmyR 16 12 United Kingdom
6 Jul 2005 8:10AM
Such a fantastic concept..congrats!
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
8 Oct 2005 8:32AM
We have tried to contact you by e mail, requesting use of this picture in the forthcoming ePHOTOzine book, as you have not replied we assume you either did not get the e mail or do not wish to contribute. The deadline has approached please respond by either saying no or requesting a book submission form. Cheers.
skeletor 17 1.7k England
18 Oct 2005 5:43AM
Great idea, and well executed.


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