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Eden #6

By johnnyboy114  
So, another upload of Eden.

Now, I have taken on board all the comments and good critique from the previous uploads, especially the last one. I knew that one was already flawed, so that info that was given has been used here.

So, the setup is the same. Standing in the corner of a white room with a large window either side of her and a reflector in front and to the right. Thats all the light there was.

Originally, there was a red cast from the hair reflection and this was noticed before and noted by me. I have tried (although I am not too sure successfully) to tone down the red cast over her and tone it a bit more "correctly". I have also burned in the more over exposed and blown areas around the outer edge of the arm around the tattoo and I have added a touch more sharpness and contrast to a few areas. I have brought the exposure down just a touch overall and a touch around the face to bring a touch more detail in.

The crop I couldn't do anything about as it was done in camera, so that isn't touched. But the comments from the other image that is similar to this that I previously uploaded were very much of the idea that there shold be more of a tighter crop. So I thought this shot might be a bit more along that brief to do some work to.

The pose I can't do anything about now, its done and I appreciate the comments about the hunched shoulders, the bad hand positioning, the straight ahead pose, the head forward position etc etc....all of that is taken on board, so not a lot I can do about that now and take it to the next shoot.

But I have done "some" touching up, but its minimal, but hopefully its noticable and has had a positive effect. Please let me know what you think......thanks!

(P.S. Still not entirely convinced I have reduced the red cast....)

Tags: General Portraits and people Flash and lighting Nude and glamour


29 Apr 2012 8:07PM
A delightful picture. The model is amazing. Very gently and directly.
Regards, Oleg.

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miptog 14 3.6k 63 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2012 8:30PM
Colour cast seems to be the main issue. Uploaded a mod with white balance adjustment in Light-Room. Using the original RAW, assume you have that, would produce a more pleasing result. The question is why didyou get the colour cast in the first place?
NEWMANP 11 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2012 8:39PM
hello, i enjoyed doing the last image so its only fair i follow through again,

you must not take things that i say totally as negative because there is a lot right to start with in the image and the last one too come to that. you must know yourself what you like about them and im sure you enjoyed working with this lovely model.

what im trying to get at is look at the model, look at her strong points and make beautiful images that she will appreciate and that say something about her and her character.

the lighting and the colour balance are neither here or there if you nail the subject if that makes sense.

she is undeniably beautiful, has startling eyes and a work of art on her arm, and for me that nails the lady
do i want to see anything else - ?, black panties, cupped boobs, bits of tattoo under the arms, akward to crop bottom end etc.

in truth i dont think id have taken anything here other than the top half so i did a pretty quick crop mod which isnt technically brilliant but is no more than to show how much more , less can say.

look at the crop only as technically i did little else other than a little glam glow.

what do you say ??
johnnyboy114 11 231 106 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2012 8:39PM
I already said....the colour cast was light reflection from her hair and it was there in the flesh, not just from the image itself. I tried moving the reflector around to try and bleach out the red but the colour in her hair was SO strong it was almost impossible.....I tried the white balance tool in LR myself when working in RAW, but it didn't remove the cast from the skin. This has already been W/B corrected.....
johnnyboy114 11 231 106 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2012 8:54PM
Phil, I totally agree about getting the person, and the look.....she wanted to show off the tattoos and wanted a certain "look" that was inspired by some images she found and loved from a magazine. The poses and the look are very much based on those, so although I directed to look like the image and get better out of her "technically", the rest of it is down to what she wanted. So, my impact is there, absolutely, but I had an image to work with that she wanted to emulate. I think we kinda did it, but I guess thats when photography all suddenly becomes very subjective. No-one is right, no-one is wrong....just a difference of opinion. Which is why photography fascinates me so much Smile

Its strange with the crop, as the "cropped" image I uploaded was criticised for being too close a crop, yet the one you have done is along the same path. So, its interesting to see how things differ, yet don't at the same time.

I do like the images, especially in context of the set we shot. There are flaws, no doubt, but I do like the feel of them. She is amazing to look at, there is definitely something good about her and she liked them too. I would love to try a few things out, rectify things etc, but I take all the crit on board and take it again to the next shot. Thing is, I will never be perfect and neither will anyone I guess its when do we stop nitpicking and when is criticism valid. At the moment, all that has been said so far is very valid, but I have seen some real world class photographers do work that isn't much different to these and yet, because they are who they are, they don't get criticised. I would LOVE one day to see a massive name upload a photo under a pseudonym and see how they!

Phil, don't worry, none of what you said is taken personally. Its all good criticism and my points are always in counter or in answer....never defence Smile Appreciate your feedback Smile
29 Apr 2012 9:34PM
i have loved this set of images you have done with Eden. Its one of those occassions when everything "works". The thing i find with critique is that by offering it up it is often an invitation for it to be picked at, which is fair enough. As you say though the whole thing is subjective and then you get different "critiques" some loving one thing and others dismissing that same thing as a negative, and to that end you just go round and round and round.

If you like it, if the model likes it, if it's getting printed in a mag for my money that is job done and the rest is immaterial
puertouk 8 1.1k 17 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2012 12:11AM
I think everyone has really missed this shot for what it is. The model has stunning bone structure and eyes to melt any mans heart. In the original, this is not coming through. I have cropped the image, made adjustments in PS and feel we have the true female coming through in the image. I would try to get the model to try on various coloured wigs, but I think personally a dark hair one would be stunning with her green eyes. I hope you like what I've done.
RLF Plus
9 18 4 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2012 7:57AM
A very beautiful lady. Great capture.Smile
Sooty_1 9 1.5k 221 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2012 11:37AM
Coming to this quite late, and I think you have the taking part pretty well nailed. You will never get rid of a red cast from her hair when she is so close to the walls, without extensive PS work, so what you have done already looks fine to me.
The problems I see are all to do with preparation.
I like Stephen's crop (but not the tonality) and I like Phil's. If you wanted to show her head and shoulders, then you should have stopped there - those big pants are most unflattering, and including the tops of her thighs just accentuates them. You already know the pose is uncomfortable looking and there are tweaks to her position, so I won't go into them.

Lots of potential if you can work together often.

johnnyboy114 11 231 106 United Kingdom
30 Apr 2012 11:45AM
The pants are a matter of taste. I don't have a copy of the image that this was influenced by, but the pants on that were even blacker and, it was the models choice. Not mine. I just had to go with what I was given in that respect. She had a remit for the publication, I did what I could.

You're correct about the red. Difficult to deal with in the light and the post processing I could only do a little without wrecking the image altogether.

As for the head and shoulders shot, I did as I have always done and was taught by a very well known photographer.....take full length, three quater and headshots all in the same sitting. I have variations of all of these images and this was one of the three quater length shots. The previous image was a bad version (for critiques sake) of the head and shoulders shot.

Can we see some of your work please Nick? Ta! Smile
30 Apr 2012 2:16PM
omg some of those mods are truly horrific .. sorry guys but if you are going to offer crit and THEN upload a mod it has to be better than the orginal and 2 in particular are just dire
Dude forget the negatives great shot smouldering eyes the girl is smokin hot. Nothing negative to say at all. Except well done nice effort
banehawi Plus
15 2.2k 4067 Canada
1 May 2012 12:40AM
It looks a lot better to me Johnny.

johnnyboy114 11 231 106 United Kingdom
1 May 2012 10:47AM
Thanks Willy. I did wonder what it would look like on other monitors. Hope the tweaks were enough to address some of the issues....

Thanks for all the other comments too. Appreciated!
BURNBLUE 13 13 1 United Kingdom
1 May 2012 10:51AM
Like this J. Well done.

johnnyboy114 11 231 106 United Kingdom
1 May 2012 10:56AM
Thank you Simon Smile

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