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By Eviscera
I like this image , and the fluidity that goes to accompany !

Its , of course not mainstream.

The notion was of Alice , still occasionally searching.

Its an attempt at conceptual art.

Tags: General Specialist and abstract

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Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
30 Jan 2010 9:10PM
Some music in the maelstrom of its thought , Changes
jools59 13 4 1 United Kingdom
30 Jan 2010 10:10PM
Love the creativeness and the work that you have put into this Dave....awesome...Jools
knackeredoldman 14 120 7 United Kingdom
30 Jan 2010 10:11PM

If you wanted to create a 'horror film' type mood then I think you did great job. It is scary image that looks like it has a story associated with it.


wideangler 13 8 Wales
30 Jan 2010 10:46PM
Very Dark. A worrying image that, I agree, could have a story written around it. Everyone would have their own ideas for the story - lots of material. It wouldn't be a 'bedtime' story though! Her eyes arouse the pathos of her situation which seems hopeless; she's close to giving up: she's damaged, she's covered in dirt, damp and insects; it appears she's contained by glass. Her throat is at least going to be sore and someone has hit her hard on the cheek with a monkey wrench. She's got some colour so I guess she's still alive but the pathologist might get the chance of disputing that. If I write a book can I consider asking you for this to use on the cover??
banehawi Plus
18 2.9k 4336 Canada
30 Jan 2010 10:56PM
Terrific work as always, and impossible to critique!

BUT, - I can express some preferences:

I like that greenish/yellow tone, and applied it lightly over the red face/lips, - too red for me.

I added space left and top.. and continued that fluorescent light through her head coming out on the left.

Eyes a little bigger, and some extrusion distortion on the right, with a contrast boost right side.

Its great to work on this shot, - such imagination, or were both completely crazy.

magicbox 16 1 United Kingdom
30 Jan 2010 11:43PM
Why dont they look for us ?
Daisymaye Plus
14 25 24 Canada
31 Jan 2010 2:37AM
She looks like something really bad has happened to her. Very creative and great work.........Sandy
taggart Plus
18 47 15 United States
31 Jan 2010 2:43AM
Very disturbing-- telling us something is very wrong--

but there is hope --if she can find a way out of the tangle/..........
User_Removed 19 16 1 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2010 8:40AM
it has so many ways to look at this, the emotional whirl is excellent

paulbroad 15 131 1294 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2010 9:27AM
Must applaud the technique, but I find this very disturbing and unpleasant to view. Not a picture I like to look at. Purely a subjective comment.

DaveU 16 1.4k 127 England
31 Jan 2010 10:14AM
Seems to me you have a clash of two styles here Dave. There's the flaking paint/skin and scratched overlay on the one hand, and then the rawness and reality of the face on the other. I'd personally prefer to see more of the flake overlay on the face itself, or less of the overlay on the neck .... one thing or another if you see what I mean. Personal opinion though.
User_Removed 17 7 8 Netherlands
31 Jan 2010 10:55AM
I like the upper part a lot Dave, the flaking skin is less appealing for me. I think that DaveU gives a very good unbiased analysis directly above me. I go for the realistic side if this and would really like to see that photo, plain and simple as you took it, and post-processed in a more realist way. But that's personal taste, the best advice is DaveU's I guess.
sherlob Plus
16 3.3k 133 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2010 11:35AM
Feels very hollywood to me. To me the crack in the neck says 'silenced'. I won't offer a critique regarding technique - I'm not sure thats what your after.

costas 15 2 2 Greece
31 Jan 2010 2:47PM
Superb image I agree with Adam
jken 16 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2010 3:31PM
Highly creative Dave, i like.
cirrusminor Plus
15 380 3 England
31 Jan 2010 3:55PM
Alice has been left waiting many centuries for his return
and maybe she wonders if he ever will!
She has been left battered, bruised, with wounds still weeping
Was her ear removed through self mutilation?
Im sure there is another clue in her ear but I cannot make sense of it yet... I see more in the top left quarter... reptilian?

The forground 'scratchy texture' is a vital clue to who Alice is searching for.

Regardless of my interpretation IMO this is a fantastic piece of art
The skin tones of her face are a perfect contrast to the background
The only part that doesnt work for me is the skin tone of her neck and the relative sharpness of the flake.

But then I ask myself... have I missed a point here?

Only you know Dave Wink
Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2010 4:03PM
Hiya ,

Brilliant advice , Thanks ,

I do like your mod Banehawi ! She seems scared to death now but I wasn't going to go that far , clever.

mmm , I think the problem I've got right now is not knowing when an image should stop being processed.

Daves spot on with the clash of styles and Henri also with its pure roots. I absolutely love pure clean intelligent photography. I also absolutely love extending the emotive and atmosphere with my kak.

Sure I wouldn't hang this apart from in the nightclub , just wondering why I cant seem to get a satisfying image.

Thanks so much.
Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2010 4:10PM
Tim, we must have been synchronising at the same time !

Thanks , It is a deep reference to Alice after all , the note is tucked away under her chin on another layer. To follow...

oops , wideangler , welcome.
Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2010 6:09PM
Super mod Di !

Turns the serious into fun , about time I did as well hahah.

Im going to listen to Abba for a whole week and see how that goes Wink
cirrusminor Plus
15 380 3 England
31 Jan 2010 6:15PM
I aint playing pool with you till you're out of ya abba phase!
Who knows... Village people might follow!
Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2010 6:17PM
That would be strictly cum dancing then !
cirrusminor Plus
15 380 3 England
31 Jan 2010 6:26PM
Hmmmmn... We'd get barred mate! Wink
Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2010 6:43PM
Its like the music does often influence how the result comes out !

Please slag this image off big time , I don't mind , its getting deleted anyway . Start large and work down.
31 Jan 2010 7:54PM
Disturbing Dave. In a good way. Creative genius as usual.

More Evanesence...
SueEley 16 279 96 Wales
31 Jan 2010 8:06PM
I agree with comments on the neck, but the eyes speak - like the way you have masked and emphasised the expression.
Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2010 8:17PM
Wow Ken , that's so cool a link !

Got the GSX 750 , but you corner so well . That squeeze to tell him to switch off his indicator , just sums up your precision ! Thanks mate.

Thanks Sue ! shame this will be history x
imagio 16 12 1 England
31 Jan 2010 8:26PM
WELL... If she stays will she turn? If she goes will he look for her? meanwhile her life is ebbing away! decisions? Are there vampires about?

Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2010 8:39PM
Loads Bernie , Thats what's making me mad , the shadowfall.

I just cant carry on unless I know.
tony64 18 204 9 England
31 Jan 2010 9:46PM
I like the rawness to this Dave, there's more emotion in it for me. Again maybe its because the human face draws you in.

I like the effects you have used and the overlays, although I think you've used that cracked paint effect several times and it sort of spoils the creativeness when I see something I've seen in another one of your images. Sorry about that Dave, but I know you respect my honesty and I know you know its meant with a supportive heart.

I think your in touch with your mojo more so now than ever before!

Rock on Evanescence! Where's the new album eh?!

All the best,

Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2010 10:21PM
Thanks Tony , isn't this the hardest of media ! Sucks me dry.

But its only a night of contemplation,

Edit , Ive deleted that texture right now!
DP_Imagery 18 24 6 Wales
31 Jan 2010 10:50PM
For me the only change I'd contemplate would be to bring back a little of the flesh tone into the neck whilst keeping the texture overlay, particularly the crack/gash. The fraility of the flesh in the face of adversity combined with the still evident beauty and the seeking eyes is beautifully illustrated. The contrast between this girl, the concrete enclosure and the hint of green gardens beyond suggests of something better beyond. I hope Alice finds that garden.

Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2010 10:58PM
tops Bruce , mmm , Thats great tonal advice, thanks.
Cor 13 Belgium
1 Feb 2010 7:30AM
Born >>>> to suffer- torment - vulnerable - i give her a blue lagoon.
andmolliethedog 17 120 11 United Kingdom
1 Feb 2010 11:41AM
Worrying..I don't even like looking at her...but somehow I can't let go.
Scaramanga 15 60 6 United Kingdom
1 Feb 2010 12:12PM
Read the critique before I viewed the image. I think if the texture on the neck was blended in a little subtely it would work. And blended in a little more on her "ear" side. But then again it looks to me more like a reflection and this possibly wouldn't work. The first mod looks a little like Keanu Reeves. A little fake and plastic. Nobody does this type of work like you, keep it up.
Suehh 16 39 6 England
1 Feb 2010 6:25PM
This is a fabulous as all your work - but it is almost TOO powerful - I felt such an emptiness and sadness when when viewing it - and yet at the same time it is mesmerising and I had to look over and over. Very disturbing - but brilliant. Sue
Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
1 Feb 2010 6:55PM
Fair points , and thanks . mmm I didn't think my stuff was worrying , thats worrying then !
1 Feb 2010 9:38PM

Quote:Wow Ken , that's so cool a link !

Got the GSX 750 , but you corner so well . That squeeze to tell him to switch off his indicator , just sums up your precision ! Thanks mate.

Dave, I was actually telling him to slow down. I'd just past a speed camera Smile lol
Scaramanga 15 60 6 United Kingdom
2 Feb 2010 12:37PM
Featured images can't be deleted.
Diana 16 2.0k 19 Netherlands
2 Feb 2010 12:48PM
it does get your attention as a E2 featured, her look just draws you right in

Decisions have been made !

you know..... what is so good about your images with people in them IMO

you dont seem to aim for any traditionality in eye contact or whatever, but you achieve it ....that gaze thingy you do .....

often mezmersising yet always haunting
Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
2 Feb 2010 1:57PM
eh ? thanks , I just got in , cheers Bernie , what a gent !

Off for a rummage and try and whack something up later.
pennyspike 19 2.1k 29 United Kingdom
3 Feb 2010 12:23AM
A potent mix.
It looks to me as if the bug has just finished eating its way into her head after first munching away at her ear.
As usual you have produced a thought provoking image which like it or not packs a powerful punch.
Poor Alice.

Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2010 4:24PM
Spot on Penny ! , what a weird mind you have Wink
Cronk 18 6 United Kingdom
4 Apr 2010 4:07PM
This really is a magnificent piece of work Dave. Astounding technical and artistic ability and the look in the girl's eyes tells so many stories and they're all for the observer to write for themself.
Brilliant stuff.
Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2010 5:50PM
Thanks everso Paul , been a bit mojoless and the last one I had to delete cos someone said it was disturbing , tsk !
Cronk 18 6 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2010 6:00PM
Viva la disturbing!
Eviscera 16 1.1k 149 United Kingdom
5 Apr 2010 7:05PM
Your right ! Bloody heathens Wink

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