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Paddy 18 254 8 England
18 Jan 2003 10:28AM
very could use this for would make a beautiful card...(5) from me
Mavis 19 143 2 England
19 Jan 2003 10:02AM
Glowing beauty . Such a fantastic shot .
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
5 Feb 2003 6:31PM
Fantastic exposure, works really well. In terms of the crop I'd take off a small amount from the head so it doesn't look like you've clipped it by mistake and you could lose a touch from the bottom to throw even more emphasis on the belly.
sneaky 18 132
30 Apr 2003 10:11AM
lovely ...
kissfoto 18 1
1 Oct 2003 3:41AM
Great shot.Good shape and I agree the lite is spot on.
lovelylindax 17 16
16 Mar 2004 10:30AM
Spectacular Magda - so beatifully lit

Linda x

well done on the EC - Pete has great taste
lovelylindax 17 16
16 Mar 2004 1:15PM
gosh, just called back to have another look at this gem - where are they all Magda?
Folk must be asleep today. Cant wait to see all the clicks by tonight though.
Was the lady really pleased with this?
I dont usually see pregnancy as beautiful!
Linda x
PatriciaWilson 17 617 58 Greece
16 Mar 2004 3:38PM
This is one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen. I don't know anything about lighting, exposure and stuff, but this,,, moved me to tears. Thanks for sharing it.
magda_indigo 17 418 England
16 Mar 2004 3:58PM
This lady is my daughter-in-law then expecting the first grand child. We lived a few hours away, so didn't see each other often. When they called to say they'd visit, I started racking my brain. I wanted to make a super special, tasteful portrait. I watched her, and after a meal, i saw her sitting, and holding her belly with so much tenderness. During that night, I just pictured it, et voila, the result. This has won a prestigious award on the Continent, and was used by Peter Bargh for ephotozine last year at Focus. A lot of people have told me that she's like looking into a glass ball, the future...Thank you, (*:*)
sas101 17
16 Mar 2004 4:58PM
Brillant Magda, wonderful composition, so serene! Getting near the big day myself but wouldn't look half as good as your daughter-in-law!
16 Mar 2004 7:09PM
thanks for your kind comments.
this photo is particularly remarkable.
mystery and creation: same meaning.
ariel a.
vince 17 48 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 7:18PM
WOW Magda well worth the EC award. Lovely siluet with the light just soft enough in the right area congratulations.

You succeeded in being tasteful and showing her caring.


Vince Smile
seven21 17 259
16 Mar 2004 7:20PM
Wonderful image Magda - deserves all the praise heaped upon it. - steve
vince 17 48 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2004 9:41PM
DOE! Spelling mistake.. silhoutte Smile
lovelylindax 17 16
16 Mar 2004 9:51PM
Wow Magda, just read the above summary of the history of this wonderful image and now I can see why its extra special and was in fact inspired! Brought a tear to my eye - seriously! love it

Linda x
16 Mar 2004 10:00PM
This is a fantastic shot love it well done
ovi 17 11 1 Romania
17 Mar 2004 12:50AM
That's wonderfull Magda,very simple and so profundis.I think everyone who's looking at this picture would like to be a mother or a father.I'd like to.Thank you for my Portrait(good suggestion).
funkeldink 17 1.6k 1 Australia
17 Mar 2004 11:00AM
mesmerising and wonderfull
highlander 17 32 Scotland
18 Mar 2004 10:04PM
I like the silhouetted aspect of the shot especially the hair...the light on the tummy features well. great composition and good camera work.
18 Mar 2004 11:15PM
Beautifully taken shot Magda, the lighting is perfect as is the silhouette. Many congratulations on your EC award, thoroughly deserved.

ruzzi 17
19 Mar 2004 12:03AM
WOW Magda it's an Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photo,congratulation!!!!For the grand child,the competition & the EC!
patri 18 3 Italy
19 Mar 2004 10:08PM
A great immage well worth the award, I do think it's something special, keep on doing things like that. Congratulazioni per il bellissimo lavoro.
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
20 Mar 2004 12:09AM
Visited your portfolio so many time and yet only ust seen this one. Seems like a whole gang of us saw this late as well. It is simply the best of its genre.
aworan 17 145
25 Mar 2004 1:32PM
Madga, i really, really, really love the originality (IMO) and simplicity of this shot. Congrats on the EC and good luck in being a grandmother and your D-I.L in being a mum. The child is going to love this picture in years to come!!
26 Mar 2004 5:36PM
great shot, congrats on the EC, very well deserved!!!

BrianM 18 136 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2004 6:06PM
Congratulations on the EC for this superb image. The use of B&W & almost a silhouette removes the extrenous colours/patterns which this shot so obviously doesn't need and which, indeed, could have degraded it by taking attention away from the subject hereself.
tj Plus
18 2.2k England
2 Apr 2004 4:16PM
Fantastic shot! Well deserved EC! ;D
4 Apr 2004 5:52PM
Excellent idea and composition. Deserved award indeed!
My regards!
notabimbo 17 9
8 Apr 2004 12:01AM
Wonderful, Magda.....congrats on the EC, very well deserved.
I LOVE the way you have kept the focus on the tummy. YOur DinL should cherish this one for some time to come.
clarkycat 18 89
9 Apr 2004 11:04PM
This is fantastic! I'm working in a studio and am always up for new ideas! This'll give me great inspiration. Just wish I could think of something that original! Well done

flossie 18 1.6k
12 Apr 2004 8:52PM
How did I miss this one Magda, so glad I found it now ...what an outstanding picture, in fact it has to be one of the best I've seen on here, just beautiful.
jimthistle73 17 2.4k 1 United Kingdom
13 Apr 2004 10:16PM
Fantastic use of controlled lighting to highlight the "expected one".
We don't need to see her face to read her emotions - her body language says it all.
Stunning portrait.
grahammul 18 120 United Kingdom
14 Apr 2004 8:27AM
Very original Magda and a very well deserved award.
Origami_Owl 18 786
16 Apr 2004 5:34PM
What a beauty - such a gentle image, very well lit.
23 Apr 2004 1:26PM
Excellent image with a good control of contast and tonal range.
ginz04 17 281 20 United Kingdom
2 May 2004 10:11PM
Hi Magda
this is a lovely picture and quite hard to do a white background and a semi silhouette tummy. Pose, lighting is great. whats happened to top of her head has that been touched up it looks slightly faded in comparison.

well done.
debbiehardy 17 363 United Kingdom
11 May 2004 6:30PM
I wish I'd had a pic of me in pregnancy like this. Superb. Full of promise!
17 May 2004 8:38PM
Knockout, mind blowing shot,congratulations on your EC, thoroughly deserved and couldn't happen to a nicer person.
twistor 18 80 United Kingdom
19 May 2004 7:36PM
Great image. Well Done *click*
seator 17 5
30 Jul 2004 3:44AM
WOW!!! one great or I can call this one of the greatest photos I've ever seen. Excellence at its best. No words to express myself. Great for a cover of a book on the theme. Kudos and **Super Click**
a11sus 18 568 Northern Ireland
2 Aug 2004 7:38PM
Magda, this is superb. I would love to hear from you just what equipment you used and how you did the "spot". Ii would love to recreate this.

Isn't it funny how great photos hang around for ages! They never go away!
clarkycat 18 89
5 Aug 2004 3:42PM
Magda, As you may have noticed. I said this will give me inspiration... Well it has, a very close friend of mine has just had a baby and I did some shots of her when pregnant, (there is one already on my gallery) Well I created on similar to yours. It's not exactly the same but definitely inspired by. The lady loved it. I was hoping for your permission to stick it on this website. Would love to see what you think!

tubbsy 17 8
5 Aug 2004 7:59PM
Gorgeous portrait. Apart from the obvious qualities, I actually find the silhouette of her face and hair very aesthetically pleasing too.
daringdaphne 17 82 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2004 3:29PM
It's out of this world. Classic. super D.
wozzy666 18 22
8 Aug 2004 12:04AM
I love this if only I had thought of this while my wife was pregnant der!
keep up the great work
geosan 17
22 Aug 2004 7:19PM
Absolutley Beutiful.. George
jellylegs 17 59 Ireland
25 Aug 2004 2:37PM
Excellent. Brilliant lighting. (click).
26 Aug 2004 12:44AM
I really like your style, and I hope one day I'll be able to do some similar work of my own. Thankyou bye the way for your comments on my work, it really helps to have some constructive criticism by someone who knows what they are talking about.

ankita 17
28 Aug 2004 2:53PM
hello magda, this is a lovely photograph, it dosen't look good that I comment on this your snaps as you are much senior to me, but I loved the lighting, and an emotion of a female. If you dont' mind can I have your email to ask for your special comments.and thanks mam for giving me your supportive comments, for a beginner mentor and mastor is a must


suzieosman 17 66 United Kingdom
29 Aug 2004 9:11PM
What a beautiful image...As my daughter is only 6 weeks off having another Grandchild for us to spoil rotten, it's a very moving image to me....Sorry I've not caught up with your work before, your portrait work is very impressive...not something I know anything about I'm afraid, but I know what I like and I like it very much...keep up the good work, and thanks for all your clicks and comments...Cheers...Sue
P.S Congrats on the EC...well deserved
kyomii 17
5 Sep 2004 11:50PM
This is absolutely stunning - very powerful yet very peaceful at the same time, wonderful. click
wgfarquhar 17 473
21 Sep 2004 4:05PM
Such simple but very effective lighting works wonders here. The standard of your work is top class, I love the series of different themes you regularly upload. Thank you for your comments on my portfolio, I really appreciate you taking time out to look at my work. EC well deserved.
rosie42 17 7 Australia
26 Sep 2004 7:22AM
Terrific lighting and silhouette ... a lovely portrait and a special keepsake. Warm congratulations on the EC too! Another *click* for your collection...
Susie :o)
starstriders 17 1.6k United Kingdom
27 Sep 2004 7:41PM
Excellent work
fossilized 17 79 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2004 11:36PM
Lovely shot.
User_Removed 18 39 6 Scotland
6 Oct 2004 1:41PM
Hi Magda,
where the hell was I when this was posted simply stunning in its simplicity and considering the time it has taken me to comment on this she should be a happy mother by now.
Thanks for your kind words.
Will make it a point next my Mother visits to show her the portfolio of sea images she will love them . Quality.
Luv Victor
bassan Plus
18 15
9 Oct 2004 11:13PM
Very moving.
Bexphoto 17 106 United Kingdom
27 Oct 2004 8:09PM
Amazing shot, really love the feeling this image produces!
lydiatelad 17 2
6 Nov 2004 2:19PM
Fantastic pic - like it! Great portfolio!

bethcole 16 28
7 Nov 2004 11:57AM
WOW!! Hello Magda. This is the best photo I have seen!

User_Removed 18 39 6 Scotland
8 Nov 2004 6:37AM
Hi Magda,

And a very big thank you for your kind comments.
This one is a wondeful image which I am ashamed to admit to missing like many othere on this site first time round. Beautifully concieved (sorry) wonderful lighting and emotionally charged.

Luv Victor
User_Removed 18 39 6 Scotland
8 Nov 2004 6:38AM
Forgot to say big WELL DONE on the EC.
ginz04 17 281 20 United Kingdom
7 Dec 2004 12:57PM
Congrats magda on ec - and this picture is well worth it, great pose lighting is superb. excellent
Portknockie 17 48 Scotland
11 Dec 2004 4:58AM
I think the EC says it all.STUNNING.

16 Dec 2004 4:46PM
I saw many pictures of a pregnant womans, but yours is one of best.
bauer 17
29 Dec 2004 10:01AM
En mi pueblo, cuando uno ve algo que le gusta mucho dicen: "Que molleja de bueno..!" As es esta fotografa.. "QUE MOLLEJA DE FOTOGRAFA.." Amiga gracias por sus comentarios.. Les deseo lo mejor para el ao 2005.. Un abrazo para ti y tu familia
29 Dec 2004 5:30PM
Really excellent shot magda lighting works wonders Your Portfolio is one of the best i have seen
magda_indigo 17 418 England
29 Dec 2004 5:46PM
THANK YOU DEREK, I'm thrilled, (*:*)
StevenPrice 17 30 2 England
30 Dec 2004 9:58PM

artyshock 16 9
2 Jan 2005 5:11AM
This is very good, the best I have ever seen.
romain 17
7 Jan 2005 12:26PM
Superb click
Bonne ann Romain
evelen 16 5 England
12 Jan 2005 10:49AM
magnificent shot magda ,lighting exelent thanks for your comment on my rose i stil have a lot to learn
kadisu 17
13 Jan 2005 11:48AM
This is an amazing shot..the lighting is perfect. Creates a beautiful portrait that I am sure they will both love Smile
midimuso 16 8
23 Jan 2005 6:15AM
Magda, yet again you create pure beauty...this is a brilliant shot, extremely professional to the nth are inspiring to all we learners!

rf 17 United Kingdom
25 Jan 2005 11:18AM
excellent well done click
BrianM 18 136 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2005 8:08AM
Great lighting, excellent capture, a super image, I like it.
EmmieUk 16 4
26 Feb 2005 9:57AM
great pic Smile love the light in it Smile
glazzaro 16 70 23 United States
28 Mar 2005 12:26PM
Brilliant shot, to me anyways this is when a woman is at her peak of beauty, my wife glowed when she was expecting! This warmth comes from your shot! Spot on! click!!!

carriebugg 17 65 England
4 Apr 2005 5:43AM
Fabulous idea - so well done, I dream of taking photos like this. Inspirational!
I am going to try to do a similar shot to this Magda, I always loved it - wish me luck

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