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Chain of events

By MediumSizeUnavailable
A (failed) attempt at street photography. Taken some years ago in my hometown.
I do like that I managed to capture several things happening in one frame. the boy's arm reaching for something while grandfather is busy with the other end of the boy, tweetie reacting to the menacing cartoon hammer. But it doesn't quite blend together in a photo I love.
It is cropped at the top and the rhs (which showed just more random people).

exposure and white balance: problematic. Should learn not to rely on the x100 to do it well for me. But I'm lazy Smile

Tags: Street photography Street Belgium Hasselt

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chase Plus
15 1.8k 442 England
18 Mar 2020 7:17PM
Exposure way too much imho.
The timing is ok, capturing everything that is happening, I like the fact that this image tells a story or two.
I had a go with the highlights, far too 'gone' for me to do anything with.
I wouldn't love it either which is a shame, it is a busy image but lots of things actually happening.
Shame you cut off the other foot of the boy.
I did do a mod to see where I got with anything, only thing I thought of was conversion to B&W.
Sorry to be quite so harsh but I would have deleted this one Sad
dark_lord Plus
16 2.6k 695 England
18 Mar 2020 8:48PM
There is a lot going on, but that's part of street photography. A busy image may work visually.

Here, the main point of interest is at the bottom, so it is a shame you've just chopped off the foot. OK, that other foot isn't part of the focus of attentiom butis noticeable by its absence so there is incompleteness here.

Because the interest is lower down I'd crop some from the top of the image too.

exposure is a prob;em, it looks like the camera has been overinfluenced by the very dark background. in such cases I'd take and lock a reading from the brightly lit area and then recompose. An action that takes a fraction of a second to do.

In my mod I've lifted the shadows (and warmed them) and reduced the highlights to get some texture and density there. I reduced Vibrance as your overexposure has rather overlopaded the red channel resulting in a garish appearance and loss of detail which I can't retrieve. Its only a jpg here in any case, but if you'd shot RAW there may well have been more scope for manouvre to reduce saturation and retain detail in the reds.

The colour balance looks ok (apart from the shadows I already mentioned), its juist the overexposure that's had an effect on some coloiurs, as adjusting the colour balance didn't make any improvement.

mrswoolybill Plus
13 2.3k 2266 United Kingdom
18 Mar 2020 9:23PM
I think this goes down as the one that got away... You win some, you lose some. I want to see more on the left, and that cut off foot is a real minus - without the foot there is no sense of balance. Your comment that it doesn't really blend together sums it up. I guess this is how we learn.
18 Mar 2020 10:17PM
I was wondering why it didnt work as it is. Don't think there is too much in the photo. I rather think now that there isn't enough. There is an element missing. By cropping i attempted to bring the focus on the elements that are there, but only to see I am still one element short of a strong photo. That element could be left, but I rather like how the photo ends on that side, with the disappearing arm.
The missing foot. I know it should bother me, but to me that foot being there or not being there is not relevant for the photo being a failure, or a success. The missing element is. I think that missing part should be in the part i cropped out. On the rhs. It just wasn't there. Making my attempt incomplete :-(
Can't say what exactly that missing bit should have been. Could be many things i guess. But probably something unexpected or surprising. I think if it were there it wouldn't even matter that it's overexposed in the sunny areas. But expose the current photo properly, and I would still end up with a properly exposed miss.
This is just how i see it now. Think you all made valid remarks. A missing foot may not bother me, but may well bother all viewers, which makes it relevant. Same goes for the exposure issues. So yes... you win some, you lose some. This street photography as i really like it is hard. Up until this day I have never really succeeded at taking one that i consider as good enough.
mrswoolybill Plus
13 2.3k 2266 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2020 7:57AM
OK, one further thought. I was thinking about this last night after I logged off - maybe the clue to why it doesn't work is in the title 'Chain of events.'

There was a short sequence of movement going on which maybe did not actually include a 'decisive moment'. Reluctantly, I think there are things that do benefit from film rather than stills photography. I'm imagining this as a scene from 'The Kid', so Jackie Coogan and Charlie Chaplin. But that needs their coordinated sequence of movement...

And yes, it really does need that foot - for balance and also because the man's action draws attention to that bit of the frame.
iancrowson Plus
10 215 168 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2020 8:54AM
I rather like Janet's (chase's) BW mod. It cures several problems of the colour version.
You choose an area with lots of potential with the amusement arcade. I often take my x100F on such a visit, My grandson loves the machines. Having a child with you gives an excuse to snap away all over the place.Most of my shots are deleted later but I have had some goodish ones.
It is difficult to see the exact point of focus but I don't think it's the boy's face which it should have been. You were using aperture priority with f2.8 set giving 1/680 sec. Something like f4 or f5.6 might have been better, This would have given you a bigger depth of field (focus). with plenty of shutter speed.
I would have used spot focus mode , focussed and held the focus while recomposing. This can be done with even with the early x100 but need practice.(easy with a DSLR) Or manual focus. Being old fashioned I would also be on spot metering.
Colour balance is a big problem due to all those different lights. I shoot in RAW and auto colour balance and adjust post processing. But a child's face with a strange hue might be expected anyway in such a place!
`Keep on shooting, there are some great shots waiting amongst those noisy machine
dudler Plus
17 1.3k 1698 England
19 Mar 2020 10:26AM
The bright colour distracts, definitely, and hte mono version works better.

The foot? Once you spot it, it's annoying, though it isn't a fatal flaw in the composition.

For me, the real issue is an artistic one rooted in the technical side: the dynamic range was too much for the sensor, leaving some things way too dark and others approaching burnout. Martin Parr (your bright colours remind me of his work) tended to use a flashgun to even things out. That, on top of shooting medium format film, meant that he was not an unobtrusive observer when he shot the images that established his reputation.
19 Mar 2020 2:43PM
yes, the title. just quickly titled it when I uploaded it in critique. Generally for photos such as these, I think they shouldn't be titled at all. Either the title is misleading (missing the point), or leading (making a point the photo should make). So should have stuck with just the img number of the photo.
I'm strongly in favor of colors for this one. just let them scream. Flash photography is something I want to try out for a longer time. just didn't do much photography anymore over the last years. The plus mentioned about the mono, is for me at the same time the big minus. As often, I think it is used to flatten out things. To disguise (shortcomings). But it doesn't imo. For me Janet's mod (thanks for giving it a go btw) only shows that b&w is no improvement, no solution, but rather a flattened out step back.
Thanks for the mod Keith. Doesn't matter too much as it's a photo that can not be saved, but why crop out the cartoon hammer threatening tweetie?
Correct about the settings Ian. Often I'm not quick enough (thinking-wise) on the moment to adjust to the changing situations in front of me. Need to work on that
banehawi Plus
16 2.3k 4163 Canada
19 Mar 2020 2:47PM
Perhaps less is more.

Mods uploaded.
mrswoolybill Plus
13 2.3k 2266 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2020 3:00PM
As Willie says... he and I have been modifying on the same theme with different results. I thought - well if Tweetie is important, why allow the man's action to distract attention? So a crop to keep the lower part of the story a mystery.

It all depends on where you actually want the viewer's eyes to settle...
19 Mar 2020 5:40PM
Don't fancy the less is more mods Willie. I think it becomes very one-dimensional. Moira's mod is more in accordance to what I personally like (look for) in a photo like this. Just tried a square with on the rhs just the arm of the man in the bg as it mimics the boys arm, but still not happy with the result lol. it's probably too much in the shadows and bg to make enough impact for a juxta position.
I'm not really out to try something where the viewer's eye can settle (on a certain point). Often I like it when things are all over the place. When you have to look at the entire frame and discover new things within the frame. When they are happening everywhere (in the frame)
I would like to link to some examples that show well what I was trying to go for, but don't think links to another photosite are permitted.
But Jo Wallace's acuity press book finalist 2015 is a good example Smile

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