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Dales view

By BiffoClick
A day trip in the Yorkshire Dales produced this image. Once again, the ISO is ridiculously high - caused by the idiot who set the Auto ISO (for which I take full credit). Camera settings now reset to something approaching sanity. Converted RAW to jpeg, dodged and burnt, border and contrast added - all in ON1 2022. Previous images have been resized to 1920 long edge pixels (the standard for competitions at the Camera Club) - this one has simply been converted to jpeg without the resizing. Hopefully this will resolve some of the detail issues in previous images ? As ever, I'm enormously grateful for the time and effort you put into helping improve the work. Enjoy your day, Ian

Tags: Yorkshire dales Landscape and travel

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dudler Plus
18 1.7k 1879 England
28 Sep 2021 10:47AM
The ISO isn't ridiculous (it's showing as 250) but the shutter speed is, right at the top of the camera's capability. f/3.5 might explain any lack of quality, especially if the AF wasn't picking up the right part of the frame. I'd suggest f/8 or f/11 for this, and focus somewhere this side of the stone wall.

Again, this seems to lack contrast, and I wonder what you're doing in processing... I've done a mod, upping the contrast.
dark_lord Plus
17 2.9k 784 England
28 Sep 2021 11:48AM
ISO looks ok.
What is questionable is using f/3,5, especially as you used aperture piority. It's an ideal mode or a landscape so you need to think about what you need to use, aperture-wise, for good depth of field and image sharpness. Unless that wide aperture was left over from another shot.

The colour image may be an accurate poprtrayal of the conditions, and may bring back memories of a day out for you, but while a contrast boost helps, the flat lighting, anot very characterful sky and no strong foreground interest conspire against drawing the viewer in.

The scene has potential, for example with low angle sidelighting (such as at a different time of day or later in the year) or a sheep in the foreground.

The walls and lines of trees do have interest and that's why I've gone for mono in this particular case.
I darkened the sky (there is detail to be extracted), lightened the yellow and green channes, further lightened the foreground and boosted contrast. In flat conditions, mono will take the amount of contrast that would make a colour version look garishly wrong.
mrswoolybill Plus
14 3.0k 2462 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2021 2:33PM
As above: it's F/3.5 that's dodgy. ISO isn't ridiculously high, but it is unnecessarily so, as is shutter speed. Always keep an eye on the settings that the camera calculates, something like 1/8000 second in normal daylight should ring alarm bells!

A lot of people swear by auto ISO, I never touch it. For me it adds to the potential for what can go wrong...

And meanwhile back at the ranch... It was an attractive view standing there, but as a composition it looks unplanned, unstructured. The clump of reeds seen from above is way less interesting than that stone wall. The wall would give real foreground interest, particularly with that kink, and the dip in the ground immediately in front of it, but there's a lot of empty foreground separating me from it.

I'd want to move in on that, and use a longer focal length. Remember that shooting wide angle pushes the landscape further back and risks creating an awful lot of empty space in the fore- and middle ground. And then shoot from a lower pov, to give importance to the wall.

This is a situation for moving round, backwards and forwards, and downwards, looking to see what the camera sees.

I too would be interested to see the original. It doesn't look particularly contrasty, but there's a distinct white halo immediately above the hilltop.
chase Plus
16 2.2k 584 England
28 Sep 2021 3:02PM
Hmmm, I m with the others here, F8 or F11 would have been a better way forward as this looks a bit wooly generally.
I can see why you took the image, a nice place with a great view.
The halo along the mountain tops is a bit distracting, I attempted to remove that in my mod, duplicate the layer, grab the clone tool se to 'darken' and away you go.
I would have used my feet and gone much closer to that pretty wall but at an angle, as a straight on view it does it's job and puts a barrier in the way of a viewpoint.
Now if there was a fallen tree or a stump in the fg that would have given you something to ground the viewer, it's not really a focal point as it stands.
In my mod I sorted the halo as has been mentioned, cropped quite heavily from top and bottom.
It is good to see something a little more recent from you, keep on keeping on.
The comments and the modifications are very helpful.
Thank you.
banehawi Plus
17 2.5k 4272 Canada
28 Sep 2021 4:18PM
The camera produces images that are approx 8200 X 5500 pixels.

The image here is 1300 X 1300, so there a significant crop. Is there any chance you still have the largest one you could upload?

Also, is this the original sky, or have you replaced it?

The time of day is a major part of a really good landscape shot, most shot in the early morning, or very late evening to take advantage of low angle lighting which produces shadows and contrast. Like you I and many others tend to be out in the middle of the day or early afternoon when the light is less than ideal.

It looks underexposed, - and this combined with Auto white balance rather than daylight (you can easily change this in RAW processing) makes the image rather dull. Detail is reasonable.

As mentioned above, using the lens wide open (f/3.5) at 18mm have 2 issues; one is the image will be sharper stopped down even one stop; and second, the depth of field you usually need for landscapes would be smaller, f/8 and under.

So things to learn there and be aware of.

I addressed the issues I mentioned in my mod, but would love to see the largest jpeg, the one converted from RAW with NO other processing, if thats possible. The more we see the better the feedback we can give.

By the way, I am a huge fan of auto ISO and use noting else, ever. So set it and forget it!


pamelajean Plus
15 1.6k 2238 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2021 4:49PM
An amazing shutter speed for a landscape where nothing is moving, Ian.
However, it's a nice scene, and I love that winding wall.

Get nearer to the wall so that it becomes an important element in your frame. Look for some good light to get contrast and texture on its stones, and try to get some light on those hills too.

If I were to do a modification, it would be just like Janet's, so I won't do one.

If you can remember to do it, it would always be a good idea to upload your original with your CG entry, as a modification, because we seem to frequently be asking for the original.

mrswoolybill Plus
14 3.0k 2462 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2021 5:05PM
Thanks for coming back to us. I've added a mod - simply a crop, I haven't touched anything else, others have done that. For my eye it sits more comfortably in the frame, and makes the view more accessible.
Thanks again for all your efforts. I have taken note of all the comments and suggestions and I'll keep trying. I'm incommunicado for the next few days, but I'll be back - hopefully with some greatly improved images. Kindest regards and thanks. Ian

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