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Female Portrait

By admphotography    
another image from a photo shoot at a 21st birthday event I covered in Leicestershire this was the first time I have actually attached a flash gun and used one for that matter this is a field of photography I am actually starting to like more than the other types of photography I've done

Tags: Woman Eyes Face Party Head Female Candid England People Leicestershire Leicester Portraits and people Individuals

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banehawi Plus
15 2.2k 4095 Canada
8 Apr 2018 11:47PM
Its very nice overall.

Where was the flash mounted, - on the camera? Was it bounced, or did it have a diffuser? The exif indicates no flash fired, but you were there!

I would reduce the yellow skin tone a bit; allow a little more room at the bottom for complete elbows; position her so theres a drape fully behind, - Ive added in a bit in the mod.

The mod also has exposure lifted just a bit to avoid hot spots on her face; it looks as if muck of the light came from above?



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mrswoolybill Plus
13 1.9k 2168 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2018 8:44AM
Willie has covered it nicely. I would just add -

Watch how everything fits into the frame. Your model looks a bit nervous, and you wanted a longer frame including hands. In such circumstances it's good to let her hold something (there are hints of the security blanket in this.) So the glass was a good idea. You have her eyes at a comfortable distance from the top of the frame, but at the bottom you have clipped the base of the glass and the edges of her forearms. If you had asked her to lift the glass just a bit higher, to bring the base into the frame, this would be much more engaging for me. It would also bring the two parts of the frame, face and hands, closer together.

Secondly she's not looking at us, she's not posing looking out of the frame. This is somewhere uncomfortably between the two. The effect is that she seems to be avoiding our gaze. Again I suspect that she was a bit nervous - it's important to engage with her, not just concentrate on the technique. Keep talking, ask her questions, look for direct communication.

She might well have felt more comfortable sitting down.
dudler Plus
16 1.1k 1603 England
9 Apr 2018 2:17PM
Picking up o nthe EXIF data, a flshgun, of any sort, ought ot be allowing you to shoot at far lower ISO, and a smaller aperture as well.

The settings you've got are in the region I'd expect using only ambient light - as is the colour cast and lack of shadow... Though I'd expect deep shadow in the eyes, if hte ambient lighting was only on the ceiling.

It would be helpful to know what sort of flashgun you used, and whether there was any sort of light modifier on it - a softbox, for instance...

The more yo ucan tell us, the more we can help you!
Robert51 11 7 97 United Kingdom
10 Apr 2018 8:39AM
Nice shot but always try to check the background in portraits images. By moving someone a few steps to either side can make a lot of difference.

The mod I have change the background but in this type of shot it needs the backdrop of inside the house.
hi dudler the flashgun I used was a speedlight YN560 IV I did not use any softbox or modifiers sometimes it would fire and sometimes it wouldn't fire
paulbroad 12 131 1288 United Kingdom
10 Apr 2018 10:40AM
Why on earth are you at ISO2500 and using flash? A complete contradiction of technique. I hope you are not acting as the sole photographer at these events because you need to look at your technique very closely!

This may seem rather harsh but are you sure you fully understand how your camera and system works? You should have been at ISO400 maximum and you should not commit to jobs for other people unless you have that basic skill.

Your model looks awkward and nervous. She is also glancing away from the camera when the pose strongly suggests a need for eye contact.

Use this section to learn and go back to basics. Understand the camera settings. what ISO means and does. The higher the ISO the lower the quality even on modern gear.

I'm being a bit strong in order to be kind.

dudler Plus
16 1.1k 1603 England
10 Apr 2018 3:00PM
OK. It's a budget cameratop gun, and that's possibly why it isn't providing as much light as Paul and I think it should. It's also possible that you have the power turned down.

It worries me that the gun wasn't firing all the time - this may be because of the automation in the system, and it reckoned that it could make the picture without flash - this would explain the appearance of the shot that I commented on, and the fact that the EXIF data says it did not fire.

I suggest sitting down at home and exploring the gun's controls - take a load of pictures, and make sure you are in complete charge and can predict what it will do. You should reckon to use up at least one set of batteries with your experiments. In particular, try setting it manually, and seeing what effect using different power settings and different apertures on your lens has. Do everything at 100 ISO - and maybe post one or two results here, if you have any questions as a result..

It's not a gun I am familiar with - all of my flash equipment is far, far older, and far less versatile.
paulbroad no I was not the main photographer I was just there to learn from a friend who has been doing this a while and she was not looking directly at me because she was looking at him as he was taking the main pictures I was just trying to take pictures as it was happening I don't mind the harsh comments that's the whole point of uploading to here and we all got to start somewhere i may not be perfect but I do and am trying I was at the high iso because I weas struggling with shutter speed but again im no expert and im not claiming to be
dudler Plus
16 1.1k 1603 England
15 Apr 2018 8:53AM
Andrew, it's dawning on my, fairly slowly, that you were trying to get settings that satisfied the camera's meter, as wel las using flash.

If you use flash, it's the source of the light, and you don't need to take any notice of what the meter says. Just set as the flashgun instructions tell you. So I'd suggest 100 ISO and f/8 as the starting point for your experiments.

Don't worry - we all started soemwhere, and we all have some epic failures deep in our memories. Just occasionally, someone will share a moment that they now feel ashamed of. But we learn more from a mistake, carefully analysed, than from everything going right all the time...
15 Apr 2018 11:43AM
thanks, dudler yeah I was trying to keep my meter as close to zero as possible as I thought that was what was needed as I mentioned I've never thought of using a flash before and this was the first time I've ever used one in my life this type of photography is a whole new ball game to me its a lot harder than press photography what I've been doing thank you for your comments I'm gonna go back and keep trying with your suggested settings my freind maybe should have explained to me to ignore the meter but for some reason he just let me crack on like that this is why I like this site because you guys keep me right I am looking into buying my own flash gun ive been looking at the new canon flash what I can set to full auto mode as well as a new 5d mk4
dudler Plus
16 1.1k 1603 England
15 Apr 2018 12:57PM
Can I suggest keeping it basic? Get on top of what you've got, for now - Canon guns are rather costly, and there's real benefit in learning the basics in a basic way.

I shall think about specific ways to do that with your gun... Please drop me a direct message if you want.


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