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Countryside Late Summer Sunrise

By DanBev
This was taken early morning 1st sunrise photos I took with my camera advice & opinions welcomed

Tags: Summer Sunrise Countryside Landscape and travel

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mrswoolybill Plus
13 2.3k 2274 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2017 8:29AM
Hi again, I'm glad that you are still persevering - you set yourself some difficult challenges! You are also thinking about composition, foreground interest, lead-in lines - that's good.

You ask for advice, I would say - think out your settings! You set to Shutter speed priority, which is fine, but then you set 1/1600 second which is way faster than you needed - it's faster than is needed for a lot of sports photography even! Remember that a very fast shutter speed allows very little light into the camera.

You also set a significant minus exposure compensation, but the camera will already have been underexposing. I suspect that you needed to lighten shadows in processing, and the result is a deterioration in image quality and a flat, dull look.

You were at your widest angle here, a shutter speed of 1/50 second should be safe if you are careful, 1/80 to be super careful...

There's potentially a strong composition here, with the lines of railings, pylon and power lines as foreground interest. To make best use of them you would need light catching those lines.

This will remind you of the sunrise, you were there, but as a small 2-D rectangle it doesn't have the depth or the impact to transport others there.
paulbroad 13 131 1289 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2017 1:49PM
Moira covers it. A good sky, but your technical settings are wrong and, for me, a steel fence and pylon are not the ideal subject matter for a pleasant landscape which would hold my attention.

dudler Plus
17 1.3k 1714 England
9 Feb 2017 6:56PM
As Moira says.

I'd use Aperture priority, and aim for a smaller aperture to allow me to keep the wires sharp. f/8 should work at such a short focal length...
DanBev 3 Wales
10 Feb 2017 12:26AM
Thank you for your views I will definitely take your words onboard I think I was aiming for subtle contrast between the unnatural & natural with the man made element, steel gates, pylons etc against the natural, sunrise, country backdrop etc. I took this before I had any clue of how to use my camera effectively I hope some of my newer pics r better now.
dudler Plus
17 1.3k 1714 England
10 Feb 2017 8:56AM
Thanks for the response, Dan!

I entirely get the contrast idea (and the current edition of Practical Photography suggests shots exactly like this one, in fact!)

If the contrast is the aim, focus on the hard-edged pylons and wires, rather tan the distance - though this is precisely the sort of subtlety that you will be learning, and didn't spot at the time you took the shot.

Keep shooting. Every day, if possible!
mrswoolybill Plus
13 2.3k 2274 United Kingdom
10 Feb 2017 12:04PM
Thanks for your feedback, it's so good when we get a conversation going.

I would echo John's advice above, if you are looking for this contrast then focus on the man-made story and allow the rest to sit back as background. And do look for light on those foreground elements. And check your settings carefully.
DanBev 3 Wales
10 Feb 2017 12:08PM
It's no problem Dudler. Your advice is much appreciated. I do take my camera with me everywhere lol so I try to take shots everyday. I really am at a very amerure level arm I would love to have some experience with established photographers as I do really enjoy taking shots whenever & wherever I can & would love to progress into a better photographer! I'm going out tonight for the lunar eclipse & snow moon so hoping I will get some nice shots hopefully as long as the clouds stay off lol thanks again mate
DanBev 3 Wales
10 Feb 2017 12:13PM
Thanks too you to Moira I will defintely be making sure my settings are correct from now on I think I've missed out on some real gems because my settings were off thank you again
dudler Plus
17 1.3k 1714 England
11 Feb 2017 9:49AM
With some reservations, I suggest investigating your local camera clubs. They vary a lot, and the best will encourage, instruct and mentor you. The worst will really put you off cameras and people. So have a look, see what you like, and join if they are your sort of people!

I always carry a camera (not quite true: usually two, and several lenses), so I encourage you to continue to do so.

'Amateur' means someone who loves what they do. 'Professional' means someone who makes money from something. Amateurs can have a completely professional approach (knowledgable, focussed, purposeful), and professionals can be amateurs (when I started reading Amateur Photographer in 1968, the Daily Express chief photographer wrote a column there: and he loved cameras, film, and pictures. He was far from being a great photographer, but his enthusiasm inspired me, and still does. If you see one of his books secondhand, grab it: his name was Victor Blackman.

And (of course) keep posting pictures here. We'll all enjoy the journey with you - certainly, people jsut starting out who have your thirst for improvement remind me of heady days in my teens, sponging up information like those super kitchen rolls... Which makes me happy.


dark_lord Plus
16 2.7k 699 England
12 Feb 2017 8:47PM
It's a great use of photography to contrast the man made with the natural, so well done for giving it a go.
Not every landscape has to have a 'pleasant' feel but it should make a point or make the viewer think.

It's down to your approach, and helpful advice has been given above.
You're in the right place to improve. Great that you acknowledge you want to get better too as that's often the first hurdle many fall at.
It won't happen overnight but if you take pictures regularly you'll soon get there.

Excellent definition of amateur and professional, John.
I remember the days of Victor Blackman too Smile
DanBev 3 Wales
13 Feb 2017 11:46AM
Thank you all, you've given me a lot of encouragement from your words of advice. Of course I will keep posting on here & I'll try my local camera clubs I know of too quite near me & I won't know what type of people will be there but I'm certain they won't put me off photography
Thanks again

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