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Enjoying Sunrise

By pptbudi
Just enjoying lovely sunrise, Modified Direct Sunlight White Balance A-B (B1) G-M (G1), Modified Vivid Color Profile reduce contrast to min brightness to max Saturation + 1 Hue -1 and Sharpening to min

Tags: People Landscape and travel


annettep38 Plus
8 219 42 Costa Rica
5 Sep 2019 1:00AM
Unfortunately I must admit that I don't speak Panasonic, i am fine with Spanish, Assembler and French. So I didn't understand what you did.

It is a wonderful scenery , difficult to shout in the hard light . In principle, you mastered it well. only 2 things immediately came to my mind.
The man dissolves into the dark background, we can't guess what is there. The same goes for the bright zone, it sortof lackss definition.

So all i did is correct the basics in Lightroom and I used the brush in the highlights .

And then I cropped that bit off, because it is a bit distracting, but that is only me.

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annettep38 Plus
8 219 42 Costa Rica
5 Sep 2019 1:17AM
then I did what I was itching to do in the first place and put it into Silver efex, Did the panatomic X conversion, lifted the shadows, use a bit of dynamic brightness reduction, put in a few control points to recover structure.
I am sorry about the grain, recuperation was difficult.
And now I noticed something else.. I had a considerable lens falloff and the chap isn't sharp. So I suspect a smaller aperture might have helped, you were at ISO 100 and there was certainly some room
GeorgeP Plus
12 51 22 United States
5 Sep 2019 2:36AM
Looks like a wonderful location to view the sunrise but not so good for recording the occasion. The light goes from almost total darkness on the left to overwhelming brightness from the rising sun on the right. The scenery also seems to change from lush vegetation on the right, to barren volcanic (?) rock on the left. In the middle of all this is the subject: the chap wearing dark clothing and with highlights on his face, arms and legs. I do not think you could have picked a more difficult subject. The modifications loaded by Annette show what can be done with software: raising the shadows and decreasing the highlights, but software cannot restore pixels that were all white or all black. This is a situation that calls for an old-fashioned optical graduated filter something to block some of the bright light on the right and allow a longer exposure to capture detail in the shadows. If you have not thought about adding filters to your arsenal, I recommend you check out a ND graduated filter and also a polarizing filter. These were common in the days of film but are often forgotten in the digital age: a mistake as there really is no way to adequately simulate them is software.
dudler Plus
16 927 1516 England
5 Sep 2019 8:03AM
OK. I'll start from somewhere else. I love the picture, and in the main gallery I'd be voting for it, and considering a user award.

Why? Because, despite the technical challenges, there's so much atmosphere: I feel as if I'm there, and I want to stay. Man gazing out of his dark cave at the bright sunlight of the world. It's primal.

Did you shoot in RAW? If not, you missed a trick in taming the extreme contrast. The adjustments you record (which seem to be in Nikonese, rather than Panasonic) are largely to do with colour rather than tone, I think. And the adjustments to tone (contrast to min, brightness to max) suggest that the exposure was wrong to begin with... Manual exposure, again, and an uncoupled lens (the EXIF shows f/1.0, usually a giveaway, and no focal length.

Which lens was it? 50mm again?

Exposure will be challenging in this situation, and the one thing you really, really should have done is take a series of shots at different exposures - it's called bracketing, and you should use it where you are not 100% certain that you understand the light and exposure perfectly.

I quite like both of Annette's mods, though they lose some of the mystery... Maybe a slightly lesser extraction of detail?

The rock in the bottom right corner... Actually, I like it. It closes in the whole composition, holds it together in a way that matches the atmosphere that I like so much.

It's a location I'd go back to time and again, if I lived anywhere near it, to see how different light and weather affect the results.
mrswoolybill Plus
12 1.6k 2078 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2019 8:35AM
Great atmosphere, but...

My first thought was that this is a classic example of something that we see so often. A scene that was wonderful 'in the flesh' but nigh on impossible to convey adequately in a small flat rectangle.

Second thought, there's a wonderful image on the left but the lens flare caused by strong light coming in from the right has messed it up. I would definitely be rotating the camera a bit to the left, and then cropping.

I am off to try a mod...

mrswoolybill Plus
12 1.6k 2078 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2019 8:52AM
Two mods now uploaded. I cropped to get rid of the flare on the right which for me messes with the balance. Then quick adjustments using the Camera Raw filter - increased exposure and contrast, lightening on shadows, and I cooled the colour by a few % which I think improves the colour of the water.

The crop loses the breadth of the view but creates the sense of a private place. When I worked the b&w conversion in Nik Silver Efex I added a frame and a bit of Burn edges, to enhance that sense of privacy. Plus a bit of Selenium.

The crop works better for me, viewing this as someone who wasn't there...
chase Plus
14 1.2k 259 England
5 Sep 2019 10:26AM
That is a very difficult scent record using only one frame and Johns' suggestion of bracketing would have probably been the way to go with such extremes of light.
Could do with the young man much sharper in the image, agin bracketing would help as you would be able to use a much better focal length.
I did attempt a mod for you.
Cropped to put the chap on the left third, increased contrast on the rocks to the right and lightened with levels to give a slight shaft of light falling onto your subject.
I do like this,;lovely location. A second visit would so be in order.
banehawi Plus
15 2.1k 4032 Canada
5 Sep 2019 1:35PM
Congratulations! You've achieved precisely what you wanted.

Very soft, very moody, low contrast on the right side (not on the left). Its not everyone taste, but its yours, and I like it. Theres many different ways to process this as you can see.

The highlights on the person on the left are a bit too hot, - Ive toned them down, and although you say brightness was set to max, the right side can be even brighter, - done in the mod. That slight crop was not intended...

Well done on achieving your objective

dark_lord Plus
15 2.3k 586 England
5 Sep 2019 2:15PM
You have achieved an atmospheric result which as John says would get some votes in the main Gallery.

However, it's not perfet.
Composition I'm happy with.
The sun is low but it's out of frame so using a lens hood would have reduced that flare.
Focus is soft on the figure. That's the point of interest the eye goes to so it should be sharp. If you're using a lens at full aperture here it's not been successful, and with a static subject that you can take your time with, stopping the lens down to a smaller aperture is requiored.
Bracketing exposures is good but you may not get one that's just right. Whyat you will be able to do is combine two of them, taking the bright aereas from one and shadow detail from another, using Layer Masks.. That way any adjustmnets you need to ,ake in software will be much smaller and result in much , if any, image deterioration such as increased noise which happens when you try and get detail from heavy shadow areas.

Very close and worht another go at this location.
5 Sep 2019 3:23PM
I like this. Very strong mood. As people have said, the figure isn't sharp, and it would be better if it was, but the image works in spite of that.

I'd like to suggest a black and white conversion, and I'll upload a mod to show what I had in mind...
I cropped the image and converted it in Nik Silver Efex, applying the "pinhole" filter. Then I just did a bit of dodging on the figure and the area immediately around him, to make him a little more visible. Nothing else.

pamelajean Plus
13 1.2k 2088 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2019 6:03PM
You've had lots of comments, Budi, and some interesting modifications.

This is indeed an atmospheric image, and speaks to me of quiet times alone. I like the darkness on the left side, but not so much of the brightness of the right. Moira's first modification appeals to me because of that sense of privacy and of being alone by choice. That's the atmosphere you have caught here.

I wouldn't want to brighten your subject, I like him just as he is. The crop would be enough for me.


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