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By Phanuel
This was shot in aperture priority

Tags: Flowers and plants fruits and flowers

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mrswoolybill Plus
14 3.0k 2462 United Kingdom
21 Sep 2021 1:39PM
Hello again. This is the next stage in your photography course, you said that it would involve using aperture priority, which is definitely a move up from auto. But were you given any guidance as to what to do, how to choose an aperture?

F/22 is tiny. It gives you very considerable depth of field (distance between the nearest and furthest planes that will appear in acceptable focus); but it will also result in some reduction in image quality. It's risky too if hand-holding because you may end up with a perilously slow shutter speed. And frankly it isn't necessary.

And meanwhile are you getting guidance on other aspects? This was taken out of doors with the sun high in the sky, probably the least satisfactory conditions for outdoor photography whatever the subject. (Look at the blown highlights on white petals, and at how harsh the light is on the table top.) The camera was not parallel with the subject. And an arrangement like this will work best either viewed directly overhead or from a much lower viewpoint.

Now... I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, it's not directed at you. I'm just concerned as to how much guidance you are getting, and how much feedback. There's an interesting exercise to be conducted here, compare F/22 with a wide aperture; but using more suitable light.


mrswoolybill Plus
14 3.0k 2462 United Kingdom
21 Sep 2021 2:00PM
I've uploaded a very quick modification: rotated to straighten; brightness and contrast reduced to try to counter the effect of overhead sun.

The word photography literally means drawing with light. I hope that you are learning how to use light, to work with it rather than against it. That's a good starting place!
dark_lord Plus
17 2.8k 784 England
21 Sep 2021 3:44PM
This is a good subject for aperture priority as depth of field is an important consideration. A small aperture is good as that will give a large depth of field to cover the subject. That said a narrow depth of field from a wide aperture is an alternative.
However, f/22 won't give the best performance, and given the shooting angle and the arrangement being in a sigle plane, f/16 to n/11 would, I think be sufficient.

I too would like to know what guidance or suggestions you were given with the assignment as to use of aperture, and anything else. It'sall relevant and helpful in terms of providing appropriate critique.

That's it as far as aperture is concerned.
Have any other aspects of photography been discussed? I'm thinking along the same lines as Moira when I mention the slightly off ki;ter composition and the harsh light.. Arrangements like this look so much more pleasing when they are straight, but if you want them at an angle make sure it's a definite one and not something that looks as though it's done in a hurry.
Harsh light kills the delicacy here. Moving into the shade would ive a much softerlight and allow the fine details to show. You'd need to adjust the colour balance to get the same warm rendition but that's another standard procedure.

Maybe light and composition haven't been covered yet (pl;ease let us know) so this may be jumping the gun but there's no harm in mentioning it as it will be useful for the future.

It's a colourful and interesting arrangement so it's worth coming back to this for further shots.
On another note, make sure the lettering on the owl isn't visible. It's a small distraction but there nevertheless. It'd be different if it were a manufacturer's logo and you were doing a product shoot.

Your thoughts?
banehawi Plus
17 2.5k 4272 Canada
21 Sep 2021 3:53PM
Youve achieved the objective of shooting in Aperture priority. The camera makes the decisions except for aperture, which youve chosen. Did you set ISO to 200, or did you set it? Do you normally have ISO set to Auto?

Some observations that may help. Youve shot this facing the Sun, ahead of you and to the right; it would be better to stand on the other side of the table to avoid the light reflecting off the table into the lens, and perhaps the camera might have chosen different settings.

Selecting f/22 as an experiment is fine, and you should try the same scene using different apertures for comparison, f/5.6, f/8, f/11. You will see that the shutter speed is faster, and you avoid a pitfall with very small apertures called diffraction, where the image sharpness starts to degrade. Its usually advisable to use no smaller than f/11 unless absolutely necessary.

The mod is similar to Moiras, as the original is affected by reflections, I reduced exposure and highlights, as well as straightening.

Hope this is helpful,


pamelajean Plus
15 1.6k 2238 United Kingdom
21 Sep 2021 4:38PM
Hello again, Ivan.

I assume this is the "shapes" assignment?
If you made this arrangement yourself, I think you did a great job.
Can I ask why you have uploaded this 3 times in your portfolio?

It would have been a good idea, while you are looking for shapes, to include the whole of the table, using it as a frame for your bowl of fruit and flowers. I think you could have easily achieved that.

The top of the table is not straight and I'm afraid it's the first thing a critiquer will notice. Do you know how to straighten an image? It's often the first thing most of us have to do in post-processing. If you are able to put a thirds grid on your camera screen (see your instruction manual), it will help you enormously when getting straight images, especially when there is a horizon in a scene.

I hope you are staying enthusiastic about learning all of these things, and that you are starting to feel confident with your camera.

dudler Plus
18 1.7k 1879 England
21 Sep 2021 5:12PM
I know it would be a long job, and a difficult one, for you to set out what your course is taking you through, but I'd like to check whether your tutor has told you about the link between aperture and focal length when considering depth of field.

Depth of field increases as you stop down (bigger numbers), and also as you zoom out (wider view). Alternatively, you can deliberately go for a wide aperture and a long zoom setting to isolate a subject against a blurred background.

It's well worth taking a series of images of a subject with sharp detail (a brick wall is a really good test subject) and trying each aperture and focal length, with the focus locked on one specific brick. Do that and look at the results carefully and you will get a real understanding of depth of field in practice - and thus why some of us use aperture priority most of the time.
mrswoolybill Plus
14 3.0k 2462 United Kingdom
21 Sep 2021 9:48PM
John has listed in much greater detail than I have done the sort of information that you need to know before you decide on an aperture. It's not just a matter of setting the camera to aperture priority and pressing the shutter release, you need to choose an aperture appropriate to the focal length you are using, the subject matter and scenario, and the effect that you want to create. I hope that you are being given this info!

Just for reference, have a look at my gallery uploads today and yesterday. Both use exactly the same aperture, but the effect is very different due to the other factors involved. Today's was taken using a longer focal length and focusing on an area close to the camera; yesterday's was taken at a wider angle, and focusing on a plane at some distance from the camera.
chase Plus
16 2.2k 583 England
22 Sep 2021 4:19PM
Hi Ivan,
Think you followed your brief from your tutor and taken an image using Aperture Priority.

Was there anything else that your tutor wanted you to be aware of...composition, colours, light, time of day etc ?

Perhaps you could have experimented a little more and taken several images using different apertures, that way you could see the difference depth of field would give, or are you only allowed to take one image?

How does your tutor mark your efforts, does he/she give you feedback ? if so please let us know the tutors thoughts.

The very first thing to do with this is to straighten it, then check your exposure...overdone here because of the strong light.
Try to get parallel with your subject, this one shows me you were looking downward onto the table ,lower than the camera.

Like Moira, I am just a little concerned about guidance from your tutor, there is much more to consider when pressing the shutter.

You have a couple of nice modifications using fairly basic post processing techniques and some great advice from my Team-mates too.

Please do join in the conversation here, let us know what you think about our comments, we will always do our best to help you move on with your camera.

Learning is a very steep curve !
24 Sep 2021 1:35PM
Thank you all for the comments I had to redo this shoot. We were working on depth of field and I didnít quite understand the assignment will load the new print I did.
mrswoolybill Plus
14 3.0k 2462 United Kingdom
24 Sep 2021 2:23PM
Looking forward to seeing that!
chase Plus
16 2.2k 583 England
24 Sep 2021 2:28PM
Great stuff, thanks for letting us know.
dudler Plus
18 1.7k 1879 England
26 Sep 2021 1:06PM
Thanks for getting back to us. The more you tell us upfront, the more we can help...

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