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By MartinWait      
Another Max image.

Thanks for looking.


Edit: Get a better look you might like to buy ephotozine's Guide To Great Photography book - it really is superb!

Tags: Dog Black Labrador Max Pets and captive animals

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deltafour 18 13
16 Oct 2004 5:31PM

bayliss444 18 23
16 Oct 2004 5:31PM
Another great portrait of Max, click for the dog regards Brian
alansnap 19 577 26 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 5:31PM
This is gorgeous. Well done.

eddieali1961 18 97 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 5:32PM
Works very well with the black background.
whipspeed 18 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 5:32PM
helendixon 19 30 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 5:32PM
Just gorgeous!

mattberry 18 259 14 Greece
16 Oct 2004 5:34PM
I'm not a great fan of cute pet shots but even I couldn't resist clicking this. Sheer class.

debbiehardy 18 363 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 5:35PM
Max is so soulful! Lovely.
UserRemoved 18 6.2k 1
16 Oct 2004 5:36PM
Excellent! White wall, yes! √ΜΛЯΚ
Take-a-View 19 293 5 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 5:36PM
This is good stuff, especially the way you have managed to keep all the detail on the dog even with a black background.
martinduke 18 37 England
16 Oct 2004 5:38PM
Excellent shot - love the expression.
Click and a woooof from me
hurstwood 18 36
16 Oct 2004 5:43PM
Hi Martin
Excellent shot
Sound brill on a huge canvas on a white wall,it would save you decorating as well !!
Like IT
16 Oct 2004 5:44PM
Relic_hunter 18 15
16 Oct 2004 5:45PM
Great shot, I agree it would look good on a large canvas on a white wall. Smile

Steve Cribbin 19 50 10 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 5:46PM
Marvellous portrait. Less is more.
16 Oct 2004 5:49PM

Another great shot of the wonderul Max, I still reckon he deserves his own web site by now...nice one Martin,, click, Mac
kjs 18 7
16 Oct 2004 5:50PM
nell 18 23
16 Oct 2004 5:51PM
This would be fantastic on a large canvas. i have put some of my work onto A1 Canvas and have been so pleased with them .
Let me know how it looks but trust me you will be so proud Wink

16 Oct 2004 6:02PM
Fabulous shot
JouŠo 18 56 Finland
16 Oct 2004 6:02PM

cooky Plus
19 6 8 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 6:04PM
Love the image and he looks a smashing dog - well taken Martin.
User_Removed 18 4 11 England
16 Oct 2004 6:05PM
Great !! Hope you have selected the right wall to hang this on. *click* Sylv.
16 Oct 2004 6:08PM
Wow. That's all that needs to be said, I think.

bikemad 18 87
16 Oct 2004 6:09PM
Stunning!!!!!!!!Agree this would be gorgeous on a white wall poster size.
shane 18 7 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 6:11PM

webjam 18 292 11 Netherlands
16 Oct 2004 6:18PM
I love these photos of Max. He is a great model, isn't he? Wonderful image!
stevie 19 1.2k 2 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 6:22PM
Just SUPERB, absolutely stunning work.
havapeek 18 8 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 6:42PM
Really well done love the light , the eyes are fantastic, wish I had done this one.
All the best
gary900r 18 474 England
16 Oct 2004 6:48PM
Superb shot.


starstriders 18 1.6k United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 7:01PM
Hazard 19 1.2k United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 7:05PM
nice shot, very well done.
ellavr 18 66
16 Oct 2004 7:08PM
Looks almost 3D. Well done. Click

iscramble 19 90 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 7:09PM
Totally stunning shot. Cant fault it. Very well done.
Gaucho 21 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 7:10PM
Excuse me. I'm looking for a pup. Have you bred him yet? Cracking shot.

MartinWait 19 95 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 7:16PM
Thank you all so very much.

I have to say this is my favourate image of Max so far. The one with the blue toning comes in a very very close second.

Thanks hugely.

Rob_Taylor 18 661 5 Wales
16 Oct 2004 7:29PM
Wonderful shot Martin, I love the way Max just blends into the darkness, excellent
sugarbird 18 223 South Africa
16 Oct 2004 7:30PM
Would look lovely on Canvas, I love this dog!! Great shot Martin, sweet dreams to you
mwatkins9801 18 190
16 Oct 2004 7:36PM
another winner, martin. good job.
funkeldink 19 1.6k 1 Australia
16 Oct 2004 7:43PM
brilliant ... wonderful work
geoffash26 18 2.5k United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 7:45PM
Stunning +

FrankThomas 20 2.8k United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 7:59PM
That's a beautiful picture of Max
How did you light him ??
16 Oct 2004 8:09PM
Great Shot CB
colin 18 697 5 Scotland
16 Oct 2004 8:31PM
Superb. Such soulful eyes.
ericfaragh Plus
19 149 6 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 8:50PM
Top class, well done.
jage 19 2 Wales
16 Oct 2004 8:52PM

old timer 18 55 1 Scotland
16 Oct 2004 9:01PM
This is another beaut, Martin, but how can you miss with a dog like that!

Sorry for the late comment, but have been busy.
billma 19 119 United States
16 Oct 2004 9:18PM
Damn beautiful.
dalischone 18 295 Scotland
16 Oct 2004 9:22PM
Stunning! Another amazing pci of Max such a beautiful dog and such a beautiful picture. Hopefuly you'll make it over the 50 mark - EC and pic of the week would be rightly deserved.
bassan 19 15
16 Oct 2004 9:23PM
Another top shot. Can I borrow him sometime plus a tip or two of how to get such a good shot? clk
Denise 21 279
16 Oct 2004 9:31PM
Another stunning image of a very patient dog.
trudi 18
16 Oct 2004 9:35PM
Lovely shot.
thomas115 18 8
16 Oct 2004 9:39PM
andytvcams 20 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 9:50PM
Exceptional work.

Pete 21 18.8k 97 England
16 Oct 2004 9:53PM
Blimey... never thought I'd get to the bottom. A well deserved list of comments on a superb photo. One of the best dog shots I've seen.
funkeldink 19 1.6k 1 Australia
16 Oct 2004 9:53PM
DAMN RIGHT ------ worthy winner
MartinWait 19 95 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 9:54PM
Pete. I can't thank you enough.
More chuffed than I can put into words.


Thank you all.

I've just banged my head doing a backflip!
funkeldink 19 1.6k 1 Australia
16 Oct 2004 9:54PM
photo of the week
exposure Plus
18 6.1k United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 9:54PM
Beautiful, beautiful.
funkeldink 19 1.6k 1 Australia
16 Oct 2004 9:55PM
the best dog shot EVER...
MartinWait 19 95 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2004 9:58PM
I've just woken him up and he's stuffin' his face with biscuits thinking its his birthday!

Cheers Funkelman.

And if you pardon the pun...

... TOP DOG!
stevebutler 18 122 England
16 Oct 2004 10:07PM
Stunning shot - The eyes have it. Congrats on the E.C.

Steve B!
a11sus 19 568 Northern Ireland
16 Oct 2004 10:40PM
Those eyes! Wow! This is indeed a lovely photo. The black is the right choice, well done on a cracking shot and a deserved EC.

I knew I recognised the dog! But out of the two crackers - this is the crackiest!
16 Oct 2004 10:56PM
One of the best pictures i've seen on this site, IMO.

rosegold 19 4
16 Oct 2004 10:57PM
Great photo, lovely dog, lovely eyes and quite intense, very effective. Thanks Smile
rocky41 18 192 England
16 Oct 2004 11:37PM
Back in black

brandi 18 20 United States
16 Oct 2004 11:55PM
absolutely outstanding!
double click
U4eA 18 475 England
17 Oct 2004 12:05AM
Another wicked shot of Max..Smile

Congrats on a well deserved EC.
suzik 18 1
17 Oct 2004 12:09AM
Gorgeous image, very handsome dog..oh and congrats on the EC, you absolutely deserve it!
Take-a-View 19 293 5 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 12:12AM
Well deserved EC
Ade_Osman 19 4.5k 36 England
17 Oct 2004 12:44AM
That's a screamer.....congrats on the well earned EC.Ade
MartinWait 19 95 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 12:48AM
Thank you!

Looking at it next to my other EC of Max ( which I love), this seems to blow it away. I'm really gonna find this hard to beat.


klewis 18 1.9k 1 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 1:00AM
Stunning image Smile One that would make me very proud to have taken
boiledegg 18 164 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 1:02AM
I actually hate dogs (sorry), but I like this! Well Done!
eafy 18 9 Australia
17 Oct 2004 2:31AM
Tis a great shot, however I think the catchlight in his left eye is too big compared to his other eye. A bit fussy I know, but I still think it is a fantsatic shot, excellent lighting, love the look of "black on black"
17 Oct 2004 4:17AM
WOW, Martin that is truly a great shot of Max!!! Well Done!!!
Click to ya,
Suzan Smile
sugarbird 18 223 South Africa
17 Oct 2004 4:33AM
Bloody well done Martin, I am sooooooooo happy for you, just one of my fave photographers ever you are, well done and to Max too
17 Oct 2004 5:30AM
Many congrats on the EC. Brilliant shhot.
daffydill56 19 190 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 6:21AM
Many congrats on a well deserved EC. Brilliant image.Click

Portknockie 18 48 Scotland
17 Oct 2004 7:13AM
I dont know what to

paulsteds 18 123 England
17 Oct 2004 7:39AM
Great EC
KathyW 19 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
17 Oct 2004 7:54AM
Black dog, black background...
Well done, brilliant shot.
bacchus180 19 141
17 Oct 2004 8:37AM
awesome....just awesome
User_Removed 19 17.9k 8 Norway
17 Oct 2004 8:50AM
Have to agree with Gary's choice of words.. This is just awesome.

Mike (Clicked - of course!)
17 Oct 2004 9:37AM
not much more to say,
brilliant work
suzieosman 18 66 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 9:51AM
It's all been said...A stunningly beautiful picture...Congrats on a well deserved EC...Click...Sue
StevenHanna 20 296 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 9:58AM
Mari 19 1.8k United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 10:08AM
Excellent shot, Martin. I CAN really imagine this on a big canvas (it should get photo of the week imo)

Big click

John_Duckett 18 386 2 Norfolk Island
17 Oct 2004 10:51AM
Quite breathtaking. Congrats on the EC.

clarkycat 19 89
17 Oct 2004 11:21AM
Brilliant. The best dog shot I've seen in ages.

Paulean 18 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 12:22PM
wonderful shot,well done.
Chris_H 19 1.5k 1
17 Oct 2004 12:34PM
This dog is becoming an ephotozine legend.
17 Oct 2004 1:44PM
It works really well with the black dog and the black background
17 Oct 2004 2:01PM
mwatkins9801 18 190
17 Oct 2004 2:07PM
congrats again, martin. a very worthy shot. i think if it doesn't show up as photo of the week we will all chip in and get that canvas for max. :o)
gajj 18 32
17 Oct 2004 2:09PM
Adding my congrats - I bet a white wall is waiting for this one!
davidbailie 19 457 7 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 2:25PM
Indeed a fine shot - it's the eyes that do it!

Click and Congrats

17 Oct 2004 3:02PM
What a great shot! Can't say more.

jaglin 18 6
17 Oct 2004 3:15PM
Max is a wonder, and you've caught his soul so well,
Great shot,
old timer 18 55 1 Scotland
17 Oct 2004 3:45PM
Wow, Martin - Just came back to visit this shot and I see you've got another well deserved EC! Congratulations indeed.
sze4j 18 56 Singapore
17 Oct 2004 4:07PM
This is SUPERB, Martin!!! Yet another winner! congrats! =)
hodbate 18
17 Oct 2004 4:48PM
This is the best pic i have ever seen of a dog...the dogs eyes pull it out so well.
amps 19 225 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 4:49PM
Stunning shot great presentation, (i have seen this somewhere else, i think!!!).

17 Oct 2004 5:10PM
Cant add anything that hasnt already been so rightly said, great work and congratulations on the EC. K.
MartinWait 19 95 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 5:44PM
Thank you all so much.

Heath you're absolutely right on the light in the left eye. I've cloned out some of the white and it is now perfect.


Mixpix 19 1.1k England
17 Oct 2004 5:56PM
Just brilliant, would be a worthy winner if it gets pic of the week. click

Andy_M 18
17 Oct 2004 6:16PM
Brilliant...nuff said

dave knowles 18 43 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 6:27PM
Magic shot, well deserved EC
brian1208 19 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 6:45PM
Beautifully exposed. Deserved the EC - smashing, super, great etc. Truly excellent work Martin

whipspeed 18 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2004 7:40PM
Commented already, but congratulations on the EC, well deserved.
2004kg 18 8
17 Oct 2004 8:52PM
Congratulations on your EC. I hope it does get POTW. Brilliant!
vivo 18 24 Australia
17 Oct 2004 9:02PM
you never cease to amaze!!! Yes I did imagine this photo on canvas. and if there would be a photo of the year, for me this is it! if you dont mind, can i have a copy of max' pic? id love him to be on my desktop. thanks. my email is [email protected]


17 Oct 2004 9:21PM
that is really good, we can only be inspired
SPearce 21
17 Oct 2004 10:12PM
superb - inspires me to do better with my 3 labs - hope he has been duly rewarded!
jules41 18 197 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2004 6:12AM
Martin..another EC,fabulous.I could see this winning many competitions and yes i agree this would look brilliant on canvas as photo of the week.Another fabulous shot of Max,hope he got a nice juicy bone for this superb modelling.Well done and congratulations on the EC,it's well deserved*click*
kit-monster 19 3.7k 2 Singapore
18 Oct 2004 8:02AM
Damn fine shot and your 100th click from me!

Am I the only one who'd rather not see this as photo of the week? Hmmm . . . I wonder why!

Good luck Martin, not long to wait.
dalischone 18 295 Scotland
18 Oct 2004 9:10AM
Martin, what did I say! Many, many congrats, it must have been my comment that swayed it!!! This is so well deserved. Again fantastic photo, STAR *
duncs 18 28
18 Oct 2004 9:11AM
Sorry missed this. cant miss it now its POTW !
Great image - has a kind of holographic feel to it.
Very well done
vivienne 19 14 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2004 9:21AM
Wonderful shot, congrats on the EC and photo of the week, well deserved!
Kris_Dutson 20 8.2k 1 England
18 Oct 2004 9:28AM
Superb - well done
flossie 19 1.6k
18 Oct 2004 9:28AM
Well done Martin, I still think the blue one has the edge for me but all your pictures of Max are superb and this will look amazing on canvas ...the best thing about them is that it just shows you don't need a big expensive camera to produce stunning pictures.
I'm sure I've said it before but your portfolio is fantastic, one of my favourites on here, imaginative and original ...and all done with the Canon A80 (and a little help from Photoshop!!)
tj Plus
19 2.2k England
18 Oct 2004 10:15AM

Well done with POTW - this should look stunning. I'll forward your details to Gaskin now, who will be in touch shortly.

vivo 18 24 Australia
18 Oct 2004 10:29AM
I TOLD YOU, IT WILL WIN!!! Not the pic of the year tho, but still, we'll see MAX on canvas!!! Well Done, and Congratulations!!!

leedsgh 18 496 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2004 10:39AM
POTW well deserved.

18 Oct 2004 10:58AM
Brilliant, you got your wish. Smile
Can you upload a photo of it when it's done?
18 Oct 2004 11:45AM
This is just gorgeous! All the praise above is justly deserved. Inspirational.
jane benge 19 99 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2004 11:46AM
Lovely shot, well done
hobbs 18 1.3k Japan
18 Oct 2004 12:06PM
Great shot. CLICK
hobbs 18 1.3k Japan
18 Oct 2004 12:06PM
Great shot. CLICK
big fella 19 485 England
18 Oct 2004 12:15PM
Definitely the dog's whatsits! Well deserved winner. Click!


Andy D
katieb 18 255 4 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2004 12:25PM
Handsome chappy! excellent pic has a kind of 3d effect. Congrats on EC and POTW.
MikeCh 18 1
18 Oct 2004 12:35PM
Great shot. Wonderful dog.

pixor 18 181 Australia
18 Oct 2004 1:13PM
I usually don't like "pet" shots, but this is so well done, and you've captured something in those soulful eyes. Congrats!

brandi 18 20 United States
18 Oct 2004 1:29PM
great job on POTW - i think some of us ( would love to know how you shot this. i have a chocolate lab that i would absolutely love to be able to shoot like this, and have it framed for the wall.

i'm sure it would never turn out this well though.

great work!
Dennie 18 260 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2004 1:46PM
its amazing he stands out so well against that black background
well done excellently shot
18 Oct 2004 2:33PM
Woof! Woof! Big slobbery click for this one!
synaesthesia 19 389 England
18 Oct 2004 2:40PM
Great photo, startlingly similar to my Tess Shot.
leedewey 18 109
18 Oct 2004 3:58PM
Mixpix 19 1.1k England
18 Oct 2004 5:03PM
Worthy winner, had to have another look, well done.