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By Sayuti84
This is a photo of my eldest son with my friend. He was guiding my boy to control the kite.
Camera setting was done as per previous guide given to me.

I have done a few post processing for this picture.
1. I've corrected WB - auto correct.
2. Increase brightness (+20) and contrast (+5)
3. Slightly adjust the hue and saturation
4. Cropped and sharpen (+25).

This was the flow i have done to the photo. Were this enough for post processing?
I search and read a lot of article regarding post processing photo. I become confused to choose the best flow for photo editing. Hope to hear your though on basic editing flow for beginner like me.
FYI i am using GIMP 2.8 for the post processing software.

Thank and best regards.

Tags: Kids at play Portraits and people Beginners Photography

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7 Mar 2018 7:51AM

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mrswoolybill Plus
13 1.9k 2166 United Kingdom
7 Mar 2018 8:47AM
In a world of their own. Very well done, this is delightful. A big plus - we can see both faces, which isn't easy with an activity like this; and the diagonal composition is strong.

From your description I think you may be using Adobe Elements? For my taste you added a bit too much brightness, the result is a bit thin and watery. I have uploaded a modification with the brightness reduced a bit.

I also isolated the kite using the magic selection tool and boosted colour a bit, to give it a bit more presence. Just minor tweaks as suggestions.

An orange kite would be good, it would bring the two sides of the picture together.
mrswoolybill Plus
13 1.9k 2166 United Kingdom
7 Mar 2018 8:55AM
PS I would be inclined to go for a slightly smaller aperture here, F5.6.
banehawi Plus
15 2.2k 4093 Canada
7 Mar 2018 12:59PM
Its a nice family shot. You focused very well on your subjects, they have good detail, and the timing is great.

This is a scene that when shooting, would suggest you need to use a +1 exposure compensation; this is because you are shooting into the sky for a large area of the image, and the subjects are in front of the light source and therefore shaded to some degree. So since this was not the approach you used, you need to address this in post processing, which you did.

Regarding brightness, how much you increase this (or increase exposure) really depends on whether you want to prioritise the exposure on your subjects, in which case I would increase it more, and also lift shadows (increase shadow detail); you risk making the kits too bright, as this is already bright, and better lit than your subjects. So if you want the overall scene to be exposed evenly, you use less as in Moiras mod.

In my mod, Ive prioritised the subjects, and gone the opposite direction. I think you are somewhere in the middle, so you can see a range of exposures in the mods and your own image. This hopefully can give you an idea of options you have, and areas you can prioritise at the expense of others.

A smaller aperture, as suggested, will allow more depth, or more areas in focus in the image.

Bottom line is its a nice shot that is meaningful to you and your family.


mrswoolybill Plus
13 1.9k 2166 United Kingdom
7 Mar 2018 1:18PM
Just a further note, to explain why I would go for a slightly smaller aperture, greater depth of field.

For my taste, F3.5 would be fine if you were just photographing the adult and child, either moving in closer or cropping tighter. But the other important element is the kite. It's in more or less the same plane as the figures on the right, that's important, so it's in focus too. But there's a very big area of background that's soft, it sits between the figures and the kite and it occupies the centre of the frame. That softness in the middle of the frame doesn't work for me, it makes my eyes feel uncomfortable.

With aperture there isn't a 'one size fits all' answer. You cannot necessarily take the advice given for a close-up or a portrait and apply it to a street shot.
dudler Plus
16 1.1k 1599 England
7 Mar 2018 7:46PM
I'm with Moira - I wouldn't have taken the brightness so far up, although I would have dodged the faces a little to brighten them compared with the rest of the image. I might also have left the contrast softer. The very bright sky is burning out.

You say that you used Gimp2.8 (which has done a good job for you: well done!), and ask if you processed enough. The question's very hard to answer, as you should certainly consider all the things you've adjusted, even if yo udecide not to alter them. One other thing - in my mod, I rotated half a degree clockwise, and I think that makes everythign look more stable, so i think it's more vertical.

It would be interesting to see the original file, before processing.
dark_lord Plus
16 2.5k 632 England
7 Mar 2018 8:55PM
The technical aspects of the capture have been well covered above.
I will emphasise what Moira said, that advice given for one type of image does not apply to a different image. You need to understand what the different settings of aperture and shutter speed do for an image and choose the appropriate ones to get the result you want.

Post processing. Yes it can be very confusing.
Generally you need only do as much as is necessary to produce a pleasing image. The changes you made here aren't huge and in most cases yoiu won't doo much more than that. Again, the actual changes will vary from image to image so don't think the settings used here shoud be applied to evry image. For example, some images will need that contrast adjutment and some won't.
I agree that the brightness adjustment isn't required here. The image is well exposed to start with.

Workflow is a personal thing, and everyone has their own preferred way of working, so find what works for you. It doesn't matter which software you use as they'll all do the basics at least.
However, you'll be looking at rotating/levelling/cropping, exposure and white balance adjustments, and black and white point adjustment. Some of those adjustments won't be needed but in most cases you won't do more than that.
Only apply sharpening to a copy of an image when you know what you're going tp use it for - it'll be different for a print image than one for upload on the internet.
That's for each image.

Other steps in a complete workflow would involve captioning for example which is important if you want to make notes about the people and the location.
7 Mar 2018 11:57PM

Thank you for all the comment. I shall take note on the suggestion.

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