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Camphorated Oil

By chase
Had a lovely day out in the company of Alison (AlleyCatz) & Alan (wooly).We headed off to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life close by the City..I was determined to give the HDR technique a good old thrashing under the expert guidance of the great company I had..thanks guys,I had a really good day Grin
Lots to see at this historical place,loads of room set-ups & interesting subjects..I recommend a visit.
The Chemist's shop was the most interesting for me,all the different colours & shapes..bottles..pots & the like,it was like stepping back in time ! I think Alison thought I had taken root there Wink
I was advised to try 9 exposures,each one stop apart..after a little experimentation away I went.
I have done a little with HDR before but without the results I was seeking..... I have lots from this visit,plenty to keep me busy & out of trouble for ages Wink

F4.8 manual mode
F/L 62mm with Nikon 18-200 lens courtesy of wooly...thanks Hun !
ISO 200
Pattern metering
WB set to cloudy to add a little warmth to the image.
9 exposures one stop apart combined & tone mapped in Photomatix,tweaked in CS3

Thankyou for taking the time to view/comment
Janet xx

Tags: Photo journalism General Interior Bottles Lincoln Hdr Close-up and macro Shop Lincolshire life museum Chemist

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SlowSong Plus
13 9.9k 30 England
6 Aug 2008 10:02PM
Super image. This is a great use of HDR to my mind. Not at all overdone, and such detail. Can't think how you've managed to retain the subtle muted tones. Brilliant. Must have taken hours.
Lexical 14 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2008 10:04PM
Brilliant Shot
kitsch 15 439 4 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2008 10:04PM
superb result!
love this Smile
dwarf 13 52 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2008 10:06PM
a stunning image I like HDR images but they don't usually look 'real' this does congratulations dorothy
Hanners 15 875 10 Ireland
6 Aug 2008 10:08PM
looks damn good large, excellent focussing Smile
6 Aug 2008 10:08PM
Its a stone's throw from where I work and I've never been! Looks like I've got something to do next week Wink
KBan 16 512 4 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2008 10:16PM
this will do very well
Maddie 16 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2008 10:20PM
good HDR work janet Smile
bfgstew 15 668 105 England
6 Aug 2008 10:23PM
Top quality, this is superb.
MrsS 15 4.5k 18 England
6 Aug 2008 10:27PM
Superb stuff, Janet, AND I can remember camphorated oil, too! Wink

F xx

RIGHT - - off to play catch-up Grin
Paree 16 616 3
6 Aug 2008 10:30PM
really love this one
brilliant work
taggart Plus
17 47 14 United States
6 Aug 2008 10:32PM
A fascinating collection of bottles and boxes set in their proper environment-- comp. and color perfect, however you got it!

Bet you liked that lens, Jennnn
sut68 18 2.0k 77 England
6 Aug 2008 10:32PM
C'mon, own up ... this is just the contents of your medicine cabinet, isn't it??? Wink

Nicely done Janet, love the short DoF which helps to kick ot the objects against the bgnd.

DaveU 15 1.4k 127 England
6 Aug 2008 10:36PM
Subtle is the key word here. Subtle colours and an understated but highly effective image. Maybe a touch more foreground would be better just to separate the corner of the box from the edge of the image.
C_Daniels 16 399 10 England
6 Aug 2008 10:38PM
Not got the home brew kit out Jan have you...? Smile

Museums make interesting places for the camera - nicely spotted,
danielle1987 15 64 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2008 10:40PM
this is fantastic, it looks very oldy worldy and brilliantly done.
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
6 Aug 2008 10:50PM
Sublte and yet striking....good job done Janet Smile
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
6 Aug 2008 10:51PM
Hmmm there's a slight element of overcooked HDR here, but in this case it works extremely well and has given an incredible three dimensional depth to the shot too. Great work and well worth the effort.
chase Plus
16 2.2k 582 England
6 Aug 2008 10:56PM
Thanks all,your comments are most welcome.

Quote:Must have taken hours.
Not really...photomatix did all the hard work !
K...shame on you,now you know where to go during your lunch hour Wink

Quote:this is just the contents of your medicine cabinet, isn't it???
....Aww ya got me !!
Dave..I agree with you but the box was right on the edge of the table,I would have had a go at cloning some in but I'm c**p at cloning properly !!
Home Brew Caleb...I do a spot of nice Sloe Gin !!

Wow,thanks Pete,I'm well chuffed now !! I appreciate your comment........ but I didn't know what temperature to set the oven at...well that's my excuse Wink

Janet xx
Maddie 16 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
6 Aug 2008 10:56PM
lol what did i say about EC Smile well done
chase Plus
16 2.2k 582 England
6 Aug 2008 10:59PM
Spooky Maddie...spooky !
sut68 18 2.0k 77 England
6 Aug 2008 11:02PM
Top marks missus, well done Smile
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
6 Aug 2008 11:11PM
That is a cracker and about as far removed from being over-cooked as you can get I'd say...particularly compared to some of the pot roasts we see from time to time.

Considering you can only get better, then expect the EC's to rack up
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
6 Aug 2008 11:12PM
Congrats Janet Smile
Nick_w Plus
14 4.3k 99 England
6 Aug 2008 11:19PM
Brilliant Janet and congrats on the EC
Ingleman 14 9 4
6 Aug 2008 11:21PM
All of the above, and then some! Particularly pleasing, subtle tones. Very good Andy I
whiteswan01 13 13 England
6 Aug 2008 11:52PM
excellent tones well done on editers choice
Rainy 14 United States
7 Aug 2008 2:04AM
Stunning color tones. Nice work.

cassiecat 13 39 46 England
7 Aug 2008 3:57AM
congrats on the EC. can i ask did you use all 9 exposures? its lovely HDR work, i'm still struggling with it.
LesF 15 182 9
7 Aug 2008 6:27AM
Its all been said a beauty of a shot, congrats on the EC

chase Plus
16 2.2k 582 England
7 Aug 2008 7:16AM
Thankyou all.
Cassiecat...yes I did use all 9 & then tonemapped in photomatix.
Janet xx
CarolG 14 199 20 Greece
7 Aug 2008 7:19AM
Fabulous image, such good manipulation. Carol
Glynn Plus
15 1.2k 1 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 8:19AM
Stunning image and well done on the EC Janet
Coleslaw 16 13.4k 28 Wales
7 Aug 2008 8:20AM
lovely dof.
GillyB 16 317 8 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 8:51AM
Excellent work Janet, congrats on a well deserved EC.

Wooly 16 112 4 England
7 Aug 2008 9:17AM
Superb Janet congrats on the well deserved EC (That’s the second one that lens has had Wink )

Thanks for a great day out, very enjoyable. I'm impressed with the D300, especially the live view. And that self cleaning system is ingenious… Only Nikon could come up with the idea of using a fly! Wink

Alan x
AlleyCatz 15 274 6 England
7 Aug 2008 9:43AM
Hey Janet....all that effort paid of with this cracking image and an EC Smile (so pleased for you Hun,congrats)
So you did get your £2.25's worth!...and a jam scone!!

Agree with Pete about the incredible three dimensional depth to the shot.

Thanks for you great company and banter....I will now have to scout for our next jaunt.

Hope you realeased that fly by the

Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
7 Aug 2008 9:44AM

Quote:but I didn't know what temperature to set the oven at...well that's my excuse
I wasn't being overly critical I just know from what I've seen that I believe you like realistic stuff and this is one step over the mark for realistic, which is why I said slightly overcooked. As you''ll see from my EC choice I have no issue with over cooked. I like burnt to a cinder if it suits the subject and if that's the style of the photographer.
Maybe we need a cookery guide to RAW processing Wink
richardwheel 16 217 2 England
7 Aug 2008 10:07AM
congrats Janet, lovely work
chase Plus
16 2.2k 582 England
7 Aug 2008 10:43AM
Hey,that's a great idea Pete !!

Seriously...It was a bit hit & miss as I'm still at the learning stage with this stuff,I guess I got lucky ! Wink
Thanks all,your comments are appreciated.
Janet xx
Chriscj 15 96 1 England
7 Aug 2008 10:45AM
Wonderful effect you've created Janet. Well done on your EC too.

SueTurner 17 81 3 England
7 Aug 2008 12:02PM
well done Janet, well worth all the effort - very effective

bricurtis Plus
16 2.5k 51 England
7 Aug 2008 12:55PM
Superb HDR image Janet. As has been said great DOF to draw the eye to the main subjects. I think it has a minimal HDR look - but what do I know Smile
Congrats on that EC.
CathyT 15 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 3:26PM
Milla 13 7 2 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 3:34PM
Real beauty.
Congratulations. Smile
Jouİo 17 56 Finland
7 Aug 2008 4:55PM
never would have known this was YOURS, Janet!

Congrats on the EC! WELL DESERVED!!

chase Plus
16 2.2k 582 England
7 Aug 2008 5:48PM
Thanks all.
Jouko...Ahhh just thought I would try & fool you Wink
Janet xx
paulcr Plus
16 1.5k 9 Ireland
7 Aug 2008 5:52PM
Superb use of HDR, lovely treatment, great subject. Paul
janehewitt 18 215 1 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 7:35PM
Superb end result! jane
KBan 16 512 4 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2008 9:12PM
knew this was E.C. material

keith Smile
chase Plus
16 2.2k 582 England
7 Aug 2008 10:43PM
Thanks all.
Alison..I'm not mentioning the fly,I think he's deceased Wink
Janet xx
backbeat Plus
15 134 1 United Kingdom
8 Aug 2008 7:45AM
its all been said...outstanding!

Mavis 19 143 2 England
8 Aug 2008 5:52PM
You have patience Janet and it's paid off . A stunning image of yester life and one of them stickers for your wall. Wonderful work indeed . xxx Smile Smile
ChazB 16 64 3 United Kingdom
9 Aug 2008 1:57AM
Wonderfully composed and very well taken. As a medicinal chemistry student, I love this... unfortunately my uni labs don't quite look the same!
ian walker 17 717 United Kingdom
9 Aug 2008 12:10PM
nicely done
fossilized 17 79 United Kingdom
9 Aug 2008 3:10PM
Wow... excellent work.
wyatturp 16 2 England
10 Aug 2008 2:35PM
Well done super work

martin.w Plus
19 614 29 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2008 9:52PM
This is excellent Janet, love the way you have processed this. Congrats on the EC too Smile
Coleslaw 16 13.4k 28 Wales
11 Aug 2008 8:17AM
Congrats on the POTW, Janet!
AlleyCatz 15 274 6 England
11 Aug 2008 8:35AM
Go girl!!!....POW!

Well done pleased for you Hun,well deserved Smile

Wooly 16 112 4 England
11 Aug 2008 8:36AM
Congratulations Janet, very well deserved.

That was a very successful outing. Smile

keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
11 Aug 2008 8:46AM
... Smile
dianah 15 24.5k 4 United Kingdom
11 Aug 2008 9:10AM
I love the work that you have put into this Janet. The image reminds me of the old Chemist's Shop in Flambards. A brilliant composition.
User_Removed 15 7 8 Netherlands
11 Aug 2008 9:25AM
Not into HDR myself but this is an excellent example of why the technique can make a lot of sense. I applaud you for the subtlty and Pete for his message: HDR is not to be used to impress for technical reasons alone, but as a technique that may help you make the most of a scene.
sherlob Plus
15 3.2k 131 United Kingdom
11 Aug 2008 9:57AM
Congrats Janet - its a shame the POTW should present you with such a problem... which picture to choose as a canvas from such a quality PF!

Hope all is well, I'll try and send you a PM soon - it'd be good to catch up.

All the best,

richardwheel 16 217 2 England
11 Aug 2008 10:10AM
congrats Janet Smile
martinl 18 269 2 United Kingdom
11 Aug 2008 1:05PM
Many congrats Janet. Fully deserved.
wyatturp 16 2 England
11 Aug 2008 2:08PM
Well done on your picture of the week so good to look at

Glynn Plus
15 1.2k 1 United Kingdom
11 Aug 2008 3:26PM
There you go Janet POTW - Stunning and so very well deserved
11 Aug 2008 4:52PM

MilanaG 15 Bulgaria
11 Aug 2008 4:55PM
Congratulations on the POTW Janet...very well deserved!

Congrats on POTW.

whipspeed 17 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
11 Aug 2008 7:21PM
Superb HDR, it looks completely natural, rather than some of the weird and wonderful effects that are sometimes produced.
Beatufily subdued tones, it has a very soothing feel to it.
A well deserved EC, RC and POTW.

chase Plus
16 2.2k 582 England
11 Aug 2008 7:26PM
Whoooo Hoooo,now that has brought a smile to my face,many thanks for that Pete Grin
Thankyou for the comments everyone,I really did have a good time at the Museum, in very good company.
Janet xx
affleck 15 194 Scotland
11 Aug 2008 7:33PM
I am not usually a fan of HDR but that is a cracking image.
ColouredImages 17 47 35 United Kingdom
11 Aug 2008 8:50PM
A wonderful shot Janet, congrats on the awards, well deserved
User_Removed 16 825 Lithuania
12 Aug 2008 4:28AM
...nice work Dear Janet!... well done!... keep safe!
ChristineL 16 39 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2008 8:55AM
Well done Janet, nice work,
pennyspike 18 2.1k 29 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2008 2:19PM
Good use of the technique ith this trip down memory lane.
Congrats on the POTW
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
12 Aug 2008 8:28PM
Congrats again Janet Smile
Nick_w Plus
14 4.3k 99 England
13 Aug 2008 5:35PM
Congrats on FOTW Janet...Well deserved
andmolliethedog 15 120 11 United Kingdom
13 Aug 2008 6:49PM
Well fame has finaly found you..such a great image,from simple many awards im green with envy..well done your a star!
Briwooly 15 454 6 England
13 Aug 2008 8:27PM
Well done Janet well deserved

Ceciliat 16 6 Philippines
14 Aug 2008 5:13AM
Congrats Janet! beautiful creative work.
Well done.

Jouİo 17 56 Finland
14 Aug 2008 4:42PM
POTW! Wow! Congrats Janet! I´m really happy for you......

dmhuynh72 13 47 3 United Kingdom
15 Aug 2008 11:13AM
fantastic work, and congratulations
chase Plus
16 2.2k 582 England
15 Aug 2008 1:41PM
Thanks everyone.
Janet xx
Possum 15 148 England
15 Aug 2008 8:13PM
Congrats on all the very well-deserved accolades. Apart from the detail, I just love the warmth you've brought to this scene. Fabulous stuff.
15 Aug 2008 11:06PM
Congratulations on Photo of the Week. Missed it when first posted. Well deserved accolade. Really lovely image.
robst 13 Australia
16 Aug 2008 4:12AM
nice work
sut68 18 2.0k 77 England
16 Aug 2008 1:52PM
Well done on POTW missus, just got back from the NE to see that ... nice one Smile
MrsS 15 4.5k 18 England
16 Aug 2008 3:12PM
Echo the Boss's comments Janet, did wonder when we set off - - - Smile

F xx
looboss 14 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2008 11:49PM
Great stuff! well worked and all that.

Here is my own little LC award
click Smile
chase Plus
16 2.2k 582 England
17 Aug 2008 2:19PM
Thanks all.
Janet xx
newy17 15 273 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2008 11:34PM
WOW congrats on the EC and POTW, ive been working backwards through this series lol,just amazing work ,,
sghemk 13
6 Sep 2008 4:20PM
I love this!
donster 18 50 United Kingdom
4 Oct 2008 9:07AM
one of my favourites.
4 Oct 2008 10:57PM
Excellent, very well done
Mynett 13 142 6 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2008 10:43AM
not that you need more coments on this one but I love it, very well done

corvee 13 1 Scotland
24 Oct 2008 7:50PM
Best HDR I have seen yet. Well worth the effort.
MandyD 13 16,777.2k 1 England
18 Nov 2008 9:47PM
Outstanding image, the treatment is fabulous. Congratulations. Mandy
Hazel 15 1 United States
25 Mar 2010 4:15PM
I love your technique of HDR & thanks for sharing how you did it. This image has a lovely quality to it - I must try this out!

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