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By shoguntofu
shot on mobile, edited snapseed. Minimal contrast adjustments

Tags: Nature Black and white

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iancrowson Plus
11 215 168 United Kingdom
14 Feb 2020 11:45AM
It is difficult to see what is in this photo. It is far too dark. I notice all your recent images have been too dark. A number of people have given advice and made mods but you keep posting images without improvement.
You don't say what advice or critique you require.
If you want to know if your images have merit post them in the ordinary gallery and see what votes and comments you get.
I personally don't get them, I don't understand their meaning and without the mods would be left guessing as to the content
Sorry to be blunt
iancrowson Plus
11 215 168 United Kingdom
14 Feb 2020 11:52AM
Critique Gallery
To Uploaders: To assist critiquers, we ask that you to tell us about your image: what you intended, any processing you've done, if you had a specific idea about how the image was supposed to look, what areas you feel need improvement, and to provide us with your EXIF data. We recommend that you refer to the guidelines for Posting Photos in the Critique Gallery.
14 Feb 2020 12:03PM
it's a tree stump that is shape like an abstract figure. The dark theme is for thematic mood of struggle. I upload a lighter version.
14 Feb 2020 12:15PM
Uploaded a mod. Lightened that one, Up the brightness and adjusted on the contrast. So which is more better to represent the mood for it? Do I need more shadow adjustment?
14 Feb 2020 12:25PM

Quote: I notice all your recent images have been too dark. ----

I guess I've been doing it wrong to give my shot a bit nod of a film noir dark characteristic in it.
iancrowson Plus
11 215 168 United Kingdom
14 Feb 2020 12:37PM
Well spotted, I can see what it is now.
Your photos should represent the mood of the subject and please you. If they do this you are getting it right.
You don't say what phone you are using, FLR MX is your phone camera or an android app I think? My thoughts are that you are not using either the phone camera or Snapspeed to their fullest potential. Neither do you seem to be taking advice given in the critique gallery?
You have created some atmospheric images along the lines of film noir. Whilst you are good at spotting meaningful subjects you must work at the technical aspects of photography. I have seen some amazing photos taken with phone cameras. The main limitation is where a larger print or viewing on a larger screen is required.

banehawi Plus
17 2.5k 4272 Canada
14 Feb 2020 1:23PM
You need to assign the sRGB profile to all images uploaded to the web. This has a B+W profile which will appear different than intended depending on the viewers browser, means of viewing, etc. Converting to sRGB makes a difference.


14 Feb 2020 2:00PM
"this was taken via a mobile phone (local brand, not the branded ones like Samsung, etc.) and post edited in Snapseed. I'm more leaning to getting like an icy coldness in some my shots so it's like a cross between being blue and BW. as for the tech side, I set my mobile to BW setting and just point and shoot. then I do little post editing in Snapseed and that's my process."
Shoguntofu said this about one of his previous uploads. I assume this is more or less his standard modus operandi.
First of all, I really like how you look at the world and its details around you. This comes across in several of your pics in your pf… this one, but also plea for entrance and labyrinth. It's something you don't see enough on epz. So please keep em coming Smile
You will get things wrong often, sometimes because conditions (lack of light for example) are not good enough, sometimes because the material you shoot with, which just can't always translate what you have in mind into a good photo. Sometimes because the photography dots (which angle gives me a better result? which distance? dof or no dof?...) in your own head haven't connected yet, or not enough. But this photo shows again that the eye is there, and the mind behind the eye. Too often though, allthough I think I know what you were going for, the result is disappointing to me. This one, like the subject. It was immediately clear to me. Not sure why the image doesn't have enough impact. Perhaps the viewpoint is a little too high? Perhaps a little too isolated? Be careful with sharpening. Or converting to b&w, or contrast. Sometimes the part around your subject becomes too sharp, contrasty, and weakens the strenght of the subject itself.
One advice. Even if you like b&w, shoot in color. it's so easy to convert it to b&w. But if you shoot in b&w, you can never return to color. I am sure btw that many of your subjects will look good, if not better in color. But it's something you have to learn to love. But again, even if you stick with b&w… at least shoot in color.
In this case, I like the mod more.
Hope you can upgrade your Phone soon, or buy a camera (one with a big lens is not needed for what you shoot more an inconspicuous one). When I see what you already do with the current material...

mrswoolybill Plus
14 3.0k 2462 United Kingdom
14 Feb 2020 2:50PM
Hi again, I've looked at this a few times since it appeared, trying to put a few thoughts into words. I immediately saw a torso here. But it could have been a lot stronger, I think. Ian and Koen (MediumSize… ) have pretty well covered what I have been trying to formulate.

I would just draw attention to:

Quote:You will get things wrong often... sometimes because (of) the material you shoot with, which just can't always translate what you have in mind into a good photo.

This is the problem really that I see here. There's a big difference between experiencing a subject 'in the flesh', moving round it, maybe touching it; and seeing a small rectangle on a flat screen. You were there, you saw what you wanted, but then it's about translating that into communication, something that will enable other people to feel the same about the subject as you did.

Two suggestions - don't just use the obvious angle, looking down on something that is on the ground. Get down lower, try different angles. I think you know that already...

And pay attention to the light. Photography means drawing with light, light is everything. Watch how it can mould a subject, convey three dimensions. This needs light catching the wood!

I'm really enjoying your uploads, partly because there is absolutely no risk of a near-identical image from someone else appearing on the next row in the gallery.

I'll echo the advice about shooting in colour, and then thinking about b&w conversion as a separate process. You are limiting your options unnecessarily at the moment.
mrswoolybill Plus
14 3.0k 2462 United Kingdom
14 Feb 2020 5:47PM
I will just add that Ian is right - if you see in your images what you wanted to capture, if you are happy with them, that is the main thing. But you need to decide whether you want to communicate to others, and if so to try to look at your work objectively. That can be difficult...
dark_lord Plus
17 2.8k 784 England
14 Feb 2020 8:11PM
You can certainly pick out a subject.
As said if you like the result then fine but to get others to fully appreciate it the feedback given above and on your other uploads needs to be at least considered.

Editing on a mobile screen is full of piotfalls because they aren't as good as a good monitor and aren't calibrated. That may be another reason they appear darker here.

Another reason to shoot in colour and convert to black and white is that you have finer control over the result, even I guess using Snapspeed (John is more familiar with that app).

I can see what you were trying to express here. Mono is a good choice as colour can be a distraction.

But, let's forget mono and even the darker look of the main image, there's something else that is more fundamentl and that's viewpoint. By standing above your subject it appears squat and foreshortened. A lower viewpoint would make the subject more recognisable and put over your message more stronly (I take it eh background is a wall so shouldn't be a distractive element).
dudler Plus
18 1.7k 1879 England
14 Feb 2020 10:14PM
Try tweaking Drama, or Ambience in the Adjustmenst of Snapseed.

And make sure that there's something in the midtones and shadows...
chase Plus
16 2.2k 583 England
15 Feb 2020 2:57PM
This is well spotted by you and does indeed look like a figure.
Your edited image seems. again, far too dark to see any kind of detail, the lightened one is much better.
You really do need to give us a little more to go on.
We have given you lots of thoughts and advice on your images, maybe it is about time you considered posting a few into the main gallery now.
16 Feb 2020 1:57AM
Thank you for all your comments and I appreciate it a lot. I definitely ponder on your advices. I guess I still have some birth pains in doing good photography. I have no formal training in photography so this is baptism of fire for me so to speak. Ill continue the going the route Edward Weston has taken when he presented Pepper No. 30 which is not giving to much information on the viewer on one viewing of the photo. Again thank you very much 🙏
16 Feb 2020 2:15AM
And also the route of Zdzisław Beksiński 😁
dudler Plus
18 1.7k 1879 England
17 Feb 2020 9:13AM
I understand the desire to emulate the masters - but we can always help you more if you tell us more...

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