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End of a dream

By G3
This is a rather poor picture of the studio I put together. I have been overseeing the health care of my mother for the past 6+ years and this was in one of the spare rooms. Mom fought the good fight but a few weeks ago at 98 ,
age and alchimers finally won. In those years I tried but with little success to find models to work with. I so envy the beautiful ladies I see here on a daily basis. I even tried to sign up with Model Mayham--filled out all their forms but never got any reply. Their right to reject me but I would at least like to know why. So now I`m the caretaker of this fine old home till family can settle its demise. In the mean time Ive given away some of my studio furnishings and am packing up the rest to store somewhere. And so the dream ends

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10 Dec 2009 7:41AM
awesome.. really touching..
User_Removed 13 736 4
10 Dec 2009 8:03AM
So sorry to hear of your loss.
DeSilver Plus
13 14 12 England
10 Dec 2009 8:06AM

Mynett 12 142 6 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2009 8:13AM
sad story such a shame
andylea 12 37 1 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2009 8:21AM
MickS 16 23 14 England
10 Dec 2009 8:45AM
watcha Gerrry,
never give up on your dreams,
Lose your dreams
and you will lose your mind.

Jagger/Richard, Ruby Tuesday
Mourn the your sad loss then you have to get on with your life
jools59 11 4 1 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2009 9:07AM
Sorry to hear about your loss.....but MickS is sooooo right.....never give up!.....hugs....Jools Smile
johnnyboy114 12 231 106 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2009 9:13AM
Couldn't agree more. Not sure if you posted here to get reactions to your very sad story, but this is not a reason to drop everything and give up. I would say this is now the perfect opportunity to throw yourself into it wholesale and completely and totally and the extra time you will sadly have on your hands can be concentrated on networking with people on here, going on studio shoots, getting to know people and the models and ideas will come your way, word of mouth and a little bit of nouse.....

Everyone has a bit of a kicking sometimes, me included, but its how you use those times.....and this is to your advantage now. Use it wisely and enjoy what you love....don't give up, ever......your mother would never have wanted you to. Make her proud at least.....
mrswoolybill Plus
14 2.5k 2343 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2009 9:41AM
Sad, very sad story. Bereavement, the loss of the last of a generation, selling and moving - all are traumatic. Don't let the dream die, but allow yourself some time for healing. Mick is completely right above, and it's never too late to try again.
minicooper 12 536 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2009 10:36AM
Can't add to what others have already but don't give up on your dreams.
colmar 13 42 35 Scotland
10 Dec 2009 12:30PM
Contunue to chase the dream .... don't allow yourself the question what if later in life seize it now and as said above throw yourself into making the best of it that you can. I of course am so sorry for your loss, go make her proud !

Richsr 13 91 223 England
10 Dec 2009 1:05PM
Sorry to hear of your sad loss. But as others have said it is now an opportunity to start a fresh a realize your dreams.
Regards Richard.
gary_d 13 576 13 Wales
10 Dec 2009 2:38PM
So sorry to here the sad news. - gary
goso 14 2 1 Australia
10 Dec 2009 7:30PM
Chin up mate - they reckon time heals most wounds. This is the start of the rest of your life - spend it well...Bill
Roly 13 Wales
10 Dec 2009 9:22PM
Sorry about your loss but maybe you should have a re-think about giving up your studio.
14 Dec 2009 1:21PM

Quote:Sorry to hear of your sad loss. But as others have said it is now an opportunity to start a fresh a realize your dreams.
Regards Richard.

I agree, sorry for your loss.
A Booth 18 11 4 United Kingdom
21 Dec 2009 8:02PM
some interesting stuff in there Gerry, can't a New Year rethink be on the cards. Happy Christmas to you.
Rock 18 10 2 England
2 Jan 2010 9:05PM
Never give up the faith !

EAS 11 1 13 Scotland
6 Jan 2010 7:05AM
Striving to fulfil our dreams is too important to give up! Keeping reaching for the stars! This is a fascinating image. All those model heads remind me of the contravensial display hanging from the ceiling in Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow! A little spooky, but fascinating.

polly470 11 25 8 United Kingdom
8 Jan 2010 8:39AM
So sad a story - new beginings are exciting though... even if it is sad and scary at first - who needs a studio anyway - there is always a good window somewhere!!! My favorite window is over a rather dodgy old sink - doesn't look cool but keeps you on your toes with the challenge!!!
Really good luck,
PatriciaWilson 16 617 58 Greece
14 Jan 2010 5:35AM
Hope the new year has brought a change of heart.
Best wishes to you.
Patricia, X
morpheus1955 14 3 2 United Kingdom
18 Jan 2010 8:42AM
So sorry for your loss, as people tell me as one door close's another opens, all the best for the future and the realisation of your dreams what ever they maybe.

mudge 18 1.0k 75 England
19 Jan 2010 1:20AM
Sorry for your loss, but you must agree 98 is a good innings even though the last few years could not have been easy for you!
My photographic advice, for what it's worth, is to get away from the house and try a few new / different projects on something like landscape or natural history, and then, when you have come to terms with your loss, continue to persue your portraiture ambition
Brilane 14 5 12 Wales
20 Jan 2010 4:03PM
Here is no. 30, for a poignant picture.
I hope that you are getting over your sad loss, and beginning to pick up the loose ends, don't give up. Brian
AnneWorner 13 620 43 United States
27 Jan 2010 5:41PM
Sorry for you loss, and I know that you had a hard time with this. We dealt with an older parent with Alzheimer's also.
But I echo what has been said above, that you should give yourself some time for healing, and go after another course in photography.
Thanks also for this image. I'm trying to set up some lighting in my house, and it was good to see this set-up. The wigs were a surprise, and maybe I'll get one of those for myself!
29 Jan 2010 10:16AM
Sorry to read your comments, don't give up something you enjoy so much; I've not long started and this photography bug gets bigger each time I pick up my camera.
All the best,
mikbee 13 3 8 Scotland
29 Jan 2010 2:20PM
Don't give up !! I went through a ''bad patch'' many years ago.In a fit of madness,I threw every bit of darkroom equipment I had in a skip,and set fire to all my pics and negs in my back garden.!! It is something I bitterly regret to this day !! Give yourself a little break to recapture your thoughts.And anything you do,ask yourself, ''could I regret this in the future'' !!
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
30 Jan 2010 11:16PM
Dreams never really end, Gerry - they metamorphose! Sometimes it is actually better for something to remain a dream than for the harsh realities to kick in. Very best wishes to you. Smile
metro074 11 8 Australia
2 Feb 2010 3:23AM
Your dream ends when you give in. Keep going, your mum did'nt die at 98 for nothing!!
conniemay 11 4
7 Feb 2010 4:54PM
nice intimate snapshot of your private life.X
bunbeam 15 2 United Kingdom
10 Feb 2010 11:51PM
sorry to hear about your mum... shame you have to dismantle..
great shot
imagio 14 12 1 England
11 Feb 2010 10:10PM
Dreams never end, its people that give up on the dream, so follow your dreams, I did..sorry for your loss..

14 Feb 2010 11:07PM
Take time, reflect and take some more time - remember the good things about the studio activities and the 'bug' will bite again - if this 'dream' ends perhaps another brighter one can begin?

Sorry for your loss.........................Pat
riprap007 16 1.6k 37 England
24 Feb 2010 10:23PM
and new dreams may now begin, this time the shapes and forms may differ, but new dreams none the less... an excellent write up to accompany a strong image
TyChee Plus
16 275 1 United States
25 Feb 2010 1:37AM
I'm very sorry for your loss. Hang in there. Like many have said. Never give up on your dreams and passions.
t_downes 12 279 United Kingdom
27 Feb 2010 10:16AM
Nice to see you have started to add more pictures. Don't give matey. I lost both mine in the same year and that knocked me down to the ground. But they knew i liked taking photo's and they would be cross if i give up. So i got up off the floor and started getting the camera back into action. And im sure they are very happy with me. Ps i miss them soooo much. As for models do you have friends with children or wifes or girlfriends.Even aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters There,s lots of ideas here for you. Sometimes i have to chase after them until they give in. Im still trying to find a women who is prenant an is willing to let me photograph her. And im not getting the wife pregnant just to take some photos, now that would turn out expensive.
1 Mar 2010 10:09AM
Sorry about the bad news!
I always believe that as one door closes, another door opens. I hope for, and wish you all the best in whatever you find behind that door!
PattiW 15 24 2 United States
3 Mar 2010 12:53PM
So sorry to hear of your mothers passing. How wonderful though that she made it to 98! HOLD FAST TO YOUR DREAMS! Although it is difficult we all must at some point in our lives put the past behind us and move on. Grieve_because one must, take care of what must be taken care of then throw yourself into your dream!
God bless,
GalleryGirl 13 4 2 United Kingdom
5 Mar 2010 5:48PM
Very sorry to hear of your loss. Keep the dream alive and go for it.
I wish you all the best.

Marilyn x
8 Mar 2010 12:19PM

Quote:Very sorry to hear of your loss. Keep the dream alive and go for it.
I wish you all the best.

Marilyn x

and here You have friends,mate
nickyv32 Plus
13 135 England
10 Mar 2010 7:43AM
Dont let your dreams go, your wishes will come to you when you are least expecting them, sorry about Mum, I am going through a very difficult time with my Mum at the moemnt, at least she was a very good age

13 Mar 2010 9:46PM
Sorry for loss, i agree with all... dont lose the dream. dont through away the talent
20 Mar 2010 3:48AM
Sorry for your loss - I agree, don't give up on your dream !

miptog 15 3.6k 65 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2010 8:13PM
Follow your dreams
User_Removed 12 1 8 United Kingdom
22 Mar 2010 6:08PM
ditto all the above mate Wink

LynneJoyce Plus
12 22 101 United Kingdom
8 Apr 2010 9:44AM
I hope you can come to terms with your loss and cope with the organisational nightmare that it entails. Maybe a change of dreams is called for here - landscapes or macro. There is so much that you can turn your talent to. Good luck.
Jat_Riski 12 89 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2010 1:54PM
So sorry for your loss, very touching story, don't give up after clouds sun shines.
cjl47 13 5 3 England
12 Apr 2010 7:59AM
Sorry for your loss. My mum went in 1972 with cancer aged 48yrs.
I was called out for the third time in 24 hrs yesterday to my 87yr old dad, trouble with his TV. Num1 he broke the digi box, num2 he had turned the tv off with the remote, num3 no sound - he had pressed mute then picked up the box and dislodged the scart lead.
Happy days, should be grateful we still have him.
TheWanderer 11 20 2 United Kingdom
13 Apr 2010 8:15PM
Sorry for your loss.
Phil1958 12 272 4 Wales
13 Apr 2010 11:41PM
Sad to hear about your loss but as most have said - don't give up!

Paree 15 616 3
20 Apr 2010 10:58PM
oh this is so sad, and poignant
hope you find peace,

do what i do,
i say
well this is how it is,
and i can just give up
get up and get going,
and that's the best way,
just keep going
one day at a time
Jekaro 11 1 United Kingdom
12 May 2010 9:09PM
Everything already said, Gerry, just don't give up.
15 May 2010 12:31AM
Never give up! You WILL get models believe me I was lucky getting the two girls I did as they liked to pose adn were in my class, otherwise I would have been lost purestorm is another website like model mayhem try there

Dont give up, lets see more uploads! You obv still have a keen passion for it Grin
davey_griffo 11 213 165 England
1 Jun 2010 5:30PM
I agree with the sentiment of Mick & others. Don't give up on your dreams. Sort yourself out, get a new place if you have to, & keep plugging away. Surely Model Mayhem isn't the only agency? It'll be their loss if they miss out on your talent (I'm particularly refering to "True Friends").

Best of luck for the future, mate.
Oh my goodness - this is so touching. I am so sorry and hope that you will continue on with your art. I admire your talent and much appreciate your helpful comments on my photos.
Sending you happy vibes Smile
dawnmichelle 13 12 United States
30 Jun 2010 3:47AM
So sorry about your loss.. my heart goes out to you..

Hope you will follow your dreams
13 Jul 2010 10:11PM
Sorry about your loss! Don't give up tho...there's always a way!
JudeC 13 6 3 England
16 Jul 2010 8:19AM
Hey - don't give up - no-one wants to model for me either!! You need to join a photography club (if there is one nearby) or start your own and have an evening where you pay for a model to come in - your Mum sounded like a great old lady I am sure you miss her a lot - Jude.
1 Aug 2010 6:36PM
Ditto all above, Loss is tragic, as your personal loss is to you, your talent and eye for photography (which looking at your pf, you clearly have) would be a loss to many. Life is fleeting, pictures live on. All the very best - Tracy
agingrocker 11 28 1
13 Aug 2010 1:28PM
really sorry to hear of your loss. Don't give up - you've got great talent
TonyWatson 10 1 England
25 Aug 2010 11:16AM
Sorry to hear of your loss ~ Not the end of a dream, just a new chapter and perhaps time to move on to new work.
Freila 10 107
26 Aug 2010 10:29AM
Hi Gerry,
I am new to Photozine. I can see from this photo you have a lot of very good friends. One of the reasons I love my camera so much is it use as a sense of escapism. So Gerry pick up your camera again and give them the photo they have been waiting for, come back and join in the fun. you have got a week ! I will be waiting and watching. best wishes
Freila ( a new friend)

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